Royal CBD Reviews

Is Royal CBD Oil Good?

Royal CBD oil is one of the most popular CBD brands in the US, founded in 2018 and headquartered in California. Like most of the best CBD companies, all their products are checked with third party lab testing, so that doesn't do all too much to set them apart from their competition. They're a safe bet for people new to CBD products and the more experienced. Honestly, we like their range, (the gummies in particular) and the only thing they're missing is a broad spectrum option in the oil, which they do have in the gummies. Oh, and the Royal CBD gummies are vegan, which may not matter to everyone, but they taste great either way.

We personally can't say we've had any issues with them and when we tested their satisfaction guarantee they honored it promptly and without issue. Overall our Royal CBD review is going to be a positive one. They topped our list of best cbd oils as well, so that really shouldn't be all too shocking. Royal CBD reviews from verified customers tend to be good so it seems our experience wasn't anything unusual. 

The brand focuses on all natural products, using only organic hemp extracts taking from US grown non GMO hemp. Almost all of their products are full spectrum cbd oil, but they are of course kept within the legal range of less than 0.3% THC.

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Royal CBD Oil Extraction Process

Royal CBD use CO2 extraction and avoid pesticides or other dangerous compounds in their farming. Hemp is a bio-accumulator, thus is particularly prone to absorbing harmful chemicals. CO2 extraction is considered the gold standard for hemp extracts.

Royal CBD Oils

Royal CBD oils are high quality, they have a good color and consistency, which is indicative of a superior quality help. They're free from plant residues. which comes as a result of the extraction process that we mentioned before. There are no harmful chemicals added, and they third party test every batch. It actually tastes pretty good, which isn't always something that's consistent with cbd oils that don't have additives. They've got a variety of potencies available and flavours, personally we're partial to berry, but customers seem to rate the mint overall. The only disappointment is that there is no alternative flavors available at the highest potency and they don't have a broad spectrum cbd oil option available.

Royal CBD Oil Review FAQ

We answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Royal CBD.

What Is CBD Oil Good For?

Royal CBD oil is good for everything you'd expect from a CBD product, that includes arthritis, muscular aches, anxiety and so on. There are lesser proven uses for pure cbd products and cbd extracts, with research ongoing into its use for treating PTSD, addiction and even epilepsy. 

Is CBD Oil Legal?

Royal CBD Oil is legal. It keeps it's THC levels under 0.3% which is required by US law. 

What About Royal CBD Oil Side Effects?

Royal CBD products should cause no side effects that you wouldn't expect from any cbd product. If anything the risks of any side effects from royal cbd oil products are as low as could be expected from any full spectrum cbd oil as they use a CO2 extraction process and avoid all pesticides. 

Cusomers Royal CBD Oil Reviews

Royal CBD uses Trust Spot to verify it's customer review, and their rating currently sits firmly at 5*. Which, gives some indication of their satisfaction rates. Trust Spot is a 3rd party system which verifies that Royal CBD aren't faking their reviews like some CBD brands. The Royal CBD gummies have a great rating with 0 ratings below 3* and 99% of their ratings being 4-5*, even their cbd pet products are almost all exclusively 5*. 

Royal CBD Gummies

The gummies are a huge highlight for Royal CBD, they taste great, they're vegan and like the rest of the product range they're good value when you compare them to other high purity CBD products. 

They're available in full spectrum and as broad spectrum cbd gummies, are well packaged. 

Of the two available flavors we highly recommend that you get the sour drops, you can thank us later.

There is a limited range of strengths available for the Royal CBD gummies though, but this is pretty standard across most CBD companies not just Royal.

Royal CBD's Other Products

Royal CBD also offer a few other products from topical creams (which we generally aren't fond of as a whole at Center TRT, not Royal's cream specifically, just topical creams, they're more marketing hype than effective) to pet CBD oil and CBD honey sticks. The CBD honey sticks being the most unusual product. 

The CBD honey sticks are relatively mild on the dosage, only containing 10mg per stick, which is handy because they're quite a moreish snack. They're low calorie, coming in at just 15kCal per stick and make a nice middle of the day treat. We recommend that you expect to eat 2-3, they're made with natural sweeteners in line with the brands all natural ethos.

Royal CBD Review: Honest Conclusion

They're on top of our best CBD oils list for a reason, they're our go to, the gummies are great. 

Personally we can only say that the team has tested it for muscular issues and anxiety, but it's worked a treat. So, if CBD works for you then Royal is a great place to get full spectrum CBD products from. 

And the only real let down is the lack of a THC free CBD oil in the range and Royal CBD is priced well coming in cheaper than the likes of other high quality oil providers like Spruce for similar strength oils. If they were to add that in we probably would struggle to find any fault with the products. 

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Criteria Rating
Quality 10/10
Taste 9/10
Range 9/10
Gummies 11/10
Value 10/10
Recommended 10/10