XLS Medical Pro 7 Reviews

Does XLS Medical Pro 7 Work?

XLS Medical Pro 7 Promises A Lot And Doesn't Deliver

XLS medical pro 7 is marketed as a healthy and effective weight loss option, claiming to have clinically proven benefits that can make you lose 5 times more than you would if you were just dieting alone. Though it might sound far-fetched, and that's ultimately because the claims are overblown. There is also the fact that there is only one study that XLS Medical funded to back these claims and it's quite easy to skew numbers by encouraging the drop outs of people not seeing results for example. 

There's some and we mean some very limited evidence (from rat studies) to suggest that the citric acid included could work as an appetite suppressant, but there are far more well backed ingredients for this, glucomannan for example (which swells 50X larger in the stomach) and doesn't require self funded studies to be advertised as a weight loss aid, which typically makes it into weight loss products that have better customer reviews and show visible results in shedding excess weight in the real world. And that's just one example of the many well documented over the counter weight loss aids that we expect to see in supplements to help you lose weight. Then we have 5htp, which was only a perscription appetite suppressant in the past and is now available over the counter. That's been shown to work in real life and even show altered results on brain scans. XLS Medical contains none of these ingredients...

Simple caffeine pills which have been shown to raise energy when dieting and suppress appetite for 4 hours, would be more effective than what's in XLS, and a lot of the better fat burners contain all of these ingredients and more. We'd generally recommend getting instant knockout which is made with the correct dosages of ingredients that work.

Ultimately the XLS medical brand isn't one that we often recommend and we don't see any reason to start now with the advent of XLS medical pro 7. 

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Customers XLS Medical Pro 7 Reviews

When it comes to customer reviews it's always important to be wary of fake reviews companies might plant to enhance their average scores etc. These fake reviews are often reasonably easy to spot so we've sifted through what we can find and unfortunately thee customer reviews do not paint XLS Medical pro 7 in the best light. On Trustpilot, though there's a quite a few 5 star reviews that claim it helped them shake the weight off, these claims are often greatly exaggerated. For example, we have one faceless nonsensically named HNB2 writing that it helped them lose 10 pounds in just a week! Sadly this is common place in the supplements space.

More commonly what is found are the 1 star reviews, claiming poor results alongside difficult side effects. For example we have Amanda Bone, pictured profile claiming XLS medical pro 7 gave her horrendous constipation and recommended others simply stick to a structured eating plan in favour of this weight loss pill she claimed was a "Gimmick"On Amazon, the average rating is much more favourable to XLS medical pro 7, reached 3.7 out of five, with 42% of the reviews being 5 stars. 

The thing is, trust pilot takes a lot of effort to fake an account on, whereas Amazon is notorious for it. When you read through most of the reviews, you find that the prevailing opinion is actually that people are unsure if it's actually helping at all.

ConclusionIs XLS Medical Pro 7 safe?

XLS medical pro 7 does come with some considerations one must keep in mind to ensure we're taking this safely. It is stipulated that you should not take this pill under any circumstances if you:

You are pregnant or breastfeeding

Your BMI is less than 20

If you have taken a fat soluble vitamin or medicine (such as a contraceptive pill)

If you are allergic to any of the ingredients present.

It is also stipulated you consult your GP before taking if you are diabetic, if you are currently taking medication to lower cholesterol and if you have a deficiency of fat soluble vitamans (A, D, E and K).

XLS Medical Pro 7 Ingredients

Time to dig deep into what makes this fat burner tick and see if there's anything here that might help you to lose five times more weight than standard dieting alone.


Okranol is a combination of Okra powder and inulin.

Okra powder is derived from the edible seed pods of the flowering plant Okra, often cultivated in Africa and South Asia. Okra is quite nutritional, though we're unaware of the dosage included in XLS medical pro 7 so it makes it difficult to say what you're actually going to get out of it. If dosed high enough, this nutritional value would help stave off potential issues brought about by a calorie deficit, such as nutritional deficiencies. It's also been found in some case to help control blood sugar, and though you'd think this would be a miracle then for anyone with diabetes, unfortunately it also contains an enzyme that limits the effectiveness of common medical treatments for the ailment.

