Penetrex Joint And Muscle Review

Is Penetrex Joint & Muscle Therapy Cream Worth It?

Penetrex joint & muscle therapy cream is pretty good for pain relief

We're going to start by saying we like Penetrex, the only question is to whether or not it lives up to all of it's claims. It's definitely got the ingredients to aid inflammation, which for many is going to be more than enough to improve some joint pain and offer some relief to muscular pain. MSM has been shown to reduce UV induced inflammation [1] when applied to the skin, even if it is more well known as an oral joint pain supplement. Arnica has been shown in a few studies to work as well as mild pain killers [2] so there's definitely a good scientific backing here. 

The customer reviews of Penetrex are good, and honestly our personal tests are also pretty positive. There's not a whole lot to complain about. Now, it should be noted, that it's claims about the smell completely disappearing are a little overblown and there are some cheaper options which work almost as well. Typically it works a little bit better for muscular pain than joint pain, although it is still effective. Most people will find that they'll want to apply it every 3 hours, which is on the shorter side of their claims.

For more serious joint issues we'd recommend mixing Penetrex joint pain relief cream with a joint supplement like FlexAgain for maximum impact as Penetrex on it's own probably isn't going to be enough and most negative reviews of Penetrex joint & muscle therapy come from people using it for arthritis. 

All in all Penetrex is a good product and if you can afford the price tag it's well worth it. 

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Customers Penetrex Reviews

As we mentioned in the intro, the customer reviews of penetrex joint muscle therapy cream are pretty good. That said, so are most muscle and joint pain relief creams the science behind muscle therapy cream is pretty well established at this point and it's quite easy to make a reasonably effective pain reliever. That said, the 4.3* rating of Penetrex on amazon is pretty fair and it's not stacked with fake reviews which is pretty common in the health and supplements space. Now, most of the negative penetrex reviews tend to come from people with arthritis, this is worth noting. It still averages out above 3.5* though if we isolate for joint pain rather than muscle pain. The other negative from customer reviews is typically that it's greasy, and whilst Penetrex make the claim that it's not, we took that with a pinch of salt ahead of time, so yes, penetrex joint & muscle therapy is slightly greasy, but no more so than a light sun block.

Penetrex Joint & Muscle Therapy Pros & Cons


High Quality
Good Ingredients
Established Brand


The exact dose of each ingredient used is not listed

Penetrex Joint & Muscle Therapy Cream Review Conclusion

Penetrex is a solid product, and we'd say they do justify their price tag. The ingredients are well backed, our experience with the product was positive (although we won't be swapping out existing supplements) and all in all we'd say that the product is effective.

That doesn't mean that there aren't good options out there that will be pretty effective and most pain relief creams do work to some extent.

We don't recommend penetrex joint & muscle therapy cream for chronic pain conditions like arthritis by itself. But it can definitely do a little bit extra, perhaps good for use in times when the pains worse than normal. But, for joint pain or sore muscles from a minor injury then it's bang on the money.

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