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Center TRT provides a number of short-term educational opportunities for public health practitioners and other professionals through the broadcast of live and archived one hour Instructional Webinars and intensive Web-Based Training modules.   These on-demand training opportunities are designed specifically for those working in nutrition, physical activity, obesity and other chronic disease prevention programs to stay abreast of promising prevention strategies and intervention approaches. Instruction provides practitioners with training on:

  • Current scientific recommendations for healthy eating and active living;
  • planning, adopting and evaluating interventions; and,  
  • implementation of specific evidence-based interventions.  

Web-Based Training modules allow users to work at their own pace and take approximately two to three hours of screen time.   Each module provides an overview of the topic; presentation of the evidence-base for recommendations; interactive activities; case studies/examples; required readings as well as links to additional resources. An evaluation and tracking system is built into each of the training modules to allow users to log in and out as needed and print a certificate of completion.