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Is ‚ÄčTestro-X Any Good?

Testro-X Testosterone Booster Is Terribly Dosed.

The idea behind Testro X isn't terrible, but they mess up the dosages, the vast majority of the ingredients do boost testosterone levels in certain circumstances, but they underdose ingredients like ashwagandha and manage to overdose ingredients like zinc (130% of the RDI), which provide no benefit if you're not deficient. It's not the worst testosterone booster on the market, but it's nowhere near making it onto our list of the best testosterone supplements. 

There are a few good ingredients here, ranging from boron (which is correctly dosed) through to the stress reducing L Theanine and L Leucine which are all correctly dosed, but most of the better testosterone boosters include these and more. As a supplement to boost testosterone levels is should have some impact, but there are better options to improve natural testosterone production. 

We'd recommend that if you're looking for a testosterone supplement to give you more energy, improve your mood and help you build lean muscle mass then you chose something from our best list instead. 

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Customers Testro X Reviews

Customers Testro X reviews seem quite positive however, and this is largely due to the fact that for a lot of people it will be better than no supplement at all, but compared to pretty much everything else at it's price point Testro X is sub par. After accounting for the obviously false customer reviews of testro x, we would say that they've averaged a score of above 4*. The other reason for the positive reviews are that Testro X, unlike many testosterone booster supplements doesn't overpromise too heavily. There are even some reviews which claim to have tested their testosterone levels before and after taking the supplement having shown it was boosting testosterone levels, however this could be solely down to the zinc. 

Testro X Review FAQ

The most commonly asked questions we found when researching our Testro X review

Is Testro X Safe?

Testro X should be safe to use. Whilst they are not directly approved by the FDA, there are regulations around the manufacturing process in the US for making a natural and herbal supplement. Like many supplements there may be some Testro X side effects, these would likely be due to magnesium citrate or Ashwagandha. With the most common issues for testosterone boosters being nausea and general stomach upset.

Testro X Ingredients

As we've already mentioned most of the ingredients in Testro x are ok for the most part, but the dosages are horrendous. We're not quite sure how Testro got to this particular blend, but it doesn't make all too much sense.

Magnesium citrate 150mg - This only covers 30% of the daily required magnesium, and won't make all too much of a difference to testosterone production, the inclusion of the cheaper magnesium option can also lead to unwanted Testro x side effects such as diarrhea.

Zinc 15mg - 130% - even small zinc deficiencies have been shown to severely depress testosterone production in otherwise healthy men, the deficiency effects a notable part of the US population and it's not unusual to see this vitamin in test boosters as a result. [1]

Unfortunately Testro X doesn't include vitamin d like a lot of other natural testosterone boosters, as this also has quite dramatic effects on free testosterone levels as well.[2]

Ashwaganda 400mg - Disappointingly Testro X only contains 400mg of Ashwagandha which is more ideally dosed at 600-800mg for most men. [3] The herb has been shown to raise testosterone levels in both healthy men and those with low testosterone levels, it's also been shown to reduce stress and contribute to improvements in lean muscle mass.

Coleus Forskohlii 250mg - this is typically more of a weight loss ingredient and whilst losing weight can boost testosterone production it really doesn't belong in a dedicated testosterone booster. [4]

Glycine 200mg - could work, but the studies are incredibly small, (we're talking single digits in terms of participants) so this can hardly be called conclusive. [5]

Inositol 200mg - This has been shown to be effective in older men, with low testosterone levels, it also seems to have the opposite effect in women, lowering testosterone levels. [6]

Boron 10mg - Boron is a good ingredient for test boosters, it takes up relatively little capsule space and has been shown in multiple studies to raise testosterone levels in healthy men. It's in pretty much all of the best testosterone boosting supplements.

L-Theanine 100mg - L theanine has been shown to reduce the stress hormone cortisol as well as improve mood, cognitive function and sleep quality. [7] The latter playing a large part in testosterone production.

L-Leucine 70mg - Leucine does boost testosterone protein synthesis in healthy men, however, the dosage needs to be at around 3g to be effective, this is almost 50X higher than the dose in Testro X so we don't expect that the supplement will do all to much to raise test and help you boost free testosterone, and increase your lean muscle mass.

Bioperine 10mg - Bioperine is a black pepper extract that helps the human body absorb supplements. It's in a lot of good supplements, but it isn't going to do anything to help with testosterone suppression or raise production. 

Testro X Review Conclusion

As a natural testosterone booster Testro X is not the worst on the market, it scores poorly in muscle mass benefits and isn't particularly good enough at anything else to make it onto our best list. It does score high in customer satisfaction, although this is likely due to the brand having been televised and it being a lot of people's first testosterone booster.

We don't recommend it against any of the better options that include Ginsenosides, DAA or to put it bluntly the correct dosage of Ashwagandha. It could also have included vitamin D which would not only have improved it's testosterone boosting effects, but also muscle growth. It's not a complete failure of a supplement like some that we've reviewed and it should help some people with healthy testosterone production, but it's not anywhere near one of the best on the market.

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