Primeshred Reviews 2023

Is Prime Shred Any Good?

Not A Bad Fat Burner, But There's Better In It's Class

Primeshred is a hardcore fat burner aiming to help you lose weight and body fat whilst preserving your muscle mass. Sounds perfect as far as weight loss supplements go, but is this even possible? Well of course you'd need to pair Primeshred with a decent exercise routine and healthy diet, which is perplexing as Primeshred doesn't contain many of the more successful appetite suppressants such as glucomannan, instead focusing on ingredients for boosting metabolism such as L-Theanine, as well as ingredients that can boost energy levels and focus such as Caffeine anhydrous.

Primeshred is heavily marketed towards people who are already fit and are instead looking at pushing past difficult final barriers in their fitness goals. It comes across that what they're going for here is that these people won't need appetite suppressants as they'll likely be disciplined or used to calorie deficits whilst cutting. If this describes you then Primeshred definitely deserves a consideration, as we'll go into further detail on, but if you struggle with cravings you might not get the results you want out of it. It didn't quite make it onto our best fat burners list, but there's definitely worse options for fat burning and maintaining lean muscle mass, unfortunately Prime Shred looses out to the instant knockout fat burning supplement for this particular category, although if you don't want glucomannan in your weight loss supplement, then primeshred fat burner is a good option.

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Customer PrimeShred Reviews

With Primeshred only being available directly through their website, the reviews are a little more scarce than usual, and are unfortunately fairly poor. 

90% of what we've found between Trustpilot, google and amazon are mostly people complaining about customer service or issues with delivery. 

Thinking outside the box to get a public consensus we checked out fitness youtubers videos reviewing the product, and generally the comment sections had many positives to say, with complaints being made only by those who had a sensitivity to the caffeine content.

Prime Shred Review FAQ

Is Primeshred safe?

Beyond those with sensitivity to caffeine/ stimulants, the ingredients contained in Primeshred are not known to cause any side effects and are completely natural

Where can I buy Primeshred?

Primeshred is only available directly through

Does Primeshred Work?

Prime Shred is an interesting take on a weight loss supplement, it should work to a point and it can definitely help physical performance and weight loss. There are just better weight loss supplements in the work out focused fat burner category, including both instant knockout and animal shred. 

Prrime Shred Ingredients

Green Tea Extract 500mg

Green tea extract is a popular and common ingredient in fat burners, used for it's ability to boost your metabolism, helping you to reduce your body fat even whilst resting. It's been shown to have fairly consistent results on fat burning throughout many different scientific studies, both with and without the naturally occurring caffeine. It's a fair assumption that Primeshred would have called attention to the green tea having it's caffeine removed so we can rightly presume the caffeine remains, which does bring some further understand as to why so many have felt some side effects related to stimulants such as restlessness and even shakes.

DMEA (dimethylethanolamine) 150mg

An interesting choice here, as DMEA has no known effect on anything related to losing weight. Instead it's a nootropic known for it's use in treating ADHD, so what's it doing here? Well when you're losing weight it can be difficult to regulate your mood, we've all got hangry haven't we? So including DMEA, a drug known for its ability to improve cognitive function and help increase motivation, is actually a rather smart move.

L-Tyrosine 300mg

Staying on topic here we have another similar inclusion in which its ability to help us burn fat is non-existent. Instead, similar to DMEA, L-Tyrosine is here to help boost our cognitive abilities rather than our physical. These inclusions are what take PrimeShred from your usual weight loss supplement crowd into a carefully curated and specialised mix to get you as lean as possible, as easily as possible. Of course it's no miracle and will still take hard work, but inclusions such as this will make that effort all the more tolerable.

Green Coffee 300mg

Green coffee has been used for years for it's fat burning properties, as it surprisingly has a lot more effects on the body than just a caffeine boost of energy as green coffee has been known to kickstart thermogenesis for faster fat burning, boosting your resting metabolism which of course increases fat loss across the board, even whilst resting. As a bonus it also has been observed to increase brain activity due to the induced release of neurotransmitters, helping to keep your alert, active and focused.

L-Theanine 250mg

A double whammy here for results, as L-theanine helps to burn fat by reducing the absorption rate of sugars such as carbohydrates in your stomach, and doing the same with some fats too. Of course this decreases your overall caloric intake, which would help you to maintain your calorie deficit, but again it does bring to question why an omission of powerful appetite suppressants such as glucomannan, just to help you to get through this calorie deficit crunch. L-theanine doesn't just stop there though, it also helps you to keep your strength during workouts whilst cutting, by releasing nitric oxide into the blood stream. This works by widening the blood vessels and in-turn helping your muscles to get more oxygen and nutrients whilst under the stress of a workout, helping to keep you from losing energy.

Vitamin b complex

Maintaining your B vitamins at healthy levels is a vital component to making sure your metabolism is working at its best. If deficiencies develop you can find yourself feeling lethargic and unmotivated, and of course maintaining those levels gets a lot harder when you're trying to lose weight quickly through intense cutting routines. A traditional and very welcome inclusion well dosed.

Rhodiola rose extract 250mg

Similar to L-Theanine, Rhodiola rose extract helps you maintain strength during workouts by helping to transport oxygen to the muscles, but it doesn't stop there as it also helps to both reduce cortisol levels, helping you to to deal with stress, as well as having a direct impact in fat breakdown. It does this by activating an enzyme used to burn stubborn stored fat called HSL (Hormone sensitive lipase). HSL targets fat stored in cells known as your triglyceride, helping to reduce your overall body fat and achieve your fat burning goals. Due to it's effect on stress some people suggest it may help reduce cravings, although 5htp is a better option for this.

Caffeine anhydrous 225mg

A keen ingredient in almost all other fat burning pills, it's no wonder caffeine anhydrous has made its way into primeshred. Working as not only a potent stimulant, helping to provide your body with critical energy and focus, but it also helps to stimulate your metabolism and induce thermogenesis. It's never a bad time to discover this inclusion as it just simply works.

Cayenne pepper 200mg

Cayenne pepper is more than just a wonderful flavour enhancer for your favourite foods, but also has a lot of health benefits tucked away. The capsaicin involved helps to kick off thermogenesis by increasing the amount of heat created by the body, increasing resting metabolism. On top of this, Cayenne pepper in this dosage contains many important nutrients and anti-oxidents that might be unintentionally missing from your diet.

Bioperine 5mg

The idea behind this inclusion is that it's supposed to increase the bio-availability of the ingredients. In other words, it helps your body to more efficiently absorb nutrients by upto 30%, and now that we know what effects they all have, we can understand how important proper absorption rates are.

Prime Shred Review Conclusion

Overall, Primeshred has impressed us with its carefully curated and balanced list of ingredients that on paper should definitely have a highly positive impact on your workout goals. However it is worth again bringing attention to the fact Primeshred is absolutely hardcore in its approach, and with ommissions such as 5htp and glucomannan it's hard to recommend this to your average, or even over-weight person looking to start their weight loss journey. I

nstead, this is for your gym rats who are looking to break through their ceiling and reach higher into the stratosphere with their fitness goals. To put it plainly, if you're looking to go for a very low body fat percentage, then with its metabolism boost and mood regulating ingredients, prime shred is a good way to go.

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Thermogenic Boost 8/10
Energy Boost 8/10
Customer Satisfaction 5/10
Ingredients Quality 7/10
Value 5/10
Recommended 7/10