Flo vs Hum vs Bonifide

PMS effects a huge amount of women worldwide and PMS supplements have been on the rise in the last few years. The most well known brands being Flo, Hum and Bonifide. They do take some slightly different approaches to supporting PMS issues so, which one is best.

Ultimately Hum and Flo are very similar products, and there isn’t much to set them apart from one another. Hum is dosed better, particularly if you compare it to Flo’s Gummy, although it’s still not great. And as for bonifide, well we’ll come onto that later.

But, it’s worth mentioning as a quick aside none of these 3 are anywhere near the best PMS supplement. All of them are either lacking in dosing (meaning that the doses of the ingredients are in some cases 10 times lower than the dose used in the clinical trials, and you wouldn’t take a 10th of an aspirin expecting it to work) or simply using unproven ingredients.

Generally, we recommend Kittie PMS supplements instead, it contains all the ingredients in these combined and in their correct doses along with a dozen other ones that have been shown to be more effective in most cases. You can read more about it here.

FLO: A Closer Look

FLO is mostly known for it’s PMS gummy. It contains key ingredients like chaste tree berry, dong quai, and magnesium, known for their potential benefits in reducing PMS symptoms. The catch? The whole blend contains only 110mg of the active ingredients and most of these ingredients require 500mg by themselves to be effective. Even if the ingredients themselves are potentially useful. The B vitamins included are fine, but that’s not really enough to make Flo PMS products worth the price.

If you get the capsules they’re a little bit better for vitamins, but still worse in terms of dosing for the herbal extracts than HUM.

HUM: An Overview

Hum as we mentioned is quite similar to Flo, containing dong quai and chasteberry. It does however at least dose them correctly. At 600mg and 300mg respectively.

Chaste berry and dong quai have been traditionally used to support women's hormonal health and reduce PMS symptoms. And Chasteberry does seem to have a reasonable amount of evidence to support it, but dong quai is mixed.

And much like with Flo, the gummies are horribly underdosed to the point of being ineffectual. This is common with gummies in general as you simply can't get much into them, some supplements are suitable to be made into gummies, but PMS supplements like Hum, Flow and Bonafide are not in that group.

Bonafide: Bee Pollen?

Ok, so there’s a lot of fuss about bee pollen at the moment, but this isn’t really the best use of it, nor is the volume anywhere near high enough for it to have it’s supposed benefits even if it does work. And we should also mention there’s next to no backing for that to be the case. It’s also quite expensive and we would probably recommend HUM over it as we would in the case of Hum vs Flo as well.


Key Ingredients


Chaste tree berry, dong quai, magnesium


Chaste berry, dong quai, additional beneficial nutrients




Lactobacillus paragasseri, Evening Primrose Powder, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, Ginkgo, Chasteberry, Ginger Extract, Iron, Vitamin D, 5-HTP, Ginseng, Magnesium Glycinate

Are There Any Other PMS Supplements Worth Looking At?

However, both FLO and HUM offer similar key ingredients and have received positive customer reviews. It may be beneficial to try one of these supplements first and assess its effectiveness for your individual needs.

Aura is another similar option that happens to be quite popular, it has evening primrose powder as well, but in general it’s still quite under dosed.

As we mentioned in the intro Kittie is a better option, and as the table above will show it’s a lot more comprehensive, every ingredient is dosed higher than either Flo, Hum or Bonafide.

Hum vs Flo vs Bonafide Customer Reviews

Unfortunately almost all of these brands have blasted a large volume of clearly fake reviews, some even talking about the flavor (of capsule supplements) or talking about it magically curing cramps, or PMS from the first time they’ve taken it, which simply isn’t possible. It does seem quite likely that some people may have benefited from just the vitamins or the chasteberry, but it’s not that easy to filter the legitimate reviews from the fake ones.

Flo vs Hum vs Bonafide

Well, out of the three we’d say HUM, but in reality you’d be far better off finding the extra $10 a month for Kittie which has far more ingredients, in their correct dosage. You get more than 3 times the supplement, for relatively little less and it’s definitely worth the extra.

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