Powher Fat Burner Review

Is Powher Any Good?

Published 11th April 2023

Honestly A Pretty Good Showing From PowHer.

There are many fat burning supplements on the market, and it's far more common for them to be marketed as more of a unisex option. However there are some that advertise themselves entirely as a fat burner for women with claims that they are specifically designed to help women lose weight.

We won't lie to you, this is mostly just marketing, although are are some ways a fat burning supplement can make itself more appealing for women. For example where a more male or unisex centred fat burner supplement may include some ingredients meant to boost energy levels for higher intensity workouts, or contain vitamins and minerals designed specifically to enhance the effects of these workouts, a fat burner for women may instead be solely focused around appetite suppression and fat metabolism support.

This obviously isn't the case for every woman or man, but men more generally gain greater effects of fat loss through muscle gain than women do thanks to the easier time they have gaining muscle, so this is something they would have a preference towards that might not be shared.

Now that we've navigated that minefield of a gender discussion, let's turn out attention to Powher Cut Fat Burner. Cutting to the chase here, we do like this product. It has a lot of solid formula of great ingredients that we've provided a comprehensive breakdown of below. There are some issues however, mainly in how they've handled the dosages. There is a better competitor on the market at the moment, which does things a little bit better.

Who Do We Recommend Instead?

It's because of this reason that we instead would like to turn your attention towards Hourglass Fit. Hourglass Fit is another fat burning supplement that has been specifically designed for the woman body from the ground up, and contains a clinically proven formula full of the greatest ingredients around. Let's take appetite suppression, of which it shares a commonality with Powher cut fat burner in glucomannan. This is one of the dosages that is fairly spot on in Powher cut fat burner, but there's more of it available in hourglass fit, as well as 5HTP, which will work together to reduce snacking and food cravings. That said, it's not like there's a huge amount in it here, so the Powher fat burner really isn't a bad option all in all.

Hourglass Fit Deals

Powher Fat Burner FAQ

Is Powher Fat Burner Safe?

The ingredients included in Powher cut fat burner are all naturally derived and should be safe for consumption for the vast majority of people. Those with extreme sensitivity to caffeine may experience some issues from the natural caffeine

Any Powher Side Effects?

There shouldn't be any notable side effects, though we would recommend a decent seized cup of water due to the high fiber content of glucomannan. This should significantly reduce the potential of any digestive discomfort.

Where Can I purchase Powher Fat Burner?

Powher cut fat burner is only available directly.

Powher Fat Burner Ingredients

Magnesium 33.33mg

Often times when you see vitamins and minerals in fat burning supplements it's because a deficiency can directly impact our digestive system, so their inclusion is justified as supporting a healthy metabolism. With Magnesium however there's a large amount of availability when it comes to how we get it into our diets, and as such deficiencies are very rare.

The question then is that if we have an abundance of Magnesium in our bodies, will it help us burn fat and lose weight? The answer is unfortunately that the clinical research tells us it won't.

We found a study that was conducted to quantify the effects of magnesium supplementation on body weight, Body Mass Index (BMI), body fat percentage and Waist to Hip Ratio. Though it was found that magnesium supplementation resulted in a great reduction to BMI, they concluded this was mainly driven by the effect among those with magnesium deficiency and insulin resistance disorders. No significant change was observed otherwise [1].

Selenium 18.22mcg

Its thought that adequate levels of Selenium will protect the body against obesity. This is because of the critical role it plays in our metabolism and thyroid function, to the degree that thyroid tissue contains a higher amount of Selenium than any other organ in the human body.

We found a clinical trial that included 37 overweight/obese individuals who adopted a calorie restricted diet for 3 months and randomly gave one group 240mcg or Selenium and the other placebo. The results showed a significant change in body composition, including a decrease in body fat mass for the group supplementing Selenium [2].

As you can see the powher fat burner certainly has the right idea by including Selenium, only falling short with the dosage.

Chromium Picolinate 40mcg

Considered an essential mineral that is present in many foods, Chromium is a necessary part of any healthy diet, and Chromium Picolinate is the most bioavailable type. This means it's the most easily absorbed by the human body.

