Pomegranate and Testosterone

The short answer to whether or not pomegranate can raise testosterone is probably no. There are some antioxidants in there that could have a positive effect in some cases, but as there are studies that show both positive results and negative ones (by that we mean a decline in testosterone levels) it’s unlikely that we’d be adding pomegranate to the list of potential natural testosterone boosters any time soon.

There are a few herbal extracts which do seem to have these effects with much more robust backing, and even with some of those there can sometimes be doubt over the trial results.

However, let’s get into the theory of why people think pomegranate can raise testosterone levels.

Pomegranate and Antioxidants

As we mentioned if we’re looking at the potential effects of pomegranate on testosterone we’re talking about antioxidants.

Now, antioxidants, which are substances that help prevent oxidation in the body, combatting what's known as free radicals. And we know a lot of people make a big fuss about them, and less people really understand what they are, you can read a bit more about them here.

Oxidation is a process in which cells break down when exposed to excessive oxygen. And of course this can effect cells related to testosterone production.

Antioxidants can counteract this process, leading to numerous health benefits.

The Link Between Antioxidants and Testosterone

Studies have shown that antioxidants, in general, have positive effects on testosterone levels. [1,2]

However, it's important to note that not all antioxidants function in the same way. Pomegranate, with its unique chemical makeup, has been the subject of research examining its impact on testosterone.

The Studies In Favor of The Testosterone-Boosting Effects of Pomegranate

One study published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2008 [3] found that antioxidants from pomegranate improved sperm motility, density, and testosterone levels in men.

In a more recent study conducted by the Society for Endocrinology, [4] drinking pomegranate juice was found to not only improve blood pressure and mood but also increase testosterone levels by 24% in both men and women.

This increase in testosterone was statistically significant compared to the placebo group.

And of course there have been animal and in vitro tests that suggest it could be beneficial. [5]

And this all sounds great, but the reality of the matter is that just getting enough antioxidants from anywhere seems to have this effect when applied to people with otherwise unhealthy diets.

And, There are Conflicting Studies

And there’s a few, for example one review examining prostate cancer prevention found no change in testosterone levels after pomegranate use. [6]

There is also another study that showed testosterone levels actually declined in a pomegranate test group, meaning that there probably isn’t really enough to say either way as to whether or not pomegranate does in fact raise testosterone levels. [7]

Pomegranate and Testosterone

All in all if you’re already eating reasonably healthy, pomegranate isn’t going to do much to change your testosterone production, however, if you’re lacking in antioxidants it could have some benefit.


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