Inulin is a prebiotic that sits in the bowel, unable to be digested, and promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria, helping to improve overall gut health. There has been some speculation into its usefulness with weight loss and it was found to have a small positive effect for short term weight loss. For weight control and long term weight loss, its usefulness is debated, with unclear results after testing long term in people who are overweight or obese. Again though, as we will repeat many times during this article, without knowing how it's being dosed it's unclear whether it's inclusion will be effective of not.


Crospovidone is what is known as a Excipient:- essentially what this means is that it is an inactive ingredient typically used in pharmaceuticals to aid in the absorption of the active ingredients. How it does this specifically is with it's disintegrant properties, allowing the capsules to break up far more quickly, aiding in the faster absorption of the active ingredients upon contact with moisture. Honestly, this inclusion in the ingredients list is a bit of a stretch, as it, or other common disintegrants, are almost always included in capsules similar to this. It's usually buried in the full ingredients breakdown required on pharmaceuticals and to be fair to XLS here, seeing as it was quite difficult to find information for the ingredients, perhaps that's where it is supposed to be and the information that we found was just particularly thorough.

Citric acid

The inclusion of Citric Acid here is an interesting one, as if you simply google Citric Acid you'll find plenty of articles advocating for its use as a weight loss supplement. Many of these articles refer to the fact that it could be an effective appetite suppressant due to it being found to release serotonin in rats. Though it may have this effect at particular doses, what you'll find when you look deeper is that all the testing done on humans has either yielded insignificant results, or the results have been obfuscated by poor recording and reporting of body weight at all stages, simply implying an increase of weight loss has occurred. This would imply that Citric Acid has had minimal of not any impact on the weight loss of those in these studies, and we can conclude that, no matter the dosage, its inclusion is simply decoration to include in marketing and confusing filler the help convince people the pill might contain useful stuff.

Tricalcium Phosphate

This is a medical way to say "concentrated calcium" and it's inclusion here is frankly baffling. You could maybe reason that it's there to counterbalance a calorie deficient diet leading to a deficiency of calcium, supported by fact that we're likely to be consuming a lot less dairy when dieting, contributing in a calcium deficiency, but it's use as a weight loss tool is simply non existent. In fact, in all of our research the only possible use for weight loss found is that, as a potential side effect, when one consumes too much calcium, it may suppress ones appetite. Now that sounds pretty great! You just have to deal with the potential other side effects of Nausea/Vomiting, Dehydration, Constipation and Excessive Urination. Isn't weight loss fun?

Magnesium stearate

Magnesium Stearate has been used in the food industry for years as an emulsifier, binder, release, and antifoaming agent to name just a few of its uses. It's inclusion here has no effect on weight loss at all, and is simply added in as it helps to prevent the capsules from sticking to the machines that create them. The listed ingredients includes this simply as filler.

XLS Medical Diet Pills Review Conclusion

I'd like to start this conclusion by asking a simple question. What does make a good weight loss pill? I'm sure you've been reading through this article and have asked that question yourself, and it's a very important question to ask. People might debate the inclusion of specific vitamins but you have to admit they can help tackle deficiencies that are far more likely to crop up when we're dieting, or more specifically, eating a calorie deficit. Same with caffeine and other stimulants, they undeniable help to reduce cravings and improve focus and energy levels. The real good stuff, however, is Glucomannan. If the dosage is correct, Glucomannan will make you feel full and it will effectively remove cravings. As an ingredient, it's usefulness is unparalleled in the weight loss market and yet it is no where to be found in XLS Medical pro 7. Therefore we recommend that you instead try Instant Knockout, as their pills include the proper dosage of Glucomannan swell as a plethora of very useful ingredients for weight loss.

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