BodyDynamix Slimvance Reviews 2022

Slimvance is not off to a good start...

We're not a fan of fat burners that are marketed solely for their thermogenic properties, and even less forgiving of proprietary blends, the health industry moved on from this practice a long time ago as most effective ingredients have well known effective doses and a "proprietary blend" is usually just a way of saying, we've not done the doses properly to save on cash. 

Slimvance XP isn't quite as bad as the standard slimvance core slimming formula, as it does at least add caffeine. And at least XP does list a couple of ingredients specific dosages but we're talking about coffee and grains of paradise. And yes, caffeine is an effective weight loss aid. [1] But, should you be spending $60 a month on slimvance just to get a glorified caffeine pill with the relatively ineffective grains of paradise? No, is the short answer. Then there's the "slimvance blend" Moringa Leaves, Murraya leaves, which seem to be largely backed by studies on rats... not humans [2] [3], curcumin (it's a turmeric extract most often) on the other hand is good for a lot of things, but mostly joints and brain related issues, not fat burning [4]. So far our slimvance review is not looking too positive. 

If we were looking for something that would actually be effective for losing weight, the stimulant element of slimvance is fine, but beyond that it's usually more important to look for effective appetite suppression ingredients, like glucomannan or 5htp. We'd suggest picking something from our best fat burners list instead. Or if you just want something that's going to give you a performance boost, better energy levels and actually help suppress appetite, then check out Instant knockout

Customers Slimvance Reviews

Customers slimvance reviews aren't great when we consider the fact that GNC, unlike amazon will curate the reviews and it still only comes in at 3.6*. It looks like amazon has been review stuffed with positive weight loss stories that we can't be sure are legitimate. There's a few people who are positive and a few on amazon suggesting the product is a fake, so if you are going to try slimvance it would be better doing it via GNC.

Overall it's not a bad showing in terms of customer satisfaction, although a lot of slimvance reviews do suggest it fails quite badly at appetite suppression, which isn't surprising as we've already mentioned. It's a weight loss supplement that focuses on brown adipose tissue breakdown which only applies to people with an active gym routine. Bodydynamix slimvance isn't a complete failure of a dietary supplement, but the reviews are middling.

Slimvance Reviews FAQ

We answer some of the most commonly asked questions about slimvance.

Can I take slimvance on an empty stomach?

Generally speaking we don't recommend not taking slimvance without planning to eat relatively shortly afterwards. The recommended time to take them is 30 mins before eating. This should minimise potential slimvance side effects. 

Is slimvance safe?

Slimvance should be safe assuming that you don't have any allergies, some people experience mild nausea and some issues with stimulants in general, this is more likely with slimvance xp than slimvance core.  That's because it's quite common with weight loss pills as a lot contain high doses of caffeine. The grains of paradise in bodydynamix slimvance also tend to be quite bad for these sorts of side effects. Headache, nausea etc. 

What are the ingredients in slimvance?

The bodydynamix slimvance core slimming complex is really where most of our issues lie, in that there's nothing in here that's proven to work in humans for weight loss. And that's before we get onto the issues with the rest of the supplement. The additional ingredients in slimvance xp are a little bit better, but still not greate. 

Slimvance Core - Appears In Both Versions

Moringa Leaves start of the slimvance core slimming complex and as we mentioned it doesn't have any trials to support it's use on humans, as such it doesn't yet belong in weight loss supplements.

Murraya leaves have the exact same issue as Moringa Oleifera Leaf Extract, it's interesting in that it works on rodents, but there isn't enough evidence to prove it would help you lose weight.

Curcumin is a particularly good ingredient for joint supplements due to its anti inflammatory properties, it could help training recover, but it's not really going to do anything for weight loss with the exception of people with metabolic disorders [5]. But most people looking to but bodydynamix slimvance won't fall into this category. 

Slimvance XP Added Ingredients

Grains Of Paradise 250mg - There are some studies that suggest that Grains of Paradise can aid fat burning during workouts by helping break down brown adipose tissue, however, even including that there isn't much evidence to support their use. It seems they could have mild stimulant effect as well, but it's not going to make any significant difference or help you lose weight.

Coffea Arabica Seed Extract 150mg - This is fine as an ingredient, most of the best fat burners include coffee extracts. They help you move more, and mildly suppress appetite, they're a good weight loss ingredient.

Coffea Robusta Bean Extract 50mg - Same as the Arabica Extract, not really much difference here other than a naming convention to make it look more interesting on the packet.

BodyDynamix Slimvance Review Conclusion

Slimvance Core Slimming Complex is a complete write off, with the only evidence to support the ingredients being on rats and mice. As for the rest of the supplement, it's not necessarily terrible, just it's not going to do much more than a caffeine pill would when it comes to weight loss. Slimvance isn't effective as an appetite suppressant beyond the base line amounts of caffeine in it. There may be some minor benefit from the grains of paradise, but you'd be better off getting them as a stand alone supplement if you want to try out if they're effective or not. 

If you're looking for something that works as a well rounded fat burner and are happy to use stimulants, we usually recommend Instant Knockout which scores far higher than Slimvance in all categories.

Best Fat Burners For Men
Criteria Rating
Appetite Supressant 2/10
Thermogenic Boost 6/10
Energy Boost 4/10
Customer Satisfaction 5/10
Ingredients Quality 3/10
Value 3/10
Recommended 4/10


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