It Works Thermofight X Reviews 2022

Does Thermofight X Work? 

Ironically named It Works! Thermofight X Is A Dated Formula With A Scrap Of OK Ingredients

It feels a little harsh to call the brand name itself false advertising, but It Works Thermofight Fight burner is a poor quality supplement. It may work a little bit, but the few decent ingredients are generally the least effective weight loss ingredients that we see in many of the better fat burners on the market. 

Coffee bean extract, cayenne pepper extract and green tea leaf extract are typically the "extra" ingredients in effective weight loss supplements, whereas Glucomannan, 5HTP etc are usually the lead ingredients that are the most effective. And to make matters worse for them the Cayenne pepper extract is horrendously underdosed to the point where we question whether or not it was worth It Works! Thermofight X even containing any. 

Thermofight X is not the worst supplement on the market by a long stretch, but that doesn't actually mean all too much. If you're looking for a thermogenic fat burner that actually works, we recommend that you try instant knockout instead. It has everything that works from Thermofight X (with the correct dosages) as well as Glucomannan and a few other ingredients that make it infinitely more effective. Alternatively check out our best fat burners list to see if something else better suits your individual weight loss goals. 

Customers Thermofight X Reviews

Thermofight reviews are a a bit of a mixed bag. There's a few unrealistic ones where customers are claiming that it's a miracle aka, the fake reviews, but after we filtered these out, there were a reasonable amount that said thermofight x had helped them lose weight. There were of course equally as many that claimed it did nothing, or worse raised blood pressure. Although we're not too sure that the latter is fair, as none of the listed ingredients should have this effect. Based on the ingredients list, it's most likely that those claiming the weight loss supplement wasn't very effective are the most legitimate. It averaged a little under 3* when we removed the fake reviews. 

Thermofight X Reviews FAQ

We answer some of the most commonly asked questions that came up when researching our Thermofight X Review.

What is a thermogenic fat burner?

Thermogenic fat burners are the least effective weight loss supplements, they mildly raise your body's calorie burn. They typically don't hold a candle to appetite suppressants or energy boosters, which help keep you going whilst on a calorie restricted diet. It's rather unsurprising then that Thermofight doesn't score highly with us. That said, thermofight x isn't even really a very good thermogenic fat burner, as normally the ones that actually work contain stimulants, which thermofight avoids. 

Thermofight X Side Effects

There shouldn't be any serious Thermofight side effects unless you have specific allergies. 

Thermofight before and after photos

As weight loss supplements go thermofight's legitimate before and afters (see amazon) usually claim that they've done something else as well, for example, 105 minutes a day of walking in one. The latter is likely to burn fat far better seeing as that probably comes with a calorie burn of about 400kcal a day. 

Thermofight X Ingredients

Thermofight X breaks itself down into 3 mini proprietary blends, this is typically only used to help weight loss supplements hide the fact that they've been cheap with their ingredients. In some of the cases however, such as their thermogenic blend, it's not actually possible that the ingredients could be in the right dosages as most require higher doses than 75mg to be effective, which is the size of the 5 ingredient entire blend.

Green Tea Blend - The sunflower complex really serves no purpose in a weight loss supplement, beyond sounding good. As for the Green Tea Extract itself, this does have some uses, but most trials have shown it to be barely, or not statistically significant as a stand alone for weight loss. [1] It does support other ingredients quite well, but these aren't actually in thermofight X. 

Green Coffee Bean Extract - OK, so this one is decent. The dose is a little low at 100mg, but it should still have some effect on weight loss. But, it's not going to do loads to burn body fat. But, trials generally indicate that it does work [2].

Proprietary Thermogenic Blend - This is final nail for Thermofight X, the ingredients are correct, but the dose is so low you may as well just look at some cayenne pepper and hope that's going to do the job. Capsimax, which is extracted from cayenne pepper is typically 100s of times stronger than the stuff you'll have in your spice rack. But, even still the dosage needs to be around 100mg. Black pepper extract (often shown as bioperine) is the only ingredient in this that could possibly be dosed high enough, and the problem is, that doesn't actually do anything to burn body fat. What it actually does is help your body absorb other nutrients more effectively. So, not all too helpful. 

All in all Thermofight X relies on the coffee bean extract, which is underdosed. This isn't a good product and we don't recommend Thermofight. 

Thermofight X Review Conclusion

Thermofight X is not a good weight loss supplement, it's not even a good thermogenic fat burner, and they're the worst sort of weight loss supplements. 

At least it's not the most costly supplement on the market, but that's hardly something great to say about it.

Sure it can help you lose weight, but only just. It's one of the worst options for a fat burning supplement that actually has any ability to work at all. If you're looking for a fat burner that actually works, that has thermogenic qualities, but doesn't rely on them completely, then we recommend that you check out instant knockout

And if that doesn't suit your needs then we recommend having a look at our best fat burners list.

Criteria Rating
Appetite Supressant 1/10
Thermogenic Boost 3/10
Energy Boost 2/10
Customer Satisfaction 5/10
Ingredients Quality 2/10
Value 2/10
Recommended 3/10


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