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Does Plexus Slim Work?

Updated 16th October 2023

Plexus Slim Is A Muddled Weight Loss Aid That Is Beaten By A Myriad Of Competitors

Plexus Slim is a line of Plexus weight loss supplements from Plexus Worldwide, the most popular Plexus Slim product being the Plexus "pink drink", Hunger Control. All of these Plexus products aim to promote healthy weight loss, but Hunger Control is a weight loss aid specifically tied to appetite suppression.

Plexus claims it will make you feel full and satiated, so that you lose your desire to eat and reduce your calorie intake, while also improving glucose metabolism and weight management. Unfortunately, our Plexus Slim review makes it clear that Plexus Worldwide have been making false health claims. Added to which there are issues with other predatory businesss practices, from rebilling cancelled subscriptions sometimes years later.

The Plexus Slim Hunger Control formula consists of chromium, polydextrose, and the Plexus Slim Blend, which features green coffee bean extract, garcinia cambogia fruit extract, alpha lipoic acid, and white mulberry fruit extract. It then also boasts a selection of "other ingredients".

The formula actually starts out looking quite positive, as chromium does indeed support weight loss and appetite suppression and is optimally dosed. Unfortunately, that is where the positives end.

All of the other ingredients have either not been proven to work in clinical trials, are present in doses that are far too low to affect weight loss or your overall health, or are lumped into a proprietary blend which obscures their exact dosage and raises even more questions about the honesty of the pink drink.

It then also contains quite a lengthy list of additional ingredients that are included to improve the quality of the product and do not provide any health benefits, as well as a very large dose of an artificial sweetener, both of which are things many people try hard to avoid.

Sold in a choice of Black Cherry Lime Blossom and Blood Orange Lemon Lime flavours, there are options for people of different tastes, while all Plexus supplements come with a 60 day guarantee, which should make the product appeal to a wider range of people.

However, the extremely high price tag and complaints from past customers that the guarantee on Plexus products is not honoured both negate all of these benefits.

This is why we highly recommend that you do not buy Plexus Slim (or any other Plexus products for that matter) and instead stick to supplements that have been clinically demonstrated to actually burn fat and promote weight loss, for most people we tend to recommend Instant Knockout Cut , which is a far more effective solution.

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Customers Plexus Reviews

Plexus Slim Hunger Control holds an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars with past users on Amazon, which is about the same as all of the other Plexus supplements sold on the site. The main issue with this, is that it very much looks like Plexus have some fake reviews here as Amazon doesn't match up with any of the other 3rd party review sites at all. With them averaging 3 on BBB and 2.5 on TrustPilot.

However, while there was the occasional positive review in which people said they felt it gave them a bit more energy or marginally improved their weight loss, most focused exclusively on its ability to be easily mixed or the pleasant taste or quick delivery time, rather than how it affects your hunger or fat loss.

On the other hand, when looking at the negative reviews of Plexus Slim, they were rife with people saying they did not find Plexus Slim work at all, while others criticised the taste and some even mentioned experiencing side effects, such as kidney pain and hair loss.

Others also said that the company did not honour the 60 day guarantee that all Plexus supplements come with, while some even felt that the company itself was nothing more than a pyramid scheme.

This seems to support our initial conclusions, which were that Plexus Worldwide are making false health claims and Plexus Slim will not help you improve your body composition in any way.

Plexus Better Business Bureau Reviews

There are quite a lot of complaints on Better Business Bureau specifically around Plexus not honoring their returns policy. Which is unfortunately a common issue with a lot of supplements brainds. 

Trustpilot Plexus Reviews

Plexus fairs even worse on trust pilot, with people complaining about being rebilled years after cancelling their subsriptions, not being able to cancel and plexus simply taking money from people they shouldn't be. On top of the product simply not working.

Plexus Slim Ingredients

Chromium (As Chromium Polynicotinate) - 200 MCG

Chromium is a mineral and metal element that can provide a wide range of beneficial effects that will support the human body.

This includes being able to improve your insulin response, nutrient metabolism, serotonin production, energy levels, sleep quality, brain functions, and muscle recovery, reduce your appetite and blood sugar levels, promote weight loss, prevent weight gain, and help to combat diabetes (1).

It can even make all of the other natural ingredients in a weight loss supplement far easier for the body to absorb and much more effective.

With 200 mg being within the optimal dosage range for chromium supplements, the formula starts out with the only ingredient that is both actually effective and optimally dosed.

Polydextrose - 6,250 MG

Polydextrose is a non-digestible oligosaccharide and a synthetic polymer of glucose which contains both sorbitol and citric acid, and which is often used as an artificial sweetener.

A source of soluble fiber that is becoming an increasing popular weight loss supplement ingredient, it is said to be a prebiotic that can suppress appetite and improve glucose metabolism, both of which will help you lose weight.

Unfortunately, there are a number of issues with using polydextrose in a weight loss supplement.

