Provitalize Reviews

Does Provitalize Really Work?

Provitalize Is An OK Probiotic, With Some Plant Extracts Thrown In Mostly For Marketing Rather Than Actually Doing Anything.

Provitalize is yet another supplement that tries to do two things at once and ends up doing them both badly. It's neither a great menopause supplement or a weight loss supplement. It's OK as a probiotic, but at this price point we'd expect more. 

That's not to say that it's not going to have any benefits. Because it should. The problem is more that it's barely mediocre at everything.

The idea behind provitalize is that it mixes probiotics and herbal extracts to help women lose weight and mitigate menopausal symptoms. 

Unfortunately, the doses of the plant extracts are too low to be effective, and we mean much too low, at best 10 times to low and at worst 40 times. 

 Although the probiotic strains that they've selected are ones that have been shown to benefit weight loss. [1]

So, at this point when we question whether or not Provitalize works in helping women manage their weight during menopause. 

We really have to ask just how effective probiotics are at all. And if Provitalize will do anything more than a store brand probiotic blend.

To give you some clue as to what their customers are actually saying. And not their marketing team pretending to be customers. Better business bureau reviews of Provitalize were incredibly negative, with most customers complaining that they did not honor the 90 day money back guarantee, that the product didn't work or they did not cancel subscriptions. Although Amazon reviews were a lot better.

In terms of whether or not Provitalize works at all the short answer is that there are much better options when it comes to weight loss supplements specifically. And there are better options for menopause symptoms too.

Although a probiotic is not going to actually hurt it doens't change the fact that there are a lot of substantially cheaper womens focused probiotics that offer the same probiotics as provitalize. And there are a lot better weight loss aids.

The reality is you can get a cheaper supplement that will do the same and a more effective weight loss aid for the same price, thus getting much better results.

Weight Loss Pills For Women

Do Probiotics Like Provitalize Work For Weight Loss?

While gut microbiome imbalances can contribute to curbing weight gain and even aid in weight loss in certain instances, it's important to note that not all probiotics are created equal.

Research has shown that specific strains of probiotics may cause weight gain, while others have a positive effect on weight loss. [2] The complexity of the gut microbiome and the ongoing research in this field make it difficult to determine exactly how altering the balance of gut bacteria affects weight management. Therefore, if your goal is to get rid of extra fat, probiotics alone may not be the most effective solution. And generally speaking  there are thermogenics, appetite suppressants and lipase inhibitors that are all more effective available commercially. [3,4,5]

The Science Behind Provitalize

Probiotics have been studied extensively for their potential effects on weight loss. While some studies have shown positive effects, it is important to note that not all probiotics are created equal. In a review of 27 studies, 23 showed probiotics having a positive effect on weight loss, [6] while a separate review of 18 studies and clinical trials found certain strains of probiotics may cause weight gain. [7] So it is important to take the right probiotics for your goals.

Provitalize does include the right types of probiotics, in that it does selected the most well researched.

Lactobacillus strains, such as Lactobacillus gasseri [8] and Lactobacillus rhamnosus, have shown promising results in reducing body weight and waist circumference. Bifidobacterium strains, such as Bifidobacterium breve [9] and Bifidobacterium lactis, [10] have also demonstrated potential in supporting weight loss efforts. And Provitalize does include B. Lactis and L. Gasseri and B. Breve.

The complexity of the gut microbiome and its impact on digestive function is still being researched. While probiotics may have some impact on weight loss, they are unlikely to be the sole solution for shedding excess fat. 

Generally speaking thermogenic weight loss aids and appetite suppressants are more effective.

What About Provitalize Other Benefits?

A lot of the potential weight reduction benefits of Provitalize do come from secondary effects such as.

Increased Energy Levels: The probiotics in Provitalize's blend have been shown to provide a natural energy boost, combating fatigue and promoting an active lifestyle. [11]

Improved Gut Health: The probiotics in Provitalize support a healthy gut by balancing the microbiome and improving digestion, which can contribute to weight loss.

