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Kaiser Permanente Cafeteria Menu Labeling

Center TRT Evaluation Materials

Center TRT developed an evaluation logic model and evaluation plan for a worksite cafeteria menu labeling initiative. The logic model is intended to guide the evaluation process (as opposed to the planning process). The evaluation plan focuses on the implementation and effectiveness of a cafeteria menu labeling initiative in changing purchasing habits of hospital employees and visitors. The evaluation addresses the reach, adoption, implementation and effectiveness of the intervention. The evaluation is a pre-post design with a comparison group. The evaluation plan provides guidance on evaluation questions and types and sources of data for both process and outcome evaluation. If you are interested in answering evaluation questions not listed in the evaluation plan, please refer to the list of additional evaluation questions, found here. We suggest a variety of data collection tools throughout the evaluation plan.

 Logic Model

 Evaluation Plan

Evaluation Materials Used by Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente  used several materials for its evaluation that are also available for your use. Some of these tools have been incorporated into the evaluation plan that Center TRT developed.  Please note that Center TRT has not reviewed these tools:

 Patron Survey:  From Evaluation Report (pgs. 20-22)