Not only will it not help support gut health or combat diseases in the same way the fibre it is replacing will, but it has also been linked to a number of side effects. This includes bloating, gas, stomach pain, and diarrhoea. It is also only "thought to be safe", and has not been conclusively proven to be so (2).

You put all of this together and it immediately causes the alarm bells to start ringing with regards to both the safety and efficacy of Plexus Slim Hunger Control.

Plexus Slim Blend - 531 MG

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green coffee bean extract is made from unroasted green coffee beans. It contains both natural caffeine and a range of antioxidants, which has led to claims that it can boost metabolism, energy levels, and fat burning, and reduce inflammation, so you can stay fit and healthy, train hard, and keep losing weight.

The main reason it is put in some popular weight loss supplements though, is because green coffee beans also contain a compound called chlorogenic acid.

Chlorogenic acid can lower your blood pressure and blood sugar levels, improve your resting metabolic rate, and activate brown adipose tissue. This will help prevent spikes in your blood sugars, fat storage, and weight gain, and aid fat burning and weight loss.

The issue is, to see any of these benefits you need to consume either 3,000 mg of a very potent green coffee bean extract or 240 mg of pure chlorogenic acid (3).

Given that the entire Plexus Slim Blend weighs just 531 mg in its entirety, it is therefore virtually impossible for Plexus Slim Hunger Control to contain a dose large enough to be of any use.

Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract

Garcinia cambogia is a fruit native to Asia that has long been used in various traditional medicines and which is starting to be put in weight loss supplements due to the presence of a substance called hydroxycitric acid.

This compound is said to promote weight loss, improve workout performance, muscle growth, stamina, serotonin production, digestion, and gut health, and reduce stored fat production, hunger, blood sugar levels, and your risk of diabetes (4).

Unfortunately, there are multiple issues with its inclusion in Plexus weight loss products. Not only are many of its claimed benefits not conclusively proven, but even the studies that do support its use say that at least 500 mg must be consumed three times per day for it to produce any effects.

This means the dose that Plexus Slim Hunger Control can contain is guaranteed to do absolutely nothing.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha lipoic acid is an organic compound similar to a fatty acid that is high in antioxidants and found in the majority of cells in the human body, as well as obtained from a variety of food sources.

It can help your body convert glucose into usable energy, prevent free radical activity, reduce oxidative damage and stress and inflammation, boost your exercise performance, and aid weight management.

The only issue is, at least 300 mg is required each day for it to be of any use. As the Plexus pink drink cannot even contain half of this amount, the presence of alpha lipoic acid in the formula will be of no use at all (5).

White Mulberry Fruit Extract

White mulberry fruit extract has long been used in Chinese traditional medicines as there are health claims that it can improve virility and brain, heart, and immune system health and functions, reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and prevent the development of certain chronic health conditions.

It is also starting to be put in weight loss pills due to recent claims that it can prevent the creation of fat cells, suppress your appetite, and help you lose weight (6).

However, not only have none of these health claims ever been proven in human subjects, but even the clinical trials that have produced some evidence that it may be of use say that at least 5,400 mg must be consumed each day and even this may only benefit your brain.

That means its presence in this Plexus supplement is guaranteed to be of absolutely no use.

Other Ingredients

Beyond its active ingredients, Plexus Slim also contains a list of "other ingredients", which includes natural flavours, citric acid, stevia leaf extract, fruit and vegetable juice with beetroot extract (for colour), and silicon dioxide.

None of these are intended to add any health benefits to the product, and are instead included to improve its usability.

Silicon dioxide is used to thicken, stabilise, and preserve the powder, to improve its texture, while the colours and flavours are included to do solely that.

Citric acid is vital for cellular energy production and functions, and there is some evidence that it can bind to certain minerals, especially calcium, to make them more water soluble, boost their absorption, and prevent you from developing mineral deficiencies.

However, to do any of this would require a dose far higher than what will be present here, so it is likely used simply to stabilise the product (7).

Stevia leaf extract is a natural, low calorie sweetener that is often used instead of artificial sweeteners to sweeten a product without spiking your blood sugar levels or causing fat storage.

It then may also be an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that could boost brain, kidney, liver, and pancreas functions, however it could also be toxic and cause infertility and other health issues (8).

Plexus Slim Review Conclusion

Plexus Slim claims to promote weight loss, boost your metabolic rate, and suppress your appetite, to give you all of the support you need to stick to a healthy diet. As it the case with most Plexus products though, the pink drink is nothing more than a placebo produced by a multi level marketing company.

From unproven ingredients, low doses of proven ones, and using proprietary blends, to a high price and complaints about the integrity of the brand, Plexus Slim is not a supplement to be trusted. That is why we strongly suggest you avoid Plexus Slim and stick to a proven alternative, like Instant Knockout Cut.

Using optimal doses of proven ingredients, improve your ability to metabolise fat, suppress appetite to help you stick to a balanced diet, and improve energy levels to help you train harder, all of which aid weight loss, at the same as being reasonably priced and even helping you build muscle mass. Read more about why we rated it the number one weight loss aid here.

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