Regulated Blood Sugar and Cholesterol Levels: Provitalize's plant extracts help regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels, reducing the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Meopausal Microbiome:  Lactobacillicus specifically drops during menopause, and this decrease has been linked with obesity in animal models, so there is some potetial benefit here. Especially seeing as Lactobacillicus is particularly prevelant in the vagina and is generally important for womens reproductive health. [12]

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Provitalize Ingredients

We're going to look at Provitalize in two parts, the probiotics themselves and the hebal extracts. We're also going to look at both their weight loss and menopause specific functions.

The Probiotics

We did cover these a bit earlier, but we'll go int a bit more detail now. This is actually the better part of Provitalize, it's the herbal extracts that are the most dissapointing. 

Lactobacillus gasseri  - This is definitely the best of the probiotics in Provitalize, as we mentioned it's specifically beneficial for womens menopausal health, and we'd go as far as to recommend it in general. Lactobacillus is often cited as the best probiotic for menopause due to the fact that it drops substantially during the change. And the bacteria itself helps to regulate vaginal PH, [13] reducing the risk of discomfort and infections. It has also been shown to aid in weight loss, and tends to be more prevelant as people gain weight. [8] Whether or not the latter is corrolation or causation it would definitely have some benefit for menopausal women.

 Bifidobacterium breve -  There isn't really any evidence that this one helps with menopausal symptoms, [9] but it has been shown to have some impact on weight reduction. Again we stress that probiotics are not the most effective weight loss aids, but there's some backing here.

Bifidobacterium lactis -  Definitely better than it's Breve cousin, there is some suggestion that B.Lactis could help in some minor ways with menopausal issues. As it plays a part in vaginal health too. In terms of weight loss there's some reasonable studies to back it's use as well. [14]

The Herbs

Turmeric Root Extract 250mg - This is 95% curcumin which is good, curcumin has a host of benefits especially when it comes to inflamation, it's most commonly used as a joint supplement as it's so potent. It also has a lot of benefits for bowel inflammation and bloating. The catch is that you need twice as much as what's in here for it to be effective. There's some evidence it can help with weight loss, but this is still mixed. [15]

Moringa Leaf 350mg -  Moringa Leaf dosages start at 3 grams with the ideal being 6 grams. That's about 10-20 times more than what we have in provitalze. As a result we're not going to see any of the benefits from it. It has been shown to aid the symptoms of menopause like hot flushes and there's some minor evidence for weight loss, but not at a tenth of the required dose. [16]

Curry Leaf 150mg -  Yes, there is evidence to support it can help with menopause, next to none for weight loss, but you also need 5 grams here. That's about 40 times the dose in Provitalize. [17]

Lecithin 50mg -  And here's another ingredient with not nearly enough to be effective. The dose for a reduction in menopausal issues is 600-1200mg. That's12 to 24x what's in provitalize pills, so as you'd expect this isn't going to do much. [18]

Black Pepper Fruit Extract 3mg - Bioperine from black pepper can help with the absorption of other ingredients, but the problem is that all the tests show you need at least 10mg, not 3mg. [19]

There are better ingredients for menopausal and weight loss supplements, black cohosh [20] has been shown to be better for menopause and when it comes to weight loss everything from caffeine [21], through to craving suppressants like 5htp  (which also helps with mood swings) [22] and appetitite suppressants like glucomannan [23] would be more effective. Although nothing in Provitalize was dosed in the effective range anyway.

Provitalize Review Conclusion

While Provitalize may have gained popularity in the realm of probiotic supplements, its effectiveness and value as a weight loss and gut health solution for menopausal women are questionable.

The herbal extracts are a complete waist of time, meaning that any standard ​lactobacillus probiotic you can pick up for $10 is going to be about as effective. Which is still definitely going to do more than if you were taking nothing at all. 

In terms of helping you lose wieght then we really can't rate it very highly at all and would recommend that you have a look at a womens speciic fat burner instead.

If you do really want to try Provitalize make sure to get it through Amazon to avoid the rebilling issues people have been experiencing through the main site, and definitely don't subscribe.

Due to the pricing of Provitalize you can actually get a good weight loss supplement and a probiotic for less or the same price and have much better results.

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