TestoJack Reviews 2023

Testojack isn't really a testosterone booster

Now Foods Testojack 200 is functionally a branded version of longjack, otherwise known as tongkat ali or malaysian ginseng. There isn't really much more to it than that with it being a single ingredient "testosterone booster" it's going to probably be the shortest review on this website. We can get to the scoring pretty quickly, it's overpriced and there are other options. The ingredient itself Tongkat Ali is fine, although again there are better individual ingredients for boosting testosterone levels.

 There is also a version known as Testojack 300, which is functionally exactly the same at a slightly higher dosage. A lot of studies do back that Tongkat Ali boost's testosterone levels, but there's nothing special about the now foods version. It's marked officiall none GMO, but that's nothing particularly interesting.

Further to this, there are a lot better single ingredient options for pretty much everything that testojack promises, maca root is a better option for male enhancement and sex drive and if you're looking for a testosterone booster, then ashwagandha, DAA's and even quite a few simple vitamin solutions will be better. We'd recommend checking out either our Best Testosterone Booster list or our Best Male Enhancement Supplements list depending on what you're looking to get from Testojack, as considering it's $40/month price tag on their official site, you could get something that contains tongkat ali at a correct dosage and a host of other ingredients for the same price or ever so slightly more. Either way Testojack 300 and Testojack 200 are not good value propositions. They are a bit cheaper on Amazon though, so this does take the sting out there a little bit.

Customers Testojack and Now Foods Reviews

Now foods and now supplements have pretty good reviews all round. That's to be expected from a single ingredient supplement that is reasonably well packaged and doesn't have any dramatic customer service issues. All in all the 4* and above rating on most of their products is what we'd expect in a case like this. The odd thing with Testojack is unlike most of their other supplements which simply market themselves as things like now foods ashwagandha, we're not sure why they chose to try this marketing practice with testojack. 

Testojack 200 Review Ingredients

As there's only the one ingredient in Testojack we're going dive a little bit deeper into the pros and cons of Tongkat Ali than we would normally do for a single ingredient. We do like Tongkat Ali as an ingredient for test boosters and sexual health products, so let's have a look at why it's beneficial and why it is a good ingredient, but not the best option. Now foods do offer most of the other better testosterone boosters as individual products as well, but typically we prefer good combined products to maximise returns as not every ingredient tends to work for every individual so properly dosed blends cover more bases.

Tongkat ali is a natural aphrodisiac that has been used in traditional medicine to treat a wide range of sexual problems. That said we could only find one study that showed significant improvement in sexual performance and libido in men and women, this study also noted that the participants with notably improved desire had previously had 50% lower testosterone levels than the base line of other participants.

Longjack (the other name for tongkat ali) is known to boost testosterone levels by increasing the production of this hormone. In fact, some studies have found that it can increase testosterone levels by as much as 50%. However, this was a one off against particularly low test levels (and in women a fact which is often neglected when people selling the supplement cite this study) [1] with most cases showing increases substantially lower, although still consistent statistically significant increases. But, they're more akin to 10-15% making it a good ingredient to combine with other testosterone boosters, but not a fantastic standalone.

Aside from this Tongkat has been shown to be quite effective as a stress reducer, again, not as good as ashwagandha or as well studied, it is still a notable benefit especially in the context of testosterone production as cortisol (the stress hormone) lowers production significantly.

All of this said however, treating common vitamin deficiencies such as vitamin d and zinc (which combined effect more than half the adult US population) will have a substantially larger effect on testosterone production. With even small zinc deficiencies causing dramatic testosterone decline. We'd suggest testing a combined testosterone booster or even a mens multivitamin before solely using a tongkat ali supplement. 

Testojack Review Conclusion

All in all there's nothing wrong with testojack, the problem we have with our Now Foods review is that they didn't just call it Now Foods Tongkat Ali. Had they done this there wouldn't be any issue at all. With it being named as it is, the implication is that testojack 200 is a a longjack based combined testosterone booster, not just a single herb.

We recommend picking something from the best testosterone booster list instead if you're looking for something to seriously up your testosterone production.   

The problem is largely under dosing DAA and choosing Tribulus Terrestris as the back bone. As it's largely popular with the body building crowd we'd generally recommend Hunter Test as it's highly dosed in the ingredients that are effective for estrogen suppression and muscle growth. It's about $20 a month more expensive, but it will make a much bigger difference.

Criteria Rating
Ingredients 5/10
Muscle Growth 5/10
Mood 5/10
Libidio 5/10
Value 5/10
Recommended 5/10 


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