Shred Her Review

Shred Her Fat Burners: Are They Any Good?

TLDR: Honestly, Buy Hourglass Fit or LeanBean instead. 

Shred Her is a fat burner food supplement that has women as its target audience. In a world where most fat burning supplements are aimed at guys wanting to shed fat in the gym, it can be refreshing to find a product that is aimed at the female market.

There are a few weight loss supplements that are aimed at both men and women, so it is always interesting to examine the ingredients contained inside to see if they are using well-proven fat-burning ingredients. Many brands include a typical generic base of extracts known to aid fat loss, but not many make products exclusively for women.

Manufactured by NLA For Her, Shred Her fat burner makes some bold claims about helping women cut down their body fat levels to get into the best shape of their lives.

But does this fat burner deliver what it promises? We had to take a closer look to see how this supplement differs from other products on the market that claim to provide the exact same results.

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What Is Shred Her?

This is a fat-burning formulation delivered in easy to swallow capsule format. It is categorised under the broader food supplement sector called fat burners. The formulation includes ingredients commonly known to aid the body burn more fat for fuel.   Shred Her encourages thermogenesis, so it aids in raising your body temperature so that your metabolism uses more calories from the food you eat and the body fat you store to burn as energy to produce extra body heat.   The supplement aims to increase levels of thermogenic fat burning while giving you a boost in energy to get through your workout comfortably. It also helps suppress your appetite, so you are less likely to feel hungry between meals and are tempted to snack on sugary foods.

What's In Shred Her And Is Shred Her Safe?

According to the official website, Shred Her uses a blend of unique ingredients that work together to boost your energy, raise your body temperature and suppress your appetite all at the same time.     

The naturally-sourced extracts and ingredients used have been specifically chosen with the needs of women in mind rather than going with a generic combination that would be more suitable for men. The company claim that Shred Her has been scientifically formulated for women to promote rapid fat loss.      

Unfortunately, the first thing we noticed about the ingredients in Shred Her was a standard proprietary blend used as a base for many fat burners on the market. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, it makes it difficult to pinpoint the exact doses of each ingredient is used in the formulation.    

On the positive side, using a proprietary blend is fine because the research has already been done on these ingredients. On the negative side, we don't know if all of the base ingredients will be effective specifically for women as the base is formulated for general use by both sexes.  

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The main fat burning ingredients in Shred Her

Besides our opinion of the proprietary base, let's take a closer look at the main proven fat burning ingredients found in this supplement.  
Bitter Orange (Synephrine): This citrus extract is believed to help increase fat loss, but it is a relatively new ingredient used in fat burner supplements, and the jury is still out over its effectiveness.

        Caffeine Anhydrous: This is a standard energy-boosting stimulant used in many fat burning formulations. It is reliable for raising energy levels and helping to suppress your appetite a little to reduce the risk of snacking between meals.

        Green Coffee Bean: A favourite fat burning ingredient because of its effectiveness. This extract is rich in Chlorogenic Acid, which is thought to help with fat burning.

        Green Tea Leaf Extract: A proven fat burning extract, well known for its thermogenic properties. This plant-based extract can help to boost your metabolism, so you start to burn more body fat for energy. The caffeine content will also give you an excellent energy lift.

Guarana: Another natural source of caffeine to help with energy levels. Those with a sensitivity to caffeine may need to be wary that Shred Her contains both guarana and caffeine anhydrous, which may give you the jitters if taken on an empty stomach or with coffee.
Raspberry Ketones: Extracted from the skins of raspberries, this ingredient helps speed up the breakdown of fat deposits into usable energy. It is a very popular ingredient found in many fat burning formulations aimed at women. We're not big fans of it though, generally speaking it is considered to be one of the least promising, however it is cheap, which is why it ends up in so many fat burners, shred her included.
Taurine: A quality ingredient known to significantly increase insulin sensitivity and inhibit arterial thickening.
Ursolic Acid: Extracted from Rosemary leaves, this is believed to help reduce body fat levels in the body. However, the jury is still out on this one as human studies are lacking.

Shred Her Review Conclusion

While most of the ingredients contained in the Shred Her formula are high-quality and backed up with sound scientific research, we cannot help but think that there are better fat burning supplements on the market specifically designed for women.    

For example, compared with the USA's current best-selling fat burner, Leanbean, or our personal favourite Hourglass Fit, Shred Her comes up a little short.     

We believe that this formulation would be far more effective if it also contained turmeric, an extract that is known to help release energy from fat cells, and glucomannan, a fantastic natural appetite suppressant that helps to keep your feeling full for longer.    

However, to be fair to this product, Shred Her may be ideal for women that are not struggling with their weight and don't need any help with curbing their appetite. It could be just the thing they need to help lean up and cut that stubborn layer of body fat sitting on their belly or thighs that they want rid of.     

As with any fat burning food supplement that contains caffeine, it is better to take the capsules with food rather than on an empty stomach or swallowed with coffee to help avoid digestive issues or the jitters from ingesting too much caffeine at once. In short, we recommend you checkout Hourglass Fit instead.