TestoGen Reviews 2023

Is TestoGen Any Good?

TestoGen Is One Of The Better Options

Testogen is a natural testosterone booster, meaning it’s never going to be as effective as the likes of TRT or any prescription medication, but it is a solid option for men looking to improve their testosterone production naturally. 

They've got a good dosage of the top tier T boosting ingredients like DAA, Panax Ginseng and Fenugreek as well as having a good overally vitamins blend, so it's definitely one of the better products, as unlike the majority of options, they've actually put in functional dosages.  

Although we do generally recommend Prime Male Enhance (for libido) or TestoFuel (for strength) depending on which area has been effecting you most, TestoGen is a decent alternative and a very good all round T Booster. 

TestoGen has been around for 5 years and has 1000s of testimonials and the majority of customers Testogen reviews are positive. 

The ingredients are backed by numerous studies, they just take a couple of cost cutting options that mean the product isn’t quite as good as we’d like it to be, but nothing major. So, it should work, if you’re looking to give your test production a nudge which can in turn help you improve your performance, trim fat and up your libido. You could do a lot worse than TestoGen and it has made it onto our recommended list as a good all round option.

TestoGen Reviews FAQ

We look at some of the most commonly asked questions whilst researching our TestoGen review

What Does TestoGen Do?

TestoGen uses a blend of herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals to raise testosterone levels, it's most effective for men over 30. Raising Testosteron should result in better athletic performance and increased mood regulation.

Is TestoGen Safe For Diabetics?

Yes, it's completely safe for Diabetics.

How To Take TestoGen? 

Unlike a lot of other T Boosters Testogen recommends taking all 4 capsules at once.

  • Four 20 Mins Before Breakfast
How Long Do I Have To Take TestoGen Before I See Results? 

Usually we say around 1 month for most test boosters, although TestoGen offers a 100 money back guarantee so potentially a few months.

Why Take Testogen?

As we know getting older means that your body produces less testosterone, this decrease in T levels can manifest in many, ways some barely noticeable, others more so. The ones that tend to worry us most are that we become more easily fatigued, more rapidly stressed, gain weight and experience a loss of libido. There’s a myriad of other reasons, but this alone should be more than enough for most men to want to reverse or at least stall the clock on some of these issues. Natural testosterone boosters are one way to give your body the best chance possible of stalling father time. TestoGen is one of the better options, although it doesn’t top our list of best test boosters

Main Benefits Of TestoGen

Increase Testosterone Naturally

Compared to artificial methods you're not going to be seeing the same gains, but you will still see an improvement in your bodies ability to produce lean muscle mass. This study showed people with higher test who didn't work out gained more lean muscle mass that people who did, but had lower test.

Libido Improvement

Increased test means better mood and increased "ahem" drive "ahem", it's not going to turn you into a whizz in the sheets if you've never been one before, but it is going to help get you going again like you did when you were younger. 

Shed Body Fat

Test not only boosts your metabolism, but it boosts your body's production of muscle, meaning you can get a step closer to the physique you want, you're still going to have to train and eat right, but having the support is going to help.

Better Mood

Say it with us, low test makes you stressed, proven, no questions on this one, so bumping your test is going to increase your mood. Sure it won't fix all lifes problems, but it helps.

How Does TestoGen Work?

Testogen is made using vitamins and minerals and some plant compounds totalling 11 individual ingredients. Because the supplement is 100% natural, it generally has no negative side effects. The vitamins, minerals and amino acids are ones that most western lifestyles and diets don’t serve and that are required for hormone regulation to be effective. But, with it having no artificial testosterone in the supplement it should be entirely safe. These ingredients are proven to boost testosterone in most western men,  especially those who have lower test levels as a huge part of that is caused by deficiencies. The herbal extracts however, work in a variety of ways which we’ll cover individually in the ingredients section.

Users TestoGen Reviews

There's loads of TestoGen before and after photos available, but here's a couple to give you an idea of what to expect.

TestoGen Before And After

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TestoGen Ingredients

TestoGen’s Ingredients list is pretty good, but we could be happier with the blend as we said before. The ingredients list is as follows:

Magnesium – Testogen includes 200mg of magnesium which has been proven to boost the number of hormone producing enzymes

Zinc – Low Zinc can cause a testosterone crash by itself, making it crucial to have in any test boosting supplement. It also plays a roll in breaking down sugars helping you eat healthier. Zinc doesn't do anything to raise testosterone levels if you're not deficient, but even a small deficiency in zinc has been shown to have a significant effect on T levels, this is a good inclusion from Testogen. 

Boron – Boron has been shown to help improve muscle mass production and bone strength, helping combat the downsides of low test levels. We generally like the inclusion of Boron, it only requires 10mg to be effective, meaning it doesn't take up much space in the supplement and Testogen gets this dosing right.   

D Aspartic Acid – An essential ingredient in all of the best test boosters, D-Aspartic Acid is an amino acid that has been shown to boost test levels. It’s also something that almost no diet contains the max intake of for increasing production. The main issue with DAA is simply that you need a lot of it for it to be effective, this is largely why a lot of the best test booster supplements require you to take 4 or more pills. Testogens dose of 2500mg is within the ideal range. Although this could be a little high if it's your first time taking the supplement as it could give you a little nausea, if this is the case, simply take a couple less pills per day until your body gets used to supplementing DAA.

Vitamin K1 – Vitamin K1 helps the body absorb vitamin D more efficiently and an increase in vitamin D has been shown to raise low test levels in men by more than 40%. 

Red Ginseng Extract -  Less essential, it’s a good ingredient, but some of the claims around it can be tenuous, generally it is seen as having some benefit to sexual performance. Panax Ginseng is one of the better testosterone boosting ingredients available on the market, both in terms of how well studied it is and efficacy. This is a good inclusion, another plus point in our Testogen Review.

Vitamin B6 – B6 plays a huge role in the reproductive system, particularly for men, it can be found in a lot of energy boosting supplements as well as test boosters due to it’s other benefits. 

Fenugreek – Fenugreek still isn’t as understood as we’d like it to be, the plant itself has been used for 1000s of years for mens health issues and does seem to have a notable impact. 

Nettle Leaf Extract – Nettle Leaf Extract has some beneficial effects helping unbind testosterone from cells giving your body more free testosterone to work with, but it’s effects are minimal and it’s largely a cheap bulking ingredient. 

Vitamin D3 – As we said earlier vitamin d3 alone can raise test levels by almost 50%. 

Bioperine -  Bioperine aids in the absorption of the other ingredients, so it makes its way into most test boosters.   


  • High Quality Ingredients
  • None Proprietary Blend
  • Known and Trusted Brand
  • Safe Ingredients
  • 1000s Of Testomonials


  • Better alternatives
  • Uses Vit K1 not K2 
  • Drops are a gimmick
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Ok, So What’s The Bad News About TestoGen?

Nothing terrible, just that there's better alternatives, we'd recommend giving Prime Male a try instead or TestoFuel depending on your goals. If you've already bought TestoGen though that's fine. It should work.

What About The TestoGen Instant Booster Drops?

This isn’t a focused testogen drops review, and we’re less fond of those than we are the testogen pills. The claims they make are too bold and not realistic. They suggest that the active ingredients can get into the blood stream immediately, but that isn’t how nutrient absorption in the body works. This product is more of a gimmick and we’d recommend not bothering with the testogen drops, they’re not going to hurt, but we don’t think they’re value for money and they don’t work in the way they claim to. So, if the question do testogen drops work? The answer is “sort of”. But, we'd advise you don't bother.

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