Force Factor Test X180 Boost Review

Is Test X180 Any Good?

Force factor's Test X180 boost could be a really good test booster for it's price point, potentially even the best test booster we've reviewed, or it could just be good for it's price. That's the catch of the proprietary blend.  Even with it having that issue mind it may well break onto our best testosterone booster supplements list in the very near future, simply by virtue of it's D-Aspartic Acid and mineral content which is listed. Test X180 also has pretty much constant stocking issues, which is something of a problem as test boosting supplements need to be taken consistently over time to have any real benefit. 

We like a couple of the products in the Force Factor range, their multivitamin is solid, although X180 alpha is nowhere near as good and with all the packaging being very similar you'll want to make sure that you don't mix the products up. 

It does for some reason include incredibly small amounts of a couple of vitamins, for some reason they deemed it necessary to include just 10mg of magnesium for example (2% of the RDI, which seems rather pointless beyond it being expected in most supplements designed to support testosterone levels). It nails the D-Aspartic Acid elements, but unfortunately the proprietary blend still creates the issue. If, the blend isn't 90% the cheapest ingredients, then it could well be great. The problem is we can't be sure, and it's price point does make us sceptical, so until x180 boost release a detailed ingredients list, we'd suggest you get something from our best testosterone booster list instead.

What Does Test X180 Boost Claim to Do?

Test X180 Boost claims to boost energy, lean muscle mass, improve athletic performance and boost sexual vitality, whilst it's potentially capable, as we've mentioned quite how effective it would be will come down to the blend that we can't actually be sure of. D Aspartic Acid is ideally dosed above 2000mg[1] and force factor have definitely got that bit right. So, they are off to a good start. Boosting testosterone levels can impact all of the above, but whilst there is a lot of evidence to support DAA's efficacy the best guarantee of boosting test levels is ensuring that vitamin and essential mineral levels are reached. And Test X180 doesn't hit this all too effectively. Secondary to that is maintaining a healthy weight and exercising regularly. 

It does at least make sure to hit vitamin d correctly which is is typically effective for most of the population as they're directly related and almost half of the population doesn't get enough vitamin d.


  • Well priced
  • Could be the best test booster 
  • Effective amounts of DAA


  • Misses essential vitamins
  • Unkown ingredient volume
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Test X180 Boost Review FAQ

We answer some of the most commonly asked questions about ​Test X180.

How To Take ​Test X180?

The best way to take Test X180 boost is to take two capsules twice a day before food, this will avoid any stomach upset.

Test X180 Customer Reviews 

The Test X180 Boost reviews we read were all very positive, and the fact that it's sold out so regularly would suggest that the customer base is loyal. The products popularity with relatively little marketing, is a testement to it's quality.

What About ​Test X180 Side Effects?

There shouldn't be any notable side effects to taking Test X180, although some customer reviews mention mild stomach discomfort.

Test X180 Ingredients

Vitamin D - About half the US population doesn't get enough vitamin d and studies show that not only does it boost energy and athletic performance, supplementing vitamin d in deficient men resulted in increases of almost 50% to testosterone levels. 

Zinc - Supplementation in zinc deficient men was able to significantly boost testosterone levels, test x180 boost generally does a good job of getting essential vitamins right when it comes to what we'd expect to see in a good testosterone booster. 

Magnesium - we're unsure why such a small amount of magnesium was included. Whilst it is good to have, and does play a role in testosterone production this small of an amount will achieve nothing aside from an extra line on the label.

B vitamins - These are mildly effective as a testosterone booster supplement, but they do improve energy levels, which can lead to better work outs, which in turn can lead to improved test levels. 

Niacin - Test x180 boost also includes niacin, which is proven to be good for blood flow, which can help boost sexual vitality, but beyond that it's use as a testosterone booster is relatively unproven, recent studies look promising, but more research is required before we can call this one a win for test x180 boost. 

D-Aspartic acid 3000mg - A great dosage, can't go wrong with this. It's actually better dosed than several of the testosterone boosters on our best list. It helps build lean muscle, is shown to boost testosterone levels. The potent amino acid is essential for the bodies natural production of testosterone.

"Superblend" 750mg - The super blend contains Maca, Fenugreek, Tribulus Terrestris, Horny Goat Weed, which sounds great, and if these are the majority of the ingredients it could well be great. The problem is it also contains Nettle Extract, which if this is the majority of the 750mg then this entire section is pretty much worthless. 

In short, once again, the proprietary blend is the issue.

Test X180 Review: Honest Conclusion

So, odds are it will improve your mood, test levels and overall health, at least as much as a vitamin d pill would. The DAA content is good, but beyond that and the positive customer reviews we can't say all too much for test x180 boost. 

It could be good, but it could be underwhelming.

We'd advise you go for something off our best test booster list to be sure you're getting something good. But, if you want to save a few $ then X180's customers seem to be happy at least. 

Criteria Rating
Ingredients ?/10
Muscle Growth 5/10
Mood 5/10
Libido ?/10
Value 4/10
Recommended ?/10

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1 - ​ - The effects of d-aspartic acid supplementation in resistance-trained men over a three month training period: A randomised controlled trial