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Policy and environmental change programs/interventions are increasingly being used to combat obesity. While approaches for program evaluation are relatively established, policy evaluation presents unique challenges. Changing policy is complex, multi-step and incremental.

Center TRT investigators developed an evaluation framework, which can be applied to either program or policy evaluation, to increase practitioner capacity to conduct evaluation of programs and policies targeting environmental and behavioral obesity-related outcomes. The framework can be adapted to any obesity prevention program or to any stage of the policy change process.

Application of the framework to a program or policy will result in a logic model that can serve as a visual representation of program/policy theory, as well as guide evaluation planning for the program or policy. Practitioner use of the framework will add to the growing body of practice-based evidence for obesity prevention.

Practical Policy Evaluation Webinar

This hour-long webinar, presented on January 31, 2012, provided an overview of the evaluation framework, along with a case study presentation on the application of the framework. Click  here  to access the archived presentation.