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Healthy Vending Iowa Webinar

On Tuesday, August 26, 2014, from 2-3pm (EST), Center TRT  will host the  Healthy Vending Iowa  webinar, featuring an initiative  created  by the Iowa Department of Public Health Bureau of Nutrition and Health Promotion  and an assessment tool developed in collaboration with  Iowa State University Extension.   The intervention includes the Nutrition Environment Measurement Survey — Vending (NEMS-V), which builds on the nationally recognized NEMS tools from Emory University  (now University of Pennsylvania)  and provides an assessment of the percentages of color-coded (green, yellow and red) foods and beverages in the vending machine.   Following the NEMS-V assessment, a Vending Machine Report Card is generated that indicates how many food and beverage items need to be changed to green or yellow in order to earn a Bronze, Silver, or Gold award.   Action steps are provided to help make healthier choices available in vending machines and to eventually implement a vending policy.   A well-developed social marketing campaign (Mix-It-Up) was also developed to motivate employees to use the NEMS-V color-coded system to snack healthier.  

Nutrition standards for NEMS-V  were originally based on Institute of Medicine Nutrition Standards for Foods in Schools. The webinar will highlight website changes as a result of updating nutrition standards to match  Health and Sustainability Guidelines for Federal Concessions and Vending Operation  (2012). The website offers a vending machine assessment tutorial, healthy choices calculator tutorial for using the web-based and phone applications tool that determines food and beverage color-codes, videos for worksites and vendors supporting healthy vending, and social marketing resources based on focus groups conducted with white- and blue-collar employees.  

The Healthy Vending Iowa initiative can be replicated by state, county and city health departments and serve as a model for other businesses.

This webinar will include

  • a Center TRT overview of the intervention, including core elements, evidence-base, and potential for public health impact (10 mins)
  • a presentation by the Iowa Department of Public Health and Iowa State University Extension, covering implementation, resources needed, and lessons learned (40 mins)
  • a Q & A session (10 mins)


Carol Voss
Nutrition Coordinator, Iowa Department of Public Health

Susan Klein
Consultant, Iowa Department of Public Health & Iowa State University Extension  


 Presentation slides (notes page)

Please click here to access the archived version of the Iowa Healthy Vending webinar.