PhenQ PM Review

Does PhenQPM Work?

PhenQ PM is OK, But there are better night time weight loss aids.

PhenQ PM is one of a range of new weight loss supplements known as nighttime fat burners.

It claims to promote healthy weight loss while you sleep, boost your metabolism, mood, and energy levels during the day, prevent food cravings and weight gain, improve sleep quality, reduce stress and tiredness, and encourage the natural production of human growth hormone.

Unfortunately, when we conducted a more in depth PhenQ PM review, it quickly became clear that most of these claims were far beyond what the fat burner was actually able to deliver.

PhenQ PM is made using only natural ingredients and contains choline, chromium, molybdenum, l-arginine, l-lysine, l-theanine, 5-htp, vitamin c, and a range of b vitamins.

At first glance, this formula looks quite good, and it contains many ingredients that are quite common in other weight loss supplements. There's some really good bit's in here, with 5htp dosed well for both sleep and craving suppression and l theanine also in the ideal doses it should help with getting rest.

Unfortunately, there are a number of issues with it.

For starters, a lot of the ingredients in PhenQ PM that will actually aid your weight loss journey are present in dosages that are either far too high or far too low. This means they will either produce little to no effect on your weight loss or put you at risk of experiencing side effects. 

Then you have the ingredients that have either never been linked to fat burning or weight loss, as well as those that have little to no proof to support any of their claims. This is before you even get to the list of side effects the ingredients it contains are actually capable of causing.

While its price tag is fairly standard compared to the best nighttime fat burner supplements, the fact that PhenQ PM does not fall into this category makes it fairly overpriced as well.

Some people will feel that the 60 day money back guarantee will still make it worth giving a try, as will the fact that it is made in GMP certified facilities without the use of any dairy, soy, gluten, or artificial preservatives.

However, given all we know about it, we can't recommend it as one of the best non stim weight loss aids.

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Customer Reviews PhenQ PM

Examining PhenQ PM reviews by past customers is quite challenging, as the fat burner is only available on the official PhenQ PM website and they don't have a feature that allows users to share their feedback (which is never a good sign).

Even when scouring the internet it was quite challenging to find much feedback from past customers on the product. However, what we did find was quite telling.

A number of users did mention that it helped to suppress their appetite and prevent food cravings, and a few even said that it boosted their mood and energy levels.

However, there were relatively limited reviews that backed up the main benefits of Phenq PM, which are to promote significant weight loss and boost sleep quality. There are a few on trust pilot citing PhenQ's new product.

Some users have reported taking PhenQ PM side effects, such as stomach problems, headaches, cramps, nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting, excessive sweating, a loss of coordination, dizziness, tiredness, body aches, acne and rashes and allergic reactions.

This allows us to draw the conclusion that the PhenQ PM fat burner simply does not live up to its billing. While it may offer some mild benefits, these diet pills simply don't well enought at their main job, are a you'd be better off with their main line product.

PhenQ PM Ingredients

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) - 80 MG

Vitamin c is required for your body to produce collagen and neurotransmitters, and it is included in a nighttime fat burning supplement like this as it can help to promote muscle repair and recovery while you sleep.

It will also keep your joints flexible, mobile, and healthy, and your muscles, bones, immune system, and teeth strong. It can even boost metabolism and prevent diseases to make sure that you never have to miss a workout and can keep your weight loss journey on track.

The problem is, vitamin c in supplement form is only useful if you consume at least 2,000 mg per day. As the PhenQ PM night time fat burner contains just 80 mg of ascorbic acid, it just isn't strong enough to be of use (1).

Vitamin B1 (From Thiamine HCL) - 4 MG

Vitamin B1 is essential for the metabolism of nutrients in your diet and for promoting muscle growth and development.

The issue here is that the  daily dosage of vitamin b1 to aid with metabolism and sleep is said to be 1.2 mg. meaning we've got way more than is necessay(2).

Vitamin B6 (From Pyridoxine HCL) - 5 MG

Vitamin B6 plays a role in countless functions in the human body. It can boost metabolism and immune functions, keep you healthy so you don't miss workouts, and even support weight loss directly.

However the dosage is again an issue. With the 5 mg present in the PhenQ PM nighttime fat burner being almost three times the RDI it is rather uncessary, generally the dose to improve sleep doesn't need to be nearly this high and the same applies for weight loss (3).

Biotin (As D-Biotin) - 120 MCG

Biotin, also known as vitamin b7, controls carb, protein, and fat metabolism, keeps the bones, skin, hair, and nails strong and healthy, and even has some evidence to suggest it helps combat joint issues (4).

