Peptiva Reviews 2023

Is Peptiva Worth The Price?

Peptiva isn’t bad, but there are better options for most use cases

There are 3 versions of Peptiva Probiotics to review, and one question are any of them any good? The answer is quite simply, they’re all mediocre, and the added supplements in Peptiva Sleep having Melatonin, which could be good or bad, as it can have counter intuitive side effects for a sleep aid like vivid nightmares [1]. As such we generally recommend supplementing melatonin separately to make sure you tolerate it. There were less issues with Peptiva Digestive Relief Support although the additional ingredients would be more well suited to a stress supplement.

There is one thing however when it comes to probiotics is that they’ll all likely improve your digestion. The vast majority of people in the US will either have a diet, or have at some point taken antibiotics which do reek havoc on your digestive system with most estimates suggesting that it would take 2 months for you microbiome to recover from just a 5 day course and in many cases full recovery of bacteria having still not taken place after 6 months for longer courses [2]. As a result, taking Peptiva will still likely improve your microbiome even if it’s not the best solution.

Customers Peptiva reviews are rather middling, especially when it comes to the sleep support. As you’d expect it fairs a little bit better with the digestive and vegetarian options as Peptiva is not promising any additional benefits that it doesn’t live up to. That said, we definitely see more legitimacy in Peptiva’s claims than a lot of the probiotics now trying to market themselves as weight loss aids. Peptiva make the same claim that every probiotic does about more bacteria making it into the gut than the competitors, but the reality on this front is that they’re pretty much the same as any other probiotic in their price point, as you’d expect not many use poor quality capsules any more.

For most people we’d recommend one of the more common 40 billion blends, which are better designed to supplement the digestive issues faced by most people on a western diet, wheat, dairy etc. Or one of the 20 billion blends which are more commonly suited to male specific diets. You can find more information about the active bacteria and types on our list of the best probiotics available in the US.

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Peptiva Review FAQ

The most commonly asked questions asked by customers in Peptiva Reviews

Does Peptiva Really Work?

That depends what we mean by work, Peptiva will definitely improve your guy microbiome health, that’s a certainty. As for the sleep support, that will really depend on whether or not you are receptive to melatonin. There are better sleep support supplements available and Peptiva ultimately falls short of being particularly good as is often the cases with dual purpose supplements.

Is Peptiva Safe?

Peptiva should be safe in most cases, however people with compromised immune systems should not take probiotics. Also people with autoimmune conditions shouldn’t take melatonin, so that could also be a potential complication. There are always medical interactions to consider as well, so if you are on any specific medications you should check with your doctor.

Peptiva Ingredients

Both versions of Peptiva contain the same strains of good bacteria.   

Lactobacillus acidophilus is pretty common amongst probiotics and Peptiva contains two strains. Both are pretty solid inclusions, but nothing particularly special. [3] It’s good for IBS, and digestion in general. It’s a standard part of the human oral and gastrointestinal tract. 

Bifidobacterium animalis subsp lactis is the most commonly used probiotic worldwide and one of the most commonly used in the USA [4]. Again nothing particularly special here with it being the most commonly used. 

Bifidobacterium bifidum is a little less common, but still not too unusual, it’s particularly noteworthy for it’s anti inflammatory impacts in the bowel, reducing irritability. [5] Again a decent inclusion, but nothing that’s particularly ground breaking.   

Peptiva Digestive Relief 

L-Theanine oddly makes it into the digestive relief blend rather than the sleep blend where it would actually be quite a good inclusion as it is known for improving sleep quality without inducing drowsiness. L theanine helps produce histamine, which does aid digestion, but it is more known for it’s other benefits to cognition and sleep quality. 

GABA has been suggested to play a role in the regulation of intestinal fluid, but like L Theanine is more useful as a mood regulator. [6] 

Lemon Balm Extract is actually most well known for its effects on treating digestive stress working as an antioxidant in the bowel. [7]    

Peptiva Sleep Support 

GABA as mentioned in the Peptiva Digestive Relief Support section GABA is typically used for relaxation, making it a solid ingredient for the sleep support blend. 

Valerian Root Extract is a mild sedative, [8] making it a perfectly reasonable inclusion in a before bed sleep aid, it isn’t recommended to be taken in the day, but Peptiva do recommend taking their supplements 30 mins to one hour before bed so this is another solid inclusion. At least that’s what we would say if the dosage was higher, unfortunately it’s too low to be particularly effective. It could give some benefits, but they’re not likely to be great. It can however interact with other sedatives and should not be taken alongside and prescriptions. 

Melatonin Immediate and Slow Release is where things break down again, yes it does promote sleep, however there’s quite a high chance that it can cause more issues than benefit, including the aforementioned nightmares. There is also the fact that it tends to cause daytime drowsiness in older people as a result we can’t recommend Peptiva for over 50s as the way we use melatonin changes as we age. [9] It is also not recommended for people with dementia or memory problems. We’re not saying that Melatonin should never be used, it’s just that it rules a lot of people out. 

Peptiva Review Conclusion

Peptiva isn’t a bad product, it’s a pretty solid probiotic blend, we don’t have too much in the way of issues with the digestive relief support, however, we do have some issues with Peptiva Sleep Support, not just in that it overpromises, but also in that there are better ways to get restful sleep than melatonin and you’d be better off purchasing a dedicated sleep aid and a cheaper probiotic if your goal is to combine the two.

Ultimately there are better individual probiotics and better sleep supplements available on the market. It’s not the worst option if you can only afford the one supplement, but we don’t typically recommend it, especially for anyone over 50 due to melatonin causing daytime drowsiness. 

If you’ve got Peptiva already and it’s working for you we wouldn’t say the difference in the better probiotics is worth changing things up, however, if you haven’t already purchased Peptiva then there are definitely better quality and better value options available.

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Immune support 5/10
Digestive health 7/10
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Value 7/10
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