Primegenix Testodren Reviews

Does Testodren Work?

There's an OK ingredient in Testodren, unfortunately there's much better options at this price point.

Testodren is a a single ingredient pill with a fancy name, at 500mg per serving Testodren still comes in at a price point similar to testosterone boosters with 8 times the active ingredients including the Fenugreek in Testodren. As a result there's a lot better supplements that you can get to aid natural testosterone production. Whilst we don't have any issues with the ingredient itself, fenugreek extract has been shown in multiple studies to have a benefit on testosterone production. That all said the trial that was done on this exact type of fenugreek extract, did show positive results in reducing low testosterone symptoms. But, and rather surprisingly, it was done with 600mg [1] as to why Testodren cut this relatively small corner in proving a 500mg serving we can't be quite sure. And whilst there may be some minimal improvement against other lower quality extracts by using one standardized to 20% protodioscin a lot of the competitor products have similar standardisation. 

All in all as a result we tend to recommend Testofuel  over Testodren as it does also contain Fenugreek extract, but a host of other known natural testosterone boosters and ingredients shown to improve muscle mass and athletic performance at the same price point. It does mean taking a few more larger capsules a day, but unfortunately that's really what's required if you want to get the best from testosterone boosting supplements. 

If you're not too fussed about having testosterone supplements that contain fenugreek extract specifically, there are a host of other herbs and compounds that can be even more effective although either way we rated Testofuel as the best testosterone booster on the market right now for most people. Testodren has a long way to go to catch up, and right now we don't recommend it, especially at it's price point.

Customers Testodren Reviews

There's not really much in the ways of verified customer reviews of testodren, even reddit came up a bit scarce, most of these were clearly flooded by the company or people working on behalf of Primegenix themselves. As a result we sort of have to give this a neutral score, not because we found anyone positive or negative.

That all said, you're unlikely to get any testodren side effects, which we normally cover in this section, and it's possible you'll see a small boost to testosterone levels, but we can't give it any more of a valid score in this section. 

Testodren Ingredients

We've got a nice healthy dose of fenugreek seed extract, and that's it.

So, what does Fenugreek do for men's health and is there anything special about the ingredient in Testodren.

The 20% standardisation has been tested specifically in the study we mentioned in the intro, so there is that, but this isn't particularly higher than the prevalence of protodioscin in fenugreek, it's a minor change that has allowed for it to be trademarked. So, the answer here is not really.

As a result, what we're actually looking at is what is 500mg going to do for testosterone production and for men's health in general.

There's quite a lot of studies here, we have a few smaller studies at 500mg, that have shown rather remarkable uplifts in testosterone levels, with some seeing 46% percent increases, [2] although 50 men studies don't necessarily mean all too much. Although it should be noted that these participants did also see an improvement in symptoms such as increased energy levels, lean muscle mass and higher sperm counts.

The more interesting ones are the 120 man studies in older men with decreased testosterone production, which also showed positive results. There have also been studies on athletic men with high testosterone levels which saw some moderate results.

All in all we like Fenugreek, but there isn't really that much special about Testodren's patented fenugreek extract furosap to make much difference to our Testodren review.