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Is Remifemin Any Good?

The Single Ingredient In Remifemin Is Fine, But Other Supplements Include That And More For The Same Price.

We understand that a lot of people are just here for a quick answer, and so we're sorry to say that we do not recommend Remifemin. It's simplicity betrays it, as there are many incredible supplements out there that just outshine it in every way. Remember how varied menopausal symptoms can really be? How exactly can one tablet with one ingredient really help with all of that?

And as you'd expect there are supplements that contain more of what's in Remifemin (and yes the dose in Remifemin may actually be too low for the ideal range, despite the marketing around the extract), as well as a whole lot more for relatively little extra cost we just can't endorse it. 

Remifemin isn't bad per say, it's just containing only one ingredient as Cimicifuga Racemosa extract (Black Cohosh) means it can't really compete against supplements that have come out more recently and offer a far more comprehensive solution.

Black Cohosh, does seem to be OK for hot flashes, but considering there are other issues with menopause, with everything from sleep, mood and more serious long term health requirements (think replacing the probiotics that die off during this period and damage long term vaginal health, or getting extra calcium as it's harder for womens bodies to absorb during menopause to help prevent osteoporosis) we wouldn't recommend this option for anyone dealing with other menopause symptoms or looking to optimize their health. There is also an argument that it's best to take Black Cohosh with appetite stabalizers like 5htp, but we'll discuss this more later.

For most people we tend to recommend Estrocare, which is currently our highest rated menopause supplement that's available. It's actually fairly new to the US market, but it's caught the attention of many people for it's incredibly comprehensive and varied formula, providing you with an answer for anything menopause might through at you with it's 20 fully dosed, clinically proven and natural ingredients including the one one in Remifemin. It's got a host of ingredients for bone and joint pain from menopause, natural mood and sleep aids, and those probiotics, vitamins and minerals you need more of during menopause. It's just a far better option, even if it is $20 a month more, it's more than worth it.

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Customers ​Remifemin Reviews

With 4.3* from 4000 Remifemin reviews on Amazon, we’re not doing to badly, there are some customers who have reported side effects however, including weight gain from increased appetite (which is why we like to see black cohosh combined with things like 5HTP to counter balance that, and yes it does sound like we’re pushing EstroCare a bit hard at this point, but it’s a valid concern). Overall most women found that Remifemin does seem to help with hot flashes, which does also have the added benefit of improved sleep as was commonly mentioned.

There were no Remifemin better business bureau complaints at time of writing and the Nature’s Way BBB was empty of complaints or reviews. Remifemin is sold under different brands in other markets outside of the US, and reviews generally seem to be consistent with what we saw on amazon. 

Around 10% of them complained of side effects, 20% suggested it didn’t help them with around 70% having a positive experience overall. It seems like the Amazon reviews may have had a slightly higher than average response, this is often due to brand managers having a higher engagement rate with offering refunds to remove bad reviews. 

As for Remifemin Reddit reviews there were minimal available, although there seemed to be a couple of threads discussing it, with many accounts recommending alternatives. The issue is however, that most of these seemed to be promotional accounts. There wasn’t really enough legitimate discussion to draw any significant conclusions.  

Remifemin Review Conclusion

Well there's little else to say. We can kind of see what Remifemin are going for, as the ingredient that they've chosen to specialise in has been shown to be effective therapeutic supplement in it's own right. And it’s not priced horribly. 

But, the thing is there's just better out there, like Estrocare and it's fantastically clever formula that covers all potential bases, meaning you don't have to worry about what menopausal symptoms might rear their head today. 

It's not so much that Remifemin isn't a good option, it's just that there's much better out there. Having just one ingredient might help with business finances and supply, but when things are increasingly moving towards combined supplements with multiple, carefully chosen ingredients, customers will begin to question if they're really making the right choice by sticking to Remifemin.  

Best Menopause Supplement
Criteria Rating
Ingredients 5/10
Mood 4/10
Hot Flashes 7/10
Other Symptoms 3/10
Value 6/10
Recommended 5/10


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