Species Nutrition Testolyze Reviews 2022

Testolyze is a slightly unfocused and under dosed testosterone booster

Species nutrition testolyze isn't bad, it's just not particularly good either, it's got some good ingredients, although seems to be a little unfocused. The main issue is that it seems to be that Testolyze is unsure whether it wants to be a testosterone booster focused on gym performance or a dedicated male enhancement pill. It includes a lot of ingredients that are focused on "night time performance" but have no baring on testosterone levels, which unfortunately means that it under doses it's core ingredients like D Aspartic Acid. 

It also goes for a massive does of Tribulus Terrestris, so this could be a decent option for people who are intolerant of Ashwagandha. Unfortunately there are other better ingredients that Testolyze could have chosen instead of Tribulus to make up the backbone of a test booster supplement. 

The reality is that if we're looking at a testosterone optimizer for PCT, then Hunter Test has all of the effective ingredients in Testolyze, but in much more effective doses, without the fluff that doesn't actually boost test levels, it's slightly more expensive ($15/month), but it's not remotely comparable in terms of the effective ingredient volume, with triple the doses of estrogen suppressors and test boosters like DAA.  

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Customers Testolyze Reviews

Testolyze reviews are pretty much straight down the middle, which is probably to be expected for a product like this. Most customers seem to be relatively happy with it mind. There's a lot of reference to PCT, so it seems to be quite big with the bodybuilding crowd. A lot reference it being good value, although it's not that much cheaper than other supplements much better designed to maximize testosterone levels.

 It's not terrible, it's really just a case of you get what what you pay for. A couple of customers reviews of testolyze did mention the product causing headaches, which isn't unheard of based on it's ingredients, but usually that issue is restricted to much higher doses of D Aspartic Acid, so we expect these are few and far between. Generally most species nutrition reviews tend to be similarly middling.

Testolyze Review FAQ

Commonly asked questions we came across when researching our testolyze review

Is Testolyze Safe? 

It's unlikely with most of the doses that there is likely to be any notable Testolyze side effects, all of the ingredients have been marked as safe for human consumption. The dose of Tribulus Terrestris is on the high side, but it is marked as safe in doses of up to 1500mg for 90 days. We wouldn't recommend it for prolonged consumption though. Any side effects of Testolyze are likely to be minor nausea.

Is Testolyze Any Good?

Testolyze is ok, it's not the best to enhance muscle growth though with relatively low doses of DAA, it could be good for someone who has never tried D Aspartic Acid before, as it could be used to make sure you have no adverse effects before testing a higher dosed supplement like Testofuel or Prime Male. This seems to be true of most species nutrition products. 

Species Nutrition Testolyze Ingredients

Species nutrition testolyze isn't a bad supplement, but it's not the best on the market to help the body amplify testosterone levels by any stretch.

Vitamin B6 (100% RDI) - This is a standard inclusion in a lot of testosterone boosters, but most people generally get enough of this vitamin. It's good for energy levels, which is why it makes it into most energy drinks etc. It's not going to do much to boost testosterone levels in 99% of cases.

Zinc monomethionine (50% RDI) - Even relatively low zinc deficiencies can cause testosterone levels to drop quite substantially. As a result zinc is in most testosterone boosting supplements, but most cover 100% of the RDI.

Tribulus Terrestris 1250mg - Tribulus Terrestris is the backbone of Testolyze, it's ok as natural ingredients go, it's just not the best by any stretch. There are a reasonable amount of studies that back it's use. [1] Although the dose doesn't need to be quite so high and it likely would've been more effective for muscle growth if they'd included more D-Aspartic Acid.

D-Aspartic Acid 1000mg - DAA is typically dosed at nearly double what's in Tesolyze for it to be effective. [2]

Muira Puama Bark Extract 425mg - This typically isn't going to do anything for testosterone levels or muscle mass. There is some suggestion that it can help with libido issues, but even this evidence is spurious at best. [3]

Saw Palmetto 400mg - Has some connection to prostate issues, not really going to do anything impressive as a natural testosterone booster. It has more potential use in erectile issues.

Nettle Extract 240mg - This is fine, but it's typically the worst of functional ingredients aka filler in other testosterone supplements.

Maca 160mg - We like Maca a lot, but once again this isn't really a testosterone optimizer. It has a lot of potential use with blood flow issues, and a host of other benefits to mens health, but again it doesn't boost testosterone levels.

Indole-3 Carbinol 75mg - We expect this is what makes testolyze popular with bodybuilders looking for a PCT. It represses estrogen, although there are much better combined supplements with more effective doses such as Hunter Test which has 200mg, which is actually the ideal dose. [4]

Diindolylmethane 75mg - Another under dosed ingredient, some studies only showed it's efficacy at 900mg, with the lowest dosage recommended being around 110mg.

Resveratrol 25mg - This is actually a good supplement, but it doesn't really do much if anything to boost blood testosterone levels. It's main benefits are around brain and joint health, but it's also under dosed here.

Ginger 25mg - Ginger has a lot of health benefits, but this dosage is too low to be of consequence.  

Testolyze Review Conclusion

Testolyze isn't bad, it's just unfocused and we really have no idea who it's for. It isn't optimized to be either an estrogen suppressor, a muscle growth focused testosterone booster or a libido booster. But, it contains ineffective doses of all three. As a result it doesn't effectively maximize testosterone levels. It's not dosed well enough to really be a good all around T booster. It also scores quite low as a mood booster, not containing Ashwagandha or Panax Ginseng. Although we should say it's above average at libido boosting by including a reasonable doses of Maca.

The problem is largely under dosing DAA and choosing Tribulus Terrestris as the back bone. As it's largely popular with the body building crowd we'd generally recommend Hunter Test as it's highly dosed in the ingredients that are effective for estrogen suppression and muscle growth. It's about $20 a month more expensive, but it will make a much bigger difference.

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Criteria Rating
Ingredients 5/10
Muscle Growth 4/10
Mood 3/10
Libidio 7/10
Value 5/10
Recommended 5/10 


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