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Does ​Zantrex Black Work?

Published 6th Sept 2023

Zantrex Black is Cheap, But Not Very Good.

Zantrex Black is a weight loss supplement made with what the manufacturers call a "hardcore, rapid action formula of clinically tested ingredients". They say it will provide extreme energy, appetite control, mood elevation, high velocity weight loss, more stamina, accelerated fat loss, and an enhanced metabolic rate.

However, upon conducting our Zantrex Black review, it quickly becomes clear that these claims are not true.

The Zantrex Black formula includes yerba mate leaf, guarana, caffeine, damiana leaf extract, green tea leaf extract, kola seed extract, schizonepeta whole plant extract, black pepper fruit extract, rhodiola crenulata root extract, Asian ginseng root extract, maca root extract, cacao seed extract, and black tea leaf extract.

It then also contains a number of additional ingredients that include soybean oil, gelatin, glycerine, white beeswax, soy lecithin, purified water, and caramel color. None of these add any benefits to the pills and are used only to boost its texture and taste, but they could cause issues like allergic reactions for some people.

The active ingredients all being lumped together in a proprietary blend is always an immediate red flag, as it is almost always a tactic used to hide poor ingredient dosages in a low quality or ineffective supplement.

This is exactly the case here, as despite its presence we can still see that most of the ingredients in the diet pill are used in dosages that are far too low to aid weight loss, while others are actually present in doses so large that they could cause side effects, such as heart palpitations or trouble sleeping.

Then there is the fact that there are many ingredients that have not been proven to help you lose weight, while some have very little research that connects them to weight loss or a diet pill at all.

So, while Zantrex Black weight loss pills may be reasonably priced, that is just not enough to make them worth trying. That is why we highly recommend you do not purchase Zantrex Black and instead stick to using diet and weight loss supplements that actually contain enough of their main ingredients.

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Customers Zantrex Black Reviews

When examining the Zantrex Black customer review section on Amazon things looked quite promising at first, as the diet pill currently holds an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

However, when we looked closer at the positive reviews, most either focused on the fact that the shipping was fast or simply said thank you for the delivery.

In fact, there was only one positive review that mentioned weight loss and that said while they did lose weight it was not particularly fast, so may have been just a coincidence that had nothing to do with the Zantrex Black supplement.

Then, when we got to the negative reviews, people started taking about the diet pill not effecting their energy levels or weight loss at all.This seems to support our initial conclusion, which is that the Zantrex Black weight loss pills are nothing more than a placebo filled with natural ingredients that will not actually do you any good.

Zantrex Black Ingredients

Proprietary Blend -1,160 MG

Yerba Mate Leaf Extract - Yerba mate is a type of tea leaf found in South America and the Middle East that contains caffeine, ursolic acid, and quercetin. It is believed to have anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties that suppress your appetite, burn fat, lower your cholesterol levels, and boost your heart and cardiovascular system health.

The issue is, not only are many of these claims unsubstantiated, but studies also suggest that those which have been require at least 1,000 mg of yerba mate to be consumed each day to be produced. This all but guarantees it will be of no use in Zantrex Black, which is especially worrying as it is the main ingredient (1).

Guarana Seed Extract - Guarana extract comes from a fruiting plant native to the Amazon region of South America. Long used in sports foods, drinks, and supplements, it contains a natural form of caffeine and can boost energy levels, recovery time, and your metabolism, at the same time as preventing fatigue (2).

However, guarana is only believed to be safe when consumed in servings of 75 grams or below. While the proprietary blend it is in hides the exact dose present in Zantrex Black, the weight of the blend, number of ingredients it contains, and guarana's place in it mean it is extremely likely an unsafe dosage has been used.

Trimethylxanthine (Caffeine) - Caffeine is a powerful stimulant and one of the most widely used on Earth. It can stimulate thermogenesis to promote fat burning directly, while boosting your resting metabolism, energy levels, focus, and exercise performance and preventing fatigue, all of which will help you enjoy rapid weight loss.

Unfortunately, these effects will only occur when you consume at least 200 mg of caffeine per day. While the proprietary blend again hides the exact dose present, the weight of the blend and caffeine's place in it mean it is highly likely the Zantrex Black diet pill does not contain enough caffeine for it to be of use (3).

Damiana Leaf Extract - Damiana leaf extract has long been used in traditional medicines in South America, due to claims that it is an aphrodisiac which can ease anxiety and improve sexual performance and testosterone levels, the latter of which can promote greater muscle building, exercise performance, and fat loss.

The problem is, with the exception of a small amount of research that says it can help with anxiety, there is no evidence to support any of these claims (4). This means its inclusion in the Zantrex Black formula is likely pointless.

Green Tea Leaf Extract - Green tea extract contains natural caffeine and the antioxidant catechin EGCG. Between them they boost your energy levels, metabolic rate, and fat metabolism, lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels, boost brain and heart health and functions, relieve stress, and help your body combat illnesses (5).

