Terra ELMNT Testosterone Booster Reviews

Is ​​Terra ELMNT Any Good?

Some of the right elements, shame about the low doses

Elmnt testosterone booster comes very close to being a good testosterone booster, it just comes up a little bit short in terms of dosing. For example, Elmnt doses Ashwagandha at 400mg when the ideal dosage is 600mg [1] and Fenugreek tends to be best dosed a little higher than the concentrated extract is equivalent to (800mg) as well [2]. As we can see a pattern is starting to form, and not a good one. 

It does also miss out on some of the more expensive testosterone booster ingredients (which are also some of the most effective) like panax ginseng [3] or DAA.

That’s not to say that Elmnt testosterone booster is completely useless, just that it would benefit from higher dosages and even at it’s current relatively budget price point there are much better elmnt alternatives available. It's OK, and it’s not going to do you any harm. In fact there’s definitely a lot worse testosterone boosters on the market. There is a serving suggestion that you take 1 extra pill. We suspect that whilst this extra pill would bring a lot of the servings closer into line with the effective ranges this does reduce every order to a 20 day supply, quite drastically raising the cost of elmnt. ELMNT is quite heavily geared towards the libido side of test boosting supplements, which in and of itself wouldn’t be an issue, except for the fact that it largely markets itself towards building lean muscle and strength and misses out on some of the best ingredients for that, such as the DAA we mentioned earlier or even something as simple as vitamin D which has been shown to dramatically boost athletic performance. 

It also misses out on the core vitamins we expect to see in T boosting supplements and these can be some of the most effective ingredients for a lot of men, with zinc, magnesium and vitamin D (as we mentioned earlier) deficiencies completely tanking test levels and some estimates suggesting that more than 90% of the US population could suffer with at least one of these. We’d recommend getting a more comprehensive test booster.  

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Customers Elmnt Test Booster Reviews  

Customers Terra Elmnt reviews are actually pretty good, with the test booster getting average scores of about 4* on amazon. For the most part it seems the reviews of Terra Elmnt are legitimate, there are a few complaints about people getting ill taking Elmnt wit a couple of more concentrated extracts being cited as the reason, however, this seems to be an isolated review and the nature of the “extracts” being super potent is a bit misleading, most testosterone supplements use concentrated extracts at high ratios. That said some people can react poorly to Ashwaganhda. Overall most customers cited improved energy levels as the main benefit of ELMNT.

Elmnt Testosterone Booster Ingredients  

L-Citrulline 500mg – L-Citrulline doesn’t typically do a great deal for boosting testosterone levels, especially if you’re supplementing for L Arginine (which is also in Terra ELMNT) as it gest converted into the former. It does however raise blood oxidisation, which can in turn improve erectile function [4]. So not a terrible ingredient to include if you’re looking for a libido performance focused test booster. 

Ashwagandha 400mg – As we’ve already mentioned ashwagandha is a good inclusion, although a lot of high quality testosterone boosters do include this in a higher volume, or not at all as some people are particularly sensitive to the supplement. It's also particularly good for stress and mood, having been shown to reduce cortisol build up in multiple studies. Whilst it's slightly under dosed as based on the standard dose, if you take 4 pills a day not 3 (as ELMNT suggest for extra effect) this is somewhat mitigated. But, this is a very misleading method to of selling a natural testosterone supplement. 

L Arginine HCL 300mg – L Arginine is a pretty standard affair as it’s one of the amino acids used in the production of sex hormones. It’s not a bad inclusion, so nothing wrong here, it’s just also in a lot of other better testosterone boosters. 

Maritime Bark Extract 15mg – Maritime bark does have a host of nootropic benefits, being particularly good for focus and memory, it doesn’t really have any relation to testosterone though and most nootropics dose concentrated extracts at around 75mg which is more effective. It’s mostly in here as a novel inclusion rather than something that we’d expect to see in a supplement designed to raise T levels. 

Fenugreek Seed Extract 200mg – Fenugreek extract has been shown to raise testosterone levels and improve the growth rate of lean muscle mass. However, dosages are normally higher and most studies suggest that the supplement should be taken twice a day for the benefits to be effective. [5] Which is slightly balanced if you take the extra ELMNT pill in the evening as the bottle suggests for maximum effect. 

Horny Goat Weed 300mg – The largest benefit here is of it’s potential to be used as a way to mitigate ED, however, it’s not one of the better test boosters. It does have some place in libido focused testosterone supplements. [6] 

Tribulus Terrestris 200mg – This is all pretty good, the dosage is fine, it’s one of the B tier ingredients that we see rounding out a lot of the better test boosters that we review. It’s been shown to be effective and well tolerated. 

Tongkat Ali 100mg – 100mg is fine for tongkat ali, it’s in the mid range of dosages, 50-200mg is what is generally recommended for test boosting supplements. [7] It’s been shown to raise testosterone levels in both men and women and has shown to be safe at these levels in several trials.  

Elmnt Testosterone Booster Review Conclusion  

The reality is that to get everything from ELMNT you need to take 4 capsules a day not 3, making it a misleading product right from the start, meaning you actually get a 22 day supply for the price not a 30 day one. We don’t particularly like marketing like this, and it slightly scuppers it’s potential as a good budget option. It seems to focus a lot on symptoms of low testosterone on the libido side of things rather than being a muscle and strength focused option, which would be fine if it aligned with their marketing message, but there are far better testosterone booster for building muscle. All in all Terra ELMNT Testosterone Booster isn’t bad, it’s just not great. If you’re looking for a low budget libido focused test booster you could do a lot worse, just be aware that you’re getting a 22 day supply not a 30 day one for each bottle you buy.

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