YouTheory Fat Burner Reviews 

Is YouTheory Daily Fat Burner Any Good?

YouTheory Is Making Noise, But Not Results

The YouTheory Daily Fat Burner is a weight loss supplement that has been gaining some popularity recently, thanks largely to a combination of its relatively low price tag and hip name. As is often the case in life though, this appears to be a case of you get what you pay for.

While there are some potentially useful inclusions in the YouTheory fat burner ingredients list, such as chromium picolinate and Capsimax cayenne fruit extract, the product primarily relies on a "slimming" citrus fruit blend to produce results. And the fact is pretty much everything in here is dosed in such small amounts it's pretty much impossible that it would do anything at all.

Even if the lack of evidence to support the inclusion of each of these citrus fruits wasn't extremely limited, the use of a proprietary fruit blend hides the true dosage of each ingredient and is always a red flag.

Designed without including any stimulants and with all of its ingredients enclosed in a vegetarian capsule, its stated goal is to help as many people as possible achieve abdominal fat loss, without the risk of crashes or other stimulant related side effects.

Unfortunately, the sinetrol citrus fruit blend used is so mild that it produces virtually no notable results in most users.

So, while the $17.19 price tag for a one month supply may be low, it's still likely to be a waste of money when factoring in the results. YouTheory should probably stick to the collagen products. That's not to say fat burners can't work, just that you'd be better off with something else. 

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YouTheory Fat Burner Customer Reviews

The YouTheory Daily Fat Burner holds a reasonable score of 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. However, most of the positive customer reviews tend to focus solely on the low price tag attached to the product, rather than its efficacy. Even those who do say they noticed an improvement in belly fat reduction admit that the improvements are minimal, only come when they are also following a low calorie diet and sensible exercise routine, and usually only last for a few weeks.In contrast, the negative reviews list a relatively broad range of issues.

This includes seeing absolutely no change in abdominal fat loss, having a bad taste, or getting side effects like an elevated heartrate, high blood pressure, cramps, heartburn, irregular bowel movements, nausea, stomach pain, vomiting, and even increased weight gain in some cases.

There's also a lot of "Vine" program reviews here, this means the reviewers received a free product in exchange for their review, these tend to be more positive than they should be as the reviewers want to keep their privileged reviewer status and continue to receive free products from brands. 

There's also the fact that even the curated reviews on their own website the rating is 3.8* suggesting that the amazon reviews are unnatural. This would lead you to believe that the average customer ratings are slightly skewed as those who know what they are looking for in a fat burner product avoid it in the first place and never try it or leave a review.

YouTheory Fat Burner Ingredients

Chromium Picolinate

The main YouTheory Fat Burner ingredient, chromium picolinate, is made from chromium's amino acid derivative and picolinic acid. Studies shows it enhances the insulin receptors in your brain, improving blood glucose levels and breaking down nutrients more effectively (1).

It can also prevent fat storage, boost energy, and provide appetite suppression, all of which will help to keep your weight loss on track. Other benefits include preserving muscle mass, raising serotonin levels, enhancing cognitive functions, and improving your quality of sleep.

However, for these effects to occur, around 1,000 mcg of chromium must be consumed daily, which is 2.5 times more than you will find in the recommended daily dose of YouTheory.

Grapefruit Whole Fruit Extract

Grapefruit extract is often consumed for its high vitamin c content and can offer a number of benefits to your overall health and wellbeing. However, when it comes to its ability to help reduce body fat, its effects are minimal and only occur at all when it is combined with caffeine.

With the YouTheory Fat Burner containing no caffeine and even billing itself as a "non stimulant" fat burner, the inclusion of grapefruit extract in its fat burning formula is utterly pointless.

Sweet Orange Whole Fruit Extract

Whole oranges have developed somewhat of a cult following when it comes to healthy body weight management, thanks to being low in calories and high in fiber and healthy bacteria, both of which can raise your metabolism.

These effects are believed to be fairly minimal though, and there is no evidence to suggest that sweet orange extract will offer the same benefits. Its inclusion in the YouTheory fat burner seems to be more to take advantage of a trend, rather than for its actual effects.

Guarana Seed Extract

Guarana is a popular fat burner ingredient as it can support energy production and enhance your metabolism. It does this by creating a stimulating effect and containing a natural source of caffeine.

However, as the YouTheory fat burner bills itself as non stim and includes the guarana extract as part of its sinetrol citrus fruit blend, the true dose must be extremely low. This is a huge red flag, as it appears a token amount of guarana has been included simply for name recognition.

Blood Orange Whole Fruit Extract

The use of blood orange extract as a way to reduce body fat has very little evidence to support it, but there are signs to suggest it may offer some small benefit. However, all of the studies that have come to this conclusion state that 400 mg is required daily for it to have any effect.

With the entire sinetrol citrus fruit blend used in the YouTheory Fat Burner, of which this type of orange extract is a component, only amounting to 450 mg, even if it can be beneficial, it isn't going to be in dosages this low (2).

Capsimax Cayenne Fruit Extract

Capsimax is a natural capsicum extract from cayenne chilli peppers that raises internal body temperature, which will accelerate the fat burning process (3). It is also useful for increasing healthy metabolism to promote a faster burning of calories and accelerated weight loss (4).

Cayenne fruit extract is also an appetite suppressant which can help you to better control your appetite. With fewer hunger cravings, it will be easier to avoid unhealthy foods and eat fewer calories, both of which are vital for achieving your weight loss goals.

Unfortunately, a minimum of 135 mg is required each day to see results, with some studies suggesting 300mg is the optimal amount. Both of these are far below the 50 mg included in each serving of the YouTheory Daily Fat Burner.

YouTheory Fat Burner Review Conclusion

From its name to its use of a citrus fruit blend, Capsimax, and chromium, the YouTheory Daily Fat Burner is supplement that utilises buzzwords and a low price tag to sell an ineffective product to unsuspecting consumers.

While someone following a reduced calorie diet and sensible exercise routine may find their body weight goes down marginally faster while using it, the results will be negligible and it won't justify its already low price tag. You certainly can't rely solely on it for results.If you are looking for a daily fat burner that can genuinely provide healthy weight management, you will be much better off spending just a little bit more and buying a high quality, proven alternative, such as Instant Knockout Cut, instead.

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