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Baltimore Healthy Stores (BHS)

Intent of the Intervention

Small stores (often termed corner stores in urban settings) have unique potential to improve the nutrition environment in low-income communities due to their high prevalence and frequent use in these settings.

Small store initiatives use different approaches to increase the availability and consumption of healthy foods.   One approach is to use a store's existing facilities; other strategies may involve changing a store's infrastructure (e.g., purchasing refrigeration units and display cases, adding to or reorganizing a store's interior, renovating a store's facade).   Baltimore Healthy Stores (BHS) uses a store's existing facilities to improve access to healthy food and to increase consumers' knowledge, self-efficacy and behavioral intentions about healthy food choices and food preparation through health education and point-of-purchase marketing strategies.  

BHS targets two levels of the socio-ecologic model: 1) the individual level by seeking to change consumer behaviors and 2) the organizational level by seeking to change corner stores practices, in particular by increasing the availability of healthy options.

Baltimore Healthy Stores is a research-tested intervention.