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Is Protetox Any Good For Weight Loss?

Protetox pretty terrible, there are way better options out there. The antioxidant thing is a gimmick, it doesn't really do much for weight loss.

Protetox pretty terrible, there are way better options out there. The antioxidant thing is a gimmick, it doesn't really do much for weight loss. 

That's not to say all weight loss supplements don't work, there are actually quite a lot of products that use proven ingredients. Protetox is unfortunately not one of these. Protetox does contain a couple of mildly effective ingredients, but seeing as the Protetox pills are only 100mg and most of these ingredients require dosages 5 to 10 times larger than this to be effective there really isn't a lot of good we can say about it aside from there aren't a lot of negative protetox reviews online from customers yet as the products quite new. 

In terms of what we're looking for in a good weight loss supplement, we look for a pill that contains ingredients that are effective at suppressing appetitie, raising energy levels when dieting (you subconsciously move a lot less when you restrict calories and this can actually effect 10-20% of your caloric burn per day) and thirdly things that can raise metabolism. The latter is the least effective element of a weight loss pill, but some well known ingredients like caffeine do all three, so it's worth noting and makes a nice extra in other well formulated diet pills which make better alternatives to protetox. 

As a rule of thumb we generally recommend Instant Knockout  instead, it contains some common ingredients with protetox in their correct doses such as cayenne and chromium, but also more effective ingredients like caffeine and glucomannan (which swells 50X larger when it reaches your stomach to about the size of a bagel, meaning if you take them about an hour before food people typically eat less). 

This is another red flag for supplements like Protetox, they can't easily explain how they work without pseudoscience, it's quite easy to explain why glucomannan and caffeine work. When a supplement tries to baffle you with science without the ingredients having clinical results, it's never a good sign.

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Protetox Review FAQ

Common questions about Protetox

Is Protetox A Scam?

We're reticent to call products scams, but we can't really find anything redeeming about the Protetox weight loss supplement.

Is Protetox Safe?

Yes Protetox should be safe with the exclusion of any allergies you may have, the doses in Protetox should be far too low to cause any side effects. 

Protetox Ingredients

Protetox is a 100mg capsule this means that none of it's ingredients could be included in an effective dosage. That's right, none. And even if they were included in their most effective doses very few of the ingredients have any real benefit to weight loss and most of the ingredients in Protetox don't work at all.

White Mulberry - One study does show that it works, but it requires 2400mg [1] as a result there's not a chance that Protetox weight loss aids don't have even close to enough in here. Even still it's not a particularly well backed supplement for weight loss.

Banaba - The only studies that backed banaba were based on mice, it did not translate to weight loss in humans, poor inclusion from the protetox weight loss supplement. [2]

Vitamin C & E - Vitamin C does help you oxidise fat cells quicker when training, you still have to actually train though and you could just take a much cheaper multivitamin. There are a host of other health benefits of course, but that doesn't make it good for Protetox. [3] Vitamin E is good for your skin, not so much for losing weight.

Guggul - There's one study that shows guggul to be effective in that patients who took it lost 1lb more per month than those who didn't. They were also following a calorie controlled diet and it's a small study of only 50 people, so a difference of 1lb between the 2 groups is not substantial. [4] As a result we have yet another unknown ingredient in the protetox formula, which is of course, once again under dosed.

Bitter Melon - There is a study that backs up bitter melons use, however, it required 4.8 grams to be effective and studies of dosages below 2 grams have shown no results. It's quite commonly included in low quality weight loss supplements like Protetox, usually in doses below 200mg which simply isn't functional to help you lose weight.

Yarrow - Yarrow has only been shown to be effective for weight loss in mice and rats, there haven't been any high quality examples of it aiding healthy weight loss in humans, it's not going to do anything in such small doses even if it does become replicated as a weight loss aid in humans.

Vanadium - Some studies have shown that it does help maintain healthy blood sugar levels, but it doesn't actually do anything for weight loss, it could tangentially result in reducing some food cravings, but once again the dose in Protetox is going to be too low.

Juniper Berries - They've been shown to help digestion and do have natural antioxidants, but none of this is going to do anything to effect body weight, and to repeat the point one more time, the dosage are in grams of juniper berry extract, not milligrams as in Protetox.

Cayenne - Cayenne pepper extract can have a minimal impact on weight loss, it does slightly raise your body's temperature, and this seems to be compounded when taken with exercise, however this is a relatively minor boost. It's good in fat burner supplements for people who are looking for that extra 1% (aka gym rats) but it's a bonus ingredient. And it needs to be dosed at over 100mg meaning Protetox doesn't have enough to help you lose weight.

It also includes traces of Licorice, Cinnamon, Biotin Pure, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Taurine, Manganese, Chromium, Magnesium & Zinc which aren't likely to be dosed in any way that would make them consequential, even if some of these ingredients would be beneficial.

Protetox Reviews Conclusion

Protetox is pretty much an unmitigated disaster of a weight loss supplement. The pill is simply too small to achieve anything. Even if the Protetox formula did contain the ideal amounts of the ingredients it has, it would still be a low end weight loss aid. 

There really isn't much here that redeems the product and you'd be much better off with a different weight loss supplement. There's a couple of ingredients in here that other fat burning pills don't include but do actually work, that's typically because the ingredients require very high doses and quite simply there are better options of natural ingredients for weight loss.

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