The issue is, research shows that at least 500 mg of green tea extract must be consumed per day in order to produce these effects. Given its place in the proprietary blend, this is clearly far more than the Zantrex Black formula can possibly contain, so its inclusion is completely pointless.

Kola Seed Extract - Kola seed extract is a source of natural caffeine that has been used to help people improve their focus, energy levels, sexual drive and functions, and digestion in traditional medicines in West Africa for centuries.

This would make the extract beneficial for weight loss as it would enhance the breakdown of the foods in your diet and make it easier to complete an intense exercise program.

However, studies have never managed to conclusively prove any of these claims, so it as just as likely that the presence of kola seed extract in the Zantrex Black supplement does absolutely nothing (6).

Schizonepeta Whole Plant Extract - Schizonepeta is a herb found throughout Asia that is commonly referred to as Japanese catnip. Believed to have anti inflammatory and anti allergy properties, it is often used to treat colds, headaches, skin conditions, sore throats, and body pains, and some people also believe that it can help you lose fat.

The issue is, none of these claims have ever been proven, while even its supporters say you have to take at least 2,000 mg per day for it to do any good. This means its presence in the Zantrex Black diet pills is guaranteed to be worthless (7).

Black Pepper Fruit Extract - Black pepper extract boasts the alkaloid piperine, which gives it its pungent taste and aroma (8). It is often also put in supplements as it is a bioavailability enhancer which can boost the absorption and efficacy of all the other ingredients present, while stimulating mild thermogenesis to promote weight loss and fat burning.

It can even offer some anti inflammatory and antioxidant benefits and, with 20 mg being the recommended daily dose, it is possible that enough is present to produce all of these effects. Unfortunately, the fact that it is in a proprietary blend in the Zantrex Black pills makes it impossible for us to know for sure either way.

Rhodiola Crenulata Root Extract - Rhodiola extracts have long used in herbal medicines, due to claims that they boost weight loss, brain and immune functions, mental energy, mood, focus, and your overall health, while relieving anxiety, depression, fatigue, stress, and inflammation (9).

The issue is, none of these claims have ever been proven, while the evidence that does exist suggests that you must consume around 300 mg a day for it to do anything at all. This means the presence of rhodiola extract in the Zantrex Black supplement is all but assured to do nothing at all.

Asian Ginseng Root Extract - Ginseng is an extract from the roots of plants in the panax family that has long been used around the world in traditional medicines. It can boost brain function, mood, testosterone levels, immunity, focus, energy, sexual functions, blood sugar levels, and weight loss, and help combat various health conditions (10).

However, as studies show a minimum of 200 mg per day is needed to do anything, and between 400 and 1000 mg is required to be of use in a weight loss supplement, even a proprietary blend cannot hide the fact that there is far too little present in the Zantrex Black formula to be of any use.

Maca Root Extract - Maca root extract has long been used in traditional medicines due to claims that it can improve your mood, energy levels, exercise performance, and sexual functions and desire, and reduce anxiety, depression, and issues caused by hormone imbalances, such as weight gain (11).

The problem is, there is very little research that supports these claims and what is available suggests you need to take a minimum of 1,500 mg of maca per day to see any of them. This means the presence of maca in the Zantrex Black capsules is virtually guaranteed to be of no use.

Cacao Seed Extract - Cacao seed extract has a bitter chocolate taste and contains caffeine, theobromine, and procyanidins. It is known for its antioxidant properties and said to improve your blood flow, heart rate, and insulin sensitivity, which will boost brain and heart functions, energy levels, workout performance, and weight loss.

Unfortunately, with studies showing a minimum of 500 mg of cacao seed extract is required each day to produce these benefits, even the use of a proprietary blend can't hide the fact that there simply is not enough present in the Zantrex Black capsules to be of any use (12).

Black Tea Leaf Extract - Black tea is another type of tea leaf that contains caffeine and can reduce inflammation and blood sugar levels and make you more energetic (13).

The issue is, with no dosage being listed and it being buried right at the bottom of a massive proprietary blend, it is impossible to know what, if any, benefits it will be able to provide in a Zantrex Black pill.

Zantrex Black Review Conclusion

Zantrex Black sells itself as a superior diet supplement that can help people enjoy rapid weight loss and get control of their appetite and caloric intake in as little as two weeks. Unfortunately, closer analysis reveals that the Zantrex Black diet pills will just not have the effect on your diet, weight loss, or life that they claim.

From the use of a proprietary blend, poor ingredient doses, and a large number of ingredients not proven to aid weight loss, to complaints from users that it did not work, this is just not a good diet pill. That is why we suggest you do not buy Zantrex Black and instead stick to proven supplements, like Instant Knockout Cut.

The most potent diet pills on the market today, Instant Knockout Cut will actually help you lose weight fast, control your appetite and eating habits, and fuel your gym sessions. This means these diet pills actually do everything that Zantrex Black claims to and more, all while offering exceptionally good value for money.

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