TestroVax Review 

Is TestroVax any good? 

TestroVax is not a testosterone booster we are comfortable recommending

It is unlikely to be effective as most of the ingredients are severely under-dosed, not to mention hidden within a proprietary blend.

Created by Novex Biotech, this testosterone booster makes all the usual claims to improve energy levels, muscle growth, sexual drive, and overall performance. Yet, having taken a close look TestroVax, we are certain it will do none of these things.

Not only are the doses hidden, but many of the ingredients have not been scientifically shown to boost testosterone, and one ingredient, licorice root, has actually been shown to decrease testosterone levels. Which begs the question: why on earth has it been included in a testosterone-boosting supplement?

Despite the poor formula, TestroVax nevertheless comes with a price tag comparable to many of the top testosterone boosters available. How they can feel this price tag is justified we don’t know, but we do know that buying TestroVax will be a waste of money.

We recommend choosing a testosterone booster that is transparent about its ingredients and uses ingredients that are effective and included at effective doses. For example, the highly dosed Hunter Test is excellent for people with very low testosterone, while Testofuel is great for supporting muscle growth in combination with regular weight training. Read more about these testosterone boosters here.

Customers TestroVax Reviews

Verified customer reviews of TestroVax prove inconclusive, with customers expressing a range of opinions from highly positive to very disappointed. There are TestroVax negative reviews on several sites, most of which focused on a lack of results. This makes sense since, as we shall see, most of the ingredients included in TestroVax have not been proven to boost testosterone.  As for testrovax amazon reviews, there isn't many written and star ratings are easily faked, so not much help here. As for testrovax reddit reviews, these largely seemed to be people asking questions or advertising other products, so again not all too helpful.

On average, however, TestroVax receives around four stars out of five in most marketplaces and on the manufacturer’s own website. That said, there are only 40 customer reviews on the Novex Biotech website which is really not a lot. Our view is that this product is not worthy of four stars.  

TestroVax Ingredients

Of the 15 ingredients in TestroVax, there are only three that we have access to the dosages of. The other 12 are included in the proprietary blend and we have no idea how much (or how little) of each ingredient is included. Therefore, we cannot accurately assess if the doses are effective or even safe.

What we do know is that the proprietary blend totals 2.7g. This gives us some indication of how much of each ingredient might be in TestroVax, but not much more than a hint.

Vitamin B6 - Vitamin B6 is a decent ingredient and proven to boost testosterone. However, this is one ingredients that TestroVax actually over doses on. A safe dose of B6 is around 1.3mg per day, whereas TestroVax includes 2mg. As a result, there is a chance that TestroVax will cause side effects.

Folate - Folic acid is a reasonable ingredient to include in a testosterone booster, as it supports healthy sexual function in men and boosts testosterone levels (1).

Vitamin B12 - Another beneficial ingredient that will help to maintain natural testosterone production levels. However, the amount included in TestroVax is so ridiculously under-dosed at 6mcg as to be barely worth mentioning. Effective doses start at 100mcg and peak at 1000mcg.

TestroVax Proprietary Blend Ingredients 2700mg Total:

D-aspartic acid - A powder testosterone booster, D-aspartic acid is included in many testosterone boosters. Unfortunately, we have no idea whether TestroVax uses enough. An effective dose would be between 2,000mg and 3,000mg per day and based on the effective dosages it’s possible that this is within the low range, although even if it is at 2000mg, it would mean that Fenugreek and Ashwagandha couldn’t be properly dosed as a result. We expect that based on the ingredients list convention of largest to smallest it is correctly dosed at 2000mg, but that the rest of the ingredients after Fenugreek are not.

Fenugreek - Fenugreek has been proven to have powerful testosterone-boosting qualities when consumed at between 500mg and 600mg per day. Again, we don’t know how much is in TestroVax, but it’s likely this is at the low end.

L-Arginine - Another powerful testosterone booster, L-arginine also improves blood flow and is used to treat erectile dysfunction. However, 3g of L-arginine per day is required to enjoy the health benefits it provides, which clearly does not fit into the 2.7g TestroVax proprietary blend.

Japanese Knotweed root extract - A compound called resveratrol is found in knotweed that has been linked to increases in testosterone levels in studies conducted on rats [2]. A study on humans, which focused on alleviating prostate growth and cancer development, found that 1000mg of resveratrol did not change testosterone levels despite reducing the production of hormone precursors, which would actually suggest a reduction in testosterone levels [3]. It would seem that the jury is still out on this one.

Grape seed and skin extract - There is no serious scientific evidence supporting the idea that grape seed or grape skin boosts testosterone levels. It is possible they inhibit oestrogen production but more evidence is needed before this can be claimed.

Rhodiola rosea extract - While this might help reduce stress levels, but there is no evidence this boosts testosterone levels in any way.

Licorice root powder - According to some studies, this might actually reduce your testosterone levels, which makes it a very illogical choice for a testosterone booster [4].

Red clover powder - Another ingredient that has no scientifically proven link to testosterone production. It is unclear why this would be included in a supplement intended to boost testosterone.

Ashwagandha extract - Ashwagandha has been shown to be a potent testosterone booster in numerous studies. The science shows that a 600mg doses is more effective for increasing t levels. Unfortunately, TestroVax can not be correctly dosed mathematically, as the 10th largest ingredient in a 2700mg blend the Ashwagandha content couldn’t be more than 250mg, and realistically it is much lower if any of the ingredients in testrovax are correctly dosed.

Damiana leaf extract - Said to be an aphrodisiac and useful for anxiety relief, this evidence is little more than hearsay at present with zero peer-reviewed (or otherwise) studies supporting these claims.

Taurine - Shown to reduce cholesterol and boost natural testosterone production, this ingredient is potentially beneficial. However, studies show that benefits only occur when consuming a minimum of 3g per day and since the entire proprietary blend in TestroVax only amounts to 2.7g it certainly doesn’t includ an effective dose of Taurine.

Schizonepeta powder - Some evidence has linked Schizonepeta to inflammation reduction and immune support. No evidence links it to testosterone production.  


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