PMD N-Test 600 Advanced Review

Is PMD N-Test 600 Advanced Any Good?

N Test 600 is horribly overpriced for what it is. 

N Test 600 does have a couple of proven ingredients, but nothing that you can’t find in testosterone booster supplements that cost half the price and when we look at ones in it’s price range then it’s not even a close contest. Yes, Fenugreek is quite well backed, [1] but it’s in quite a few other supplements and Tribulus is a b tier testosterone boosting supplement even if it is one of the most well known. [2] And considering these two ingredients make up the bulk of the formula along with DIM, N Test 600 doesn’t come even close to justifying it’s $119 price tag. 

It’s not that N-Test 600 is terrible, and it’s not that it wont work at all, it’s just won’t work for very long or any better than cheaper options. A few of the ingredients in N Test 600 are known for the benefits being relatively short lived such as DIM for example. [3]

On a positive note, the customer reviews aren’t bad for N Test, but they do often line up with exactly what we’ve said above, works for a while and there’s better options out there for less money.

And if we compare it against the likes of Testofuel, which contains a lot of the same ingredients, fenugreek and maca for example but swaps the often questioned Tribulus and utterly pointless S7 blend (the doses are 10s of times to little to do anything) for vitamins and minerals shown to raise testosterone levels, ginseng and DAA, which all have more backing for testosterone and gym performance supplements. 

Best Testosterone Boosters

Customers N-Test 600 Advanced Reviews

The customer reviews of N-Test 600 aren’t too bad, there is a common thread of the effects wearing off pretty quickly and it not working better than any other premium (but, not quite this premium) testosterone boosters.

They average around 4* on Amazon and GNC reviews of Test 600 are pretty reasonable too. But, again most people have the same thing to say.

There are minimal reports of N Test 600 side effects which is a positive.

We couldn’t find any active reviews of N Test 600’s parent company PMD sports on Trustpilot of Better Business Bureau.

There also wasn’t much in the way of N Test 600 reddit reviews with the exception of a clearly placed review by their marketing team. 

PMD N-Test 600 Advanced Ingredients

Boron 10mg – Boron is a good ingredient, 10mg is also the ideal dosage. The first boron study that linked it to testosterone was all the way back in 1980. That revealed that boron supplementation significantly increased testosterone levels in men after just one week. This finding challenged the notion that boron and testosterone were merely correlated and not causally linked. It was discovered that boron breaks down sex-hormone binding globulin (SHBG), a protein that binds testosterone in the body. By liberating testosterone from SHBG, boron effectively boosts free testosterone levels. Further studies confirmed the findings over the last 40 years or so. This is a great start for N Test 600 Advanced. [4]

Testofen 600mg – This is basically a patented fenugreek extract, and there actually isn’t really anything all that special apart from the name. A lot of test boosters use a standardized extract to 50% fenucides (there are more in some other extracts. The one thing that testofen has going for it is that there has been a couple of studies on it specifically that have shown to support healthy free testosterone levels. While the dosage of 600mg may seem high, studies have suggested that even lower doses can yield positive results. [1,5]

Tribulus complex 350mg – This is just a fancy way of claiming that they’re doing something special, ultimately it’s just a standardized Tribulus extract. Now, Tribulus does have a fair bit of research linking it to raising testosterone levels, but then there’s equally as much that goes against it these days. The dosing is fine, but it’s definitely not one of the more universal test booster ingredients, and usually it only appears in budget supplements these days. We don’t expect it from a premium option like N-Test 600 Advanced. Perhaps 10 years ago, this would’ve been considered a good ingredient as Tribulus originally looked very promising. However, now it just makes N-Test 600 look dated. [2,6]

Smilax officinalis 150mg – There’s almost no evidence at all that smilax actually works, there’s a couple of rat studies and that’s about it, this is where everything starts to go a bit wrong for N test 600.

Black maca 100mg – Maca doesn’t actually do anything to raise testosterone, what it does do however is raise libido. There’s quite a few studies to back this, but it should be noted that the dose is normally 200mg. [7]

DIM 100mg – PMD N-Test 600 Advanced contains Diindolylmethane (DIM), an ingredient that supports estrogen metabolism. By helping to suppress estrogen levels, this supplement may enhance the effects of testosterone and improve muscle-building capabilities. However, it's important to note that the overall effectiveness of DIM in increasing testosterone levels requires further research. There are also issues with long term DIM use potentially making estrogen levels higher. [3,8]

S7 50mg – This blend of coffee bean, tea, turmeric, tart cherry, kale, blueberry and broccoli isn’t going to do anything at all. Not one of these ingredients is effective in such a low dosage, turmeric needs about 12 grams unless it’s a curcumin extract and even then it’s 500mg. As you can gather this is just something for N Test 600 to put on the box rather than actually doing anything at all. 

PMD N-Test 600 Advanced Review Conclusion

It’s overpriced. If PMD N-Test 600 Advanced cost half what it did, it would still be overpriced as it simply isn’t as good value as TestoFuel, Prime Male or any of the other testosterone boosters that made our best list. 

The customer reviews are middling, the ingredients are outdated. Underdosing Maca means that it could’ve been better for libido, and missing the core vitamins off is something of a cardinal sin for test boosters. We expect them to contain vitamin d, zinc and magnesium as a minimum seeing as these are common deficiencies that can lower testosterone and 2 of them boost athletic performance either way, taking up almost no capsule space.
There isn’t really anything in here for mood and if you were looking for a solid estrogen suppressant you’d want something with luteolin. In short, N-Test 600 just doesn’t do anything very well and it’s not a great all rounder test supplement either. 

It’s not awful, and it probably will give you some short term benefits, it’s just not worth $120 when you can get 2 months worth of better test boosters for the same price. 

We don’t recommend PMD N-Test 600.

Best Testosterone Boosters
Criteria Rating
Ingredients 6/10
Muscle Growth 7/10
Mood 3/10
Libidio 4/10
Value 3/10
Recommended 5/10


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