Uzmu ZuBurn Reviews 2024

Is ZuBurn Any Good?

Don’t waste your money on ZuBurn

Zuburn is a low tier fat burner that relies entirely on caffeine as any other remotely effective ingredient is underdosed. Those that aren’t under dosed simply aren’t effective, as a result you’d be better off just getting a caffeine pill. 

Caffeine is effective, but 150mg is about the same as a filter coffee, sure there aren’t any calories in zuburn, but there’s only about 30kcal in a black coffee and also 0 in a caffeine pill. And sure caffeine can suppress appetite if ingested 3 hours before a meal [1], it will even slightly raise the amount of calories you burn, but if that was enough to make a good weight loss pill there wouldn’t be much of a market for them. 

As for the other ingredients, capsicum is useful, but in higher doses and the b vitamins included in zuburn are good for energy, especially when dieting, but they won’t do anything by themselves unless you have a deficiency, and b1 deficiencies (which would be the effective ingredient) [2] are incredibly rare. The only other ingredients to mention are grains of paradise and Aminoisobutyric Acid which has both showed promise in animals, but this didn’t translate to human trials. 

The short version is, don’t waste your time with ZuBurn, you’re much better off either just using caffeine, or getting a properly dosed fat burner which contains effective ingredients, although these do tend to cost a little bit more, once again ZuBurn is a perfect example of false economy in the supplements industry. 

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Customers Reviews of Zuburn

At first glance the Zuburn Reviews on amazon may look decent, however when you actually take a look at the written reviews Zuburn averages closer to 2* than the 4 it first appears, which is typically a sign of fake reviews. 

We can’t say that we’re surprised that it’s mostly negative Zuburn reviews on amazon as the average review mentions heart burn, a known issue with grains of paradise, we also don’t expect that the supposed thermogenic fat burner is liable to be effective. As a result we expect that the truth is the 2* average. This is a shame as some Uzmu products are actually pretty good. This feels like a cash grab rather than a thought out weight loss aid. 

Whilst the ZuBurn side effects aren’t likely to be serious it’s still not ideal to include ingredients which don’t really work and cause issues.  

Zuburn Thermogenic Fat Burner Ingredients

Thiamine 25mg – If you’ve got a b1 (Thiamine) deficiency the usual issue is usually weight loss, however, fat gain is possible. That said the deficiency is very rare and 2000% of your daily requirement isn’t going to add anything extra, this is why most fat burners don’t bother to include b1, ultimately because it serves no purpose in the ZuBurn fat burner. 

Vitamin b6 15mg – B6 does play a role in breaking down fat, although it’s main use is giving you energy when in a calorie deficit this is a fine inclusion, but it’s in pretty much every fat burner. 

Vitamin b12 50mg – Similar to b6, it gives you energy and a deficiency can cause lethargy and a reduction in movement through the day ultimately having this is a fine inclusion for Uzmu Zuburn. 

Aminoisobutyric Acid 250mg – Otherwise known as BAIBA, this one could actually be interesting, it looked quite promising in animal trials, but has yet to show any notable effects in humans. [3] The jury is out on this, although we should note that in most cases what works in animals doesn’t translate to humans. There does seem to be some relation to blood glucose levels in humans, but again this doesn’t really mean much as of yet. It’s also quite likely that any dose would need to be substantially higher even if it did work. 

Caffeine 150mg – There’s plenty of evidence to support caffeine as a weight loss aid. It increases the amount you move during the day (burning more calories) and then there’s the issue.

Capsicum 50mg – This is a pretty standard and decent ingredient, but we generally expect to see double the amount of capsaicin in a good thermogenic fat burner. 

Grains of Paradise 40mg – Grains of paradise have long since been debunked [4]. And it tends to have side effects. [5] It’s what we call a legacy ingredient, there was a time when some early studies looked promising, however, larger scale studies disproved it’s efficacy.  

Uzmu Zuburn Review Conclusion

Overall Uzmu ZuBurn has some elements of a decent fat burner, unfortunately it doesn’t stick the landing, caffeine, capsaicin and b vitamins are all OK, the problem is that they’re the cheapest ingredients that are included in every better fat burner as an extra rather than being the main backbone of those supplements. 

Uzmu miss out on far more effective ingredients and underdose the ones that they do have. 

Missing out on glucomannan is pretty much a cardinal sin for weight loss aids in 2022, and we don’t recommend ZuBurn over a caffeine pill and definitely not over any of the best fat burners.   

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Thermogenic Boost 2/10
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Customer Satisfaction 310
Ingredients Quality 2/10
Value 2/10
Recommended 2/10


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