Vidaslim Reviews 2023 - Don't Waste Your Money

Vidaslim is not off to a good start...

Vidaslim pretty much fails all round as a weight loss supplement, it's a low dosed vitamin pill with Tejocote root thrown in, and this is not a good ingredient either. To make matters worse for Vidaslim Tejocote Root comes with a host of side effects and no backing whatsoever to suggest it could actually help you lose weight. According to several case reports by doctors the Tejocote Root in vidaslim is actually dangerous [1] [2]. Causing a variety of issues from cardiovascular to respiratory problems. Whilst Vidaslim itself has not been referenced in these reports other over the counter supplements containing the root have been. More commonly nausea is a more commonly referenced, which we suppose could technically help you lose weight. Beyond the safety concerns of vidaslim, there's not much else in here, there's a low dose of vitamin C (which again doesn't aid in weight loss) and a couple of other vitamins, which aren't effective weight loss supplements either. 

It's shoddy products like vidaslim that give the supplement industry a bad name, and typically speaking these sorts of supplements are only sold in the USA where the regulations on what they're allowed to say in their marketing are more lax. There are actually several supplements that do have backing, these usually work in one of three ways. They either swell in the stomach to reduce hunger (glucomannan which swells 50X, there are some none over the counter versions that swell up to 100x), boost energy levels (caffeine anhydrous, b vitamins etc) or work to reduce cravings (5htp). Most of these have been well studied and most of the best fat burning supplements contain mixtures of these. These actually help support diets, but products like vidaslim do not. Generally speaking if the way the product works is easy to understand then it is relatively legitimate, if the only studies that support it are unintelligible to someone without medical training and the product isn't on sale outside of the USA, there's a clue as to why. 

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Customers Vidaslim Reviews

Finding any legitimate verified reviews of vidaslim wasn't actually possible. This doesn't normally bode well for a product. Our personal experience with the product was that it didn't really do much at all, however we didn't take it for a prolonged period of time so couldn't attest to any negative side effects. 

In theory vidaslim offers a money back guarantee, however, as we cannot find any confirmed reviews we cannot verify whether or not they honor it. A lot of supplement brands can be difficult to deal with in this regard. 

Vidaslim Review FAQ

We answer some of the most commonly asked questions we came across when researching our vidaslim review

Is Vidaslim Safe?

Theoretically vidaslim is safe for most people. Although as we mentioned there are several isolated cases of sever reactions to Tejocote root.

How Much Does Vidaslim Cost?

Vidaslim costs $35/month. Considering that good weight loss supplements normally come in at about $10-$15 more than this we'd say you're much better using your money elsewhere. 

Vidaslim Ingredients

Vidaslim weight loss pills contain a list of ingredients irrelevant to weight loss, but we'll break them down all the same.

Vitamin C has little to nothing to do with weight loss. There were some correlation studies that suggested there could be a connection several years ago, but shockingly it turned out that people who were a healthy weight were more likely to follow a healthy diet and get enough vitamin C. As such supplementation had no effect, what overweight people having less vitamin C actually meant was simply that they were less likely to follow a healthy diet, not a great start for Vidaslim USA.

Pectin - Technically, and we mean technically, this may not be a completely pointless ingredient. However, the only study backing it, is a rat study [3] and the majority of supplement ingredients that have looked promising in animal studies go on to prove useless in humans. The rats were also fed a substantially larger portion by comparison to their stomach size and body weight than what is found in vidaslim. In theory pectin can slow your stomachs ability to break down food, making you fuller for longer, however, glucomannan does this far more effectively and is actually proven to work. [4]

Vitamin A - Technically vitamin A deficiency can be linked to weight gain, however, less than 1% of the US population is deficient. [5] Cereal, milk, pretty much any dairy, bread you name it it either has vitamin A or is fortified with it. Another fail point in our vidaslim review. So far, we're getting nothing in terms of energy boost, appetite control or craving support.

Calcium - Calcium doesn't hurt, it's just not going to do much to help you lose weight. [6] Again in some cases a deficiency can cause weight gain, but you'd be better off with a calcium supplement as there's nothing else useful in vidaslim.

Tejocote root - We've already discussed Tejocote root quite a lot. Unfortunately even a quick google of "tejocote root weight loss nih" will show you a whole list of medical reports about it's inclusion in "weight loss supplements" and how it's led to severe illnesses, but nothing to actually support it's efficacy or even a study showing that it doesn't work as a dietary supplement. This shouldn't be included. It's pure snake oil from vidaslim weight loss pills.

Vidaslim Reviews Conclusion

Vidaslim is a failure as a weight loss supplement and we can't stress that enough, it will not help you lose weight safely, burn fat, or magically break down fat cells. Stick to the tried and tested weight loss supplements that use ingredients that are well backed and you can actually find customer reviews for.

Generally speaking we recommend instant knockout for people who want a caffeinated supplement and hourglass for those that don't. For more information on what is right for your needs and to help you pick a weight loss supplement that targets your specific weight loss journey difficulties we have a handy guide available.

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