Performer 8 Review

Is Performer 8 Any Good?

When it comes to male enhancement supplements performer 8 (sometimes mistakenly called performance 8) is one of the better known ones, it's been on the market for a while and has had quite a few large scale marketing campaigns despite being exclusively sold online. And the question for many men isn't just whether or not performer 8 is any good, but whether male enhancement pills are actually any good at all.

Well there's some good and some bad news. The good news is that male enhancement supplements can actually help, and that there are a decent amount of studies and anecdotal evidence to back specific ingredients up, the catch is that not all male enhancers are created equal, there's a lot of poor quality snake oil on the market, and even more that are horrifically overpriced.

And as for performer 8 itself, it's actually one of the better options, it did actually make our best male enhancement pills list. However, we should note, it was awarded this position specifically for being the best for premature ejaculation, not anything else. And if you're looking for something to improve sexual performance overall, erectile dysfunction or libido in general then we'd recommend Prime Male Enhance instead. It will still help with these things, but just not as much as some of it's competitors. Although realistically there are only a handful of products on the market that actually put any effort into following the science. So, considering all of this it's no surprise that our performer 8 review is a reasonably positive one. 

Customers Performer 8 Reviews

Most performer 8 reviews are pretty positive, there is a fake listing on amazon to which most of the reviews are one star (and as the reviewers photos show this isn't actually the real product as it isn't sold there). People who actually bought the real product however seem to be generally positive. 

About half of the men who took it saw a marked improvement, with about 25% seeing no difference and the other 25% saying it helped a little bit, but not as much as they'd hoped. This is to be expected with these sorts of supplements, the reality is they won't work for everyone, it will depend on the root of the issue at hand. Whilst it may improve sexual performance by improving blood flow and libido, it's not likely to cure a severe issue that requires actual medical attention. 

The average rating is around 3.8*. It probably doesn't help that their marketing overpromises a little bit, which is pretty common practice for the industry unfortunately. More modest marketing would probably result in higher customer satisfaction, but probably a lot less customers.


  • Good For Premaure
  • Good For Erection Quality
  • Positive Customer Reviews


  • A Couple Of Needless Ingredients
  • No Vitamins Or Minerals
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Performer 8 Review FAQ

The common questions that came up whilst researching our performer 8 review

Is Performer 8 Safe?

Performer 8 should be safe, assuming you are not allergic to any of the ingredients, it is produced in line with FDA guidelines and there shouldn't be any serious performer 8 side effects. Although some of the ingredients like ashwagandha can lead to mild nausea in some people.

How To Take Performer 8?

Simply take 3 performer 8 capsules per day to see results, you don't have to take them at a specific time as the ingredients should build up in the body over time.

Does Performer 8 Boost Libido?

Performer 8 should have an impact on libido, even the maca root extract in performer 8 alone should be enough to raise most people sexual desire as has been evidenced in multiple studies. That said the stress reducing qualities of other ingredients will have a compounding effect on raised libido. Although there are better options for a libido focused supplement.

Does Performer 8 Boost Testosterone Levels?

Performer 8 may have some mild effects on boosting testosterone levels, but it's not a dedicated testosterone booster, ashwaganda does have a positive effect and is contained in a lot of the best supplements that are aimed at this as does panax ginseng. But, there are a lot of other ingredients that go into supplements designed specifically for boosting testosterone levels and we'd recommend you try one of the ones from our  best test booster list instead if this is your goal. 

What's In Performer 8?

Performer 8 gets a lot of the expected ingredients right, there's only really a few things we'd change. For example when we compare it against our the winner of our best male enhancement pill, it misses out on covering common vitamin deficiencies which can cause erectile dysfunction and testosterone issues, such as zinc, selenium and b vitamins. Zinc defiency for example can cause erectile dysfunction and even a small deficiency can cause otherwise healthy men to have low test [1] and it's so prevalent that it can effects 12% of men in the USA [2] and the other core vitamins have similar issues. 

Beyond that we'd have liked to see the inclusion of damania, but otherwise performer 8 is pretty good. 

Ashwagandha is ideally dosed for a male enhancement supplement, coming in at 500mg it wouldn't be ideal for some applications, but this is more than ample to reduce cortisol levels, and with stress being the leading cause of erectile dysfunction, this is a very good start. 

Ferrous bisglycinate is basically fancy iron, yes it's essential for blood flow, so it's inclusion isn't bad, and it will help men who are deficient as this can also cause erectile dysfunction. 

Panax Ginseng is where erection quality is improved again and it's been demonstrated in multiple studies to help treat premature ejaculation [3] these tests showed the study group lasted 9 minutes longer than the starting 1.3 minute average. Ginseng is very highly dosed in performer 8 coming in at a whopping 6000mg, which is one of the reasons why it was awarded our best toprevent premature ejaculation. Ginseng also has a host of other libido boosting and quality boosting effects. [4]

Performer 8 uses pine bark extract in 300mg doses, it's been shown to help treat both erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, [5] it also has a host of stress relieving effects and helps improve sexual desire. 

Grape seed extract is largely here to stimulate healthy blood flow, it does seem to work, but it's one of the less effective ingredients on the list, although it's not a waste in a male sexual enhancement supplement, there are better ingredients available. Glucuronolactone protects blood vessels, and an effective stimulant. 

Horny Goat Weed’s name is a bit of a give away as to what it does. It's particularly rich in flavonoids and has been used for centuries to improve sexual health. It's heavily dosed in performer8 and for an enhancement pill we do like it's inclusion. The flavonoids in Horny Goat Weed specifically block PDE5 (which is the enzyme that deflates erections) [6] .

Maca Root Extract is the king of male enhancement supplements, it's the most well studied, and has been shown to boost libido time and time again in double blind studies showing efficacy in both men and women. One of only a few ingredients that can claim this. [7] On top of this it has also been shown to improve sperm volume and sperm quality. [8]

Muira Puama Extract has been shown to raise libido and treat both late and premature finishing. [9]

Overall we'd say it's a pretty good blend to cover most areas of normal sexual function, with a slight tilt to premature and erectile function over libido, although maca and ashwagandha do help there. You could definitely do a lot worse for a supplement than performer 8. 

Performer 8 Review Conclusion

Performer 8 is a good natural male enhancement supplement. It's not quite our favorite, but it is still a great option. It's hard to say too much bad about it, aside from the fact that we may have swapped the grape seed extract out for something else as there's already enough blood flow ingredients in the blend. Perhaps for something else that falls into the natural aphrodisiacs or sexual stamina camp. 

All in all our performer 8 review is positive, and we think it's a good option, in most cases however, we'd recommend trying out prime male enhance over performer 8 if you want a more balanced approach. Either way performer 8 should improve male sexual performance and have a host of stress management benefits as well. Performer 8 gets our thumbs up.  

Criteria Rating
Ingredients 7/10
Erection Quality 10/10
Staying Power 10/10
Libidio 5/10
Relaxation 7/10
Value 8/10
Recommended 8/10

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