Vitamin B5 (As D-Calcium Pantothenate) - 10 MG

Vitamin B5 has the ability to boost your basal metabolic rate, brain functions, memory, energy levels, nervous system, and production of neurotransmitters, which will enhance your exercise performance and help you lose weight naturally (5).

Choline (From DL-Choline Bitartrate) - 40 MG

Choline can produce mental health benefits and reduce inflammation, which will improve your recovery time, focus, and exercise performance (6). However, it is primarily put in weight loss supplements as there are claims that it can enhance muscle contractions.

However, there is little to no conclusive evidence that it can actually do this. This means the only benefit that it may have in the PhenQ PM nighttime fat burner is to mildly boost your recovery, if it can even do that, given the miniscule dose that is present.

Chromium (From Chromium Picolinate) - 120 MCG

Chromium can improve the body's insulin response, blood glucose and energy levels, nutrient metabolism, and production of serotonin. This will improve your sleep quality, brain function, and muscular recovery, reduce your appetite, stop unwanted weight gain, and aid weight loss.

Unfortunately, these benefits will only be seen if you consume 1,000 mcg per day. As the PhenQ PM nighttime fat burner only contains 120 mcg, it simply is not powerful enough to be of any use (7).

Molybdenum (From Sodium Molybdate) - 100 MCG

The mineral molybdenum keeps the enzymes in the human body functioning correctly, aids DNA and protein synthesis, and combats toxins to prevent them from doing any damage.

However, as there has never been a reported case of molybdenum deficiency and the 100 mcg present in the PhenQ PM nighttime fat burner is relatively pointless (8).

L-Arginine - 1,200 MG

L-arginine is an amino acid that your body requires to produce nitric oxide, while it is also said to be beneficial for improving blood flow, blood pressure levels, and testosterone production, which would aid exercise performance, and for treating diabetes and erectile dysfunction (9).

The issue is, the only benefit of taking l-arginine supplements that has ever been proven is to boost your your nitric oxide production. However, the 1,200 mg in the PhenQ PM night time fat burner is well below the 3,000 mg required to be effective, so it is unlikely to even do that.

L-Lysine HCL - 1,200 MG

While l-lysine is an essential amino acid, there is very little reason to take it in supplement form, other than for people who are dealing with certain health conditions (10).

While there are claims it can reduce anxiety and fat accumulation by blocking stress hormone production, aid calcium absorption, improve wound healing, and promote effective insulin activity and blood sugar control, none have been proven, so its inclusion in PhenQ PM is likely of no use.

L-Theanine - 200 MG

L-theanine is an amino acid that plays a key role in maintaining a healthy sleep wake cycle, reducing stress and anxiety levels, boosting relaxation, sleep quality, focus, and immune and brain functions, making it easier to fall into a deep sleep, and enhancing your overall health.

It is a huge asset in dietary supplements for losing weight, as its effects can boost the natural fat burning process and your overall weight loss, while enhancing your exercise performance and recovery time.

This is actually also the only instance where an optimal dose of a useful ingredient is present in the PhenQ weight loss pills (11).

5-HTP (5 Hydroxytryptophan From Griffonia Simplicifolia Seed Extract) - 150 MG

The amino acid 5-HTP is quite unique in that it can easily pass across the blood brain barrier.

This allows it to effectively improve the brain's production of serotonin, boosting your sleep quality, reducing stress and anxiety levels, preventing depression, promoting relaxation, supressing your appetite, and accelerating both body fat burning and overall weight loss (12).

Unfortunately, studies suggest that the optimal daily dosage of 5-HTP is between 200 and 500 mg when it comes to sleep although 150mg isn't bad. 

PhenQ PM Pros And Cons

PhenQ PM Pros

  • Contains a useful dose of l-theanine
  • Many of the all natural ingredients in Phenq PM can help you lose weight
  • Comes with a 60 day money back guarantee

PhenQ PM Cons

  • Almost all of the ingredients in PhenQ PM are present in doses so large or small that they will either cause side effects or no effects at all
  • Some of the PhenQ PM ingredients have not been proven to support weight loss or sleep quality
  • Only available directly from the official PhenQ PM website
  • Not allowing customer reviews to be left on their website is quite concerning, especially as it is the only place that the weight loss supplement can be bought from

PhenQ PM Review Conclusion

PhenQ PM claims it is the best nighttime fat burner on the market but, in reality, these weight loss pills will have very little if any effect on your ability to lose fat or enjoy a deep sleep each night. 

From ingredient doses that are either way too low or way too high, and ingredients that have not been either proven or claimed to benefit your weight loss journey, to customer reviews being hidden we can't recommend PhenQ PM at the moment.

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