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The Center TRT's competency based training model supports the skill development of public health practitioners working in state and community nutrition, physical activity and obesity prevention programs.   Using a variety of training modes and activities, the Center TRT strives to bridge the gap between research and practice by providing practitioners with tailored, up-to-date training on scientific recommendations, promising obesity prevention interventions and strategies, and applied approaches adaptable for use in diverse populations.  

Center TRT continues to assess the learning requirements and preferences of practitioners in the field to identify their most common challenges and evolving needs for training.   This information directly contributes to the design and delivery of Center TRT in-person trainings and workshops, webinars, and self-directed web-based trainings.  

In-person training

The annual weeklong Obesity Prevention in Public Health Course was offered from 2006-2012 and included:

  • Skill-building sessions;
  • Applied training tailored to meet specialized needs;
  • Current scientific recommendations for healthy eating and physical activity;
  • Presentation of specific evidence-based interventions; and,
  • Strategies to engage stakeholders to plan, implement and evaluation public health programs, policies and interventions.  

Web-based training

Self-guided on demand web-based trainings to promote evidence-based public health practice are available on such topics as:

  • Current scientific recommendations for healthy eating and physical activity;
  • Using the RE-AIM framework for planning and evaluation; and,
  • Implementing specific evidence-based interventions.

Webinars (live and archived)

Specific guidance and "how to" instruction on the implementation of interventions, practical use of evaluation tools, and more are provided through Webinars from the Center TRT website.