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Is Relaxium Any Good?

Relaxium Sleep Claims To Be Good At Improving Sleep Quality, But Does it Really Work?

Relaxium Sleep is an alright sleep supplement, there's definitely better sleep aids on the market right now, but it does get a few ingredients right. Gaba and Melatonin are pretty much standard inclusions and they're in the effective ranges. They're particularly important for a decent sleep aid, but unfortunately everything else is where Relaxium Sleep goes wrong and there are far cheaper melatonin and gaba supplements if that's all you're looking for. As for there claims about whether or not it will help you fall asleep quickly, improve sleep quality we'd say that's pretty reasonable. 

Although it should always be noted that when we're looking at a natural sleep aid that contains melatonin you need to keep in mind that this can cause mild drowsiness through the day in some people. 

Relaxium customer reviews are middling and the extra ingredients in relaxium sleep like ashwagandha are laughably under dosed in comparison to their effective ranges. 

Relaxium sleep isn't the worst over the counter sleep aid, but we'd recommend that you get something else in most cases. RestAgain is the best option for most people looking for something like Relaxium Sleep as it contains all the effecitve Relaxium ingredients in there correct doses.

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Customers Relaxium Reviews

Unfortunately, Relaxium Sleep Reviews are somewhat middling. There are a few people that claimed relaxium sleep actually hindered there sleep quality although we'd expect that's relatively uncommon based on the ingredients in relaxium.

We've gone through some reviews on Amazon and most of the customer feedback is mixed (around 37% of reviews are 5-star reviews, and 26% are 1-star reviews)

All in all we'd say it's a bit of a toss up as to whether your experience with relaxium sleep would be good or not.

Our personal experience was middling, perhaps some improvement, but not as good as other sleep aids on the market right now. 

Relaxium Reviews Conclusion

Relaxium Sleep is an "ok" natural sleep supplement. Unfortunately it's not a great one. There are better sleep aids on the market, it's not the most expensive option but it's not cheap either and considering that only a couple of ingredients are correctly dosed, there are cheaper options that will deliver the same results as relaxium. Then there's the marketing hack of using a proprietary blend for Valerian Root and the Hops Extract, therefore we can't be certain if valerian root is in right dosage even if we can be sure that the hops is not going to do anything to help you get restful sleep.As a result we don't recommend relaxium sleep. If you've already bought some it's fine, and should help out a little bit. But, we wouldn't recommend it as anyone's go to option to improve sleep. Especially not as compared to RestAgain which contains the effective ingredients in here and more effective ingredients on top at the same price point.

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