Gorilla Mind cAMP PM Review

Is cAMP PM Any Good?

Gorilla Mind cAMP PM is likely to be very good for 30% of people, but not much use for the rest.

This is an interesting product, generally speaking it's going to be pretty mediocre for the majority of the population, and will pale in comparison to most stim based fat burners. But, there is one particularly interesting ingredient, Naringin, that will help with dyslipidaemia [1] a cholesterol imbalance that about 25-30% of the US population have which can cause fat gain. So, there's something interesting here. It's just not going to be for everyone. It's not that all the other ingredients are terrible, although some aren't very well backed. There's just much better options available if the naringin isn't going to have any real benefit seeing as it's the main ingredient in the supplement. 

The other thing that we don't really like is that realistically you're going to want to take 4 capsules a day to get the ideal dosages, this in itself is fine. The issue we take is that Gorilla Mind suggest that 2 capsules a day would be enough, meaning you would get 60 servings in a bottle, whereas most people will only get 30. And at a $40 price point for 30 servings it's not an overly expensive fat burner, so we find this marketing trick a little unnecessary. 

Now, that's pretty much it for the overt negativity, and as we've said for 30% of people this will be a great product, but for most people there are better appetite suppressant capsules available and better fat burners both with stimulants to aid weight loss and without.

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Customers Reviews Of Gorilla Mind cAMP PM Fat Burner

There are a lot of customers cAMP PM reviews on the gorilla mind site, and these are overwhelmingly positive, which most likely means that they simply don't publish the negative reviews, as is the case with most on site review systems. As cAMP PM isn't on Amazon, that means that the only other place to look is for cAMP PM reddit reviews.

As for the on site reviews, we'd suggest that there's likely to be a reasonable amount of legitimacy to the positive ones as we've said there is an ingredient in here known to be particularly effective for a subset of the US population. And a lot said that it was particularly effective to control appetite and that they liked using it along side the stimulant based gorilla mode pre workouts.

As for reddit reviews a lot more were negative, although there were a few positive, it was probably about 70/30 which would pretty much line up with the expectations we had off the back of Naringin.

Gorilla Mind cAMP PM Ingredients

Naringin 600mg - This is one of those ingredients that could potentially be of benefit to some people, but not everyone. The human studies are relatively limited in that it is only been shown to be effective at "burning fat" in people who already have a lipid imbalance (such as low cholesterol). [2] Otherwise it's effectiveness is reliant on mice studies [3] which rarely translates over to humans. That's not to say that a lipid imbalance is incredibly rare, in fact the stats show that 30% of men and 25% of women have this issue in the US [1]. The dosage should be pretty good for this. For people with this issue it not only helps break down fat, but reduces insulin sensitive helping them control appetite.

Hesperidin 560mg - Unfortunately almost all the studies done on Hesperidin have been done on rats [4] and whilst they do look positive, there is little evidence other than some petri dish tests that this will work for humans. However, there have been studies that show in rats 8g/kg of body weight had an impact [5], which is definitely a positive for gorilla mind, most supplements that contain rat study based ingredients just stick in the same dose that worked for the mice which is never going to be even close to the effective doses humans would require if it does turn out to be functional.

Green Tea Extract 500mg - Good old green tea extract, this is a pretty standard inclusion for a weight loss supplement and there's nothing wrong with it. It's a bit of a b tier ingredient, and does mean that this is technically not a "non stimulant fat burner" as it contains around 10mg of caffeine for the 500mg, but it's low enough that it shouldn't cause any issues with sleep. It just can't really be called stimulant free. That all said, it's well known to reduce appetite, and help you control hunger, it's also included in a lot of premium diet pills, although it's usually there as an extra rather than a core weight loss ingredient. It's a totally fine inclusion for cAMP PM fat burner capsules. There's also some evidence it helps improve fat oxidisation rates [6] but this is relatively limited.

Forskolin 250mg - Again most of the evidence is in mice [7] however, there has been one placebo controlled study on this exact dose which did yield positive results against the control group [8] when it came to fat loss. However even this study had some self cited flaws such as 80% of the participants being female, and there being some inconsistencies with the diet of the participants. Even normalising for this, the ingredient looks promising enough, but there are far more well backed supplements to help maximize weight loss than what we find in cAMP PM.

Paradoxine®50mg - Grains Of Paradise Seed Extract with a brand name, has been shown to be useful when it comes to helping people burn fat [9] the main issue is that it could lead to cAMP PM side effects with urination issues and nausea being particularly common. Once again there are much more effective ingredients as well. So, whilst it's OK, we wouldn't put recommend it as a way to boost metabolism over caffeine or even capsaicin for that matter.

cAMP PM Review Conclusion

cAMP PM is going to be good for about 1/3 of the US population, and for those people, it could be very good. The issue is of course that 70% of people aren't likely to see much in the way of results.

That doesn't mean it's a terrible supplement, it's just not for everyone. There's a good chance that if cAMP PM doesn't work for you then there are other supplements that would better help you with weight loss.

We don't hate the supplement, it's just far more highly specialized than it markets itself to be. It could easily be worth giving a try, but if you want something that's designed to work for pretty much anyone then we'd suggest going with a stimulant based fat burner, or something containing glucomannan (the most effective over the counter appetite suppressant). 

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