It's a common sight in popular fat burners and there's very good reasons for that, as it's one of the most high quality dietary supplements available. There's been a lot of testing done on exactly how chromium Picolinate helps us lose weight and body fat, so let's see what we've found in our travels online.

The reason Chromium Picolinate contributes towards weight loss is because of the positive effects we've clinically observed it having on our insulin sensitivity and BMI [3].

We found a clinical systematic review that shows that these effects lead to people losing weight more effectively. 20 trials were included and what they found was that supplementing Chromium Picolinate that there was a small but still statistically significant increase to weight loss and reduction to body fat found [4].

The dose here is once again just far too low, as what was observed to have positive effects ranged from 200mcg.

Glucomannan 1000mg

Quite possibly the best ingredient for suppressing appetite available in the world of fat burning supplements, and as such is one of the most potent tools for weight loss yet known.

Derived from Konjac, a root vegetable that grows in parts of Asia, how Glucomannan works is it essentially grows in size inside your stomach, helping us to limit food intake by helping us to feel full and satiated much sooner than usual. This contributes directly to weight loss by helping us to reach our goals of caloric deficit without having to rely on personal willpower alone.

We found a clinical trial that tested Glucomannan's ability to help obese people lose weight. The trial was over an 8-week period in which people were asked not to change their eating habits, and they were instructed to take 1,000mg of glucomannan 1 hour before each of the three main meals of the day.

When compared to the placebo patients there was a meaning average of 5.5kg more weight loss in those supplementing Glucomannan. Cholesterol was also significantly reduced, with no adverse reactions reported [5].

Choline 30mg

A nutrient that, despite its similarity to B vitamins is interestingly neither considered a vitamin or a mineral. Choline is made by the human body within the Liver, as well as being found in many foods including from fruits and vegetables, to meat, fish and dairy.

Choline supplementation has been used by athletes to help them more easily reach competitive weight restrictions quickly, with seemingly no reduction to physical strength. We found a clinical trial that tested this, which included 22 female athletes. The control group were provided a placebo and the experimental group provided 1g of Choline twice daily.

It was observed that the experimental group had significantly high weight loss and reduced their body fat by a substantial amount more than the control group [6], showing that Choline is a clinically proven female fat burner .

As you can see there's quite a large disparity between the amount of Choline supplemented within the trial and the amount of choline included in the Powher fat burner. You may see some positive affects but it's not clear that you'll gain the same rapid weight loss benefits. that have been observed in this trial.

Natural Caffeine 33.33mg

There's a bunch of ways in which caffeine can be helpful along your weight loss journey, and as such has found itself as a very popular ingredient in many of the best fat burner supplements.

Have you ever woken up, immediately drank a cup of coffee and felt fine skipping breakfast? That's because caffeine has potent appetite suppression effects. In fact it's been observed under clinical testing that if you ingest caffeine between 0.5/4 hours before a meal that there will be a reduced caloric intake, helping us to establish and maintain a calorie restricted diet [7].

Caffeine has also been found to increase thermogenesis, increase our resting metabolic rate, and energy expenditure [8], as well as influence cognitive performance, alertness and wakefulness [9].

Again, the dose here is a little on the lower side but with caffeine it typically relies on your ability to metabolise the caffeine for how significant the effect will be. With this being a fat burner for women we looked into whether or not women perhaps tolerated caffeine less than men to justify the low dosage but came up empty handed. To summarise, there will be some positive benefits to this, though limited by the lower dosage.

Powher Fat Burner Conclusion

There we have it folks. There's a lot to praise here as they certainly did their homework. A great selection of carefully chosen and most importantly, clinically proven ingredients. The problem is the dog must have eaten the part of their homework that explained how to properly dose these ingredients, and unfortunately they've fallen short on almost every ingredient. That being said there will certainly be some fat burning effects as well as a decent amount of appetite suppression.

Our recommendation to the women reading this that are looking for a potent fat burning supplement designed for them would be Hourglass Fit. Although you can find out about some other options on our best womens weight loss aids list.

Criteria Rating
Appetite Supressant 7/10
Thermogenic Boost 5/10
Energy Boost 7/10
Customer Satisfaction 7/10
Ingredients Quality 7/10
Value 7/10
Recommended 6/10


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