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Web-based Trainings

**Unfortunately, we are unable to provide these trainings at this time. We are in the process of switching platforms for our web-based training so that we can make these resources more accessable. If you have already registered for a course, you will still be able to log on with your username and password to access the training module through the end of November 2016. Thank you for your patience and undestanding during this transition.**

Center TRT provides a number of self-paced Web-Based Training modules to provide public health practitioners working in nutrition, physical activity, obesity and other chronic disease prevention programs convenient, short-term educational opportunities to stay abreast of current scientific recommendations and promising obesity prevention strategies and intervention approaches.

These modules have been completed by over 1,500 professionals and found useful as professional development opportunities and as a beneficial resource for practitioners to use with their community partners and local staffers to independently advance their skills and knowledge in relevant nutrition, physical activity and chronic disease prevention related areas. 

Each of the modules allows users to progress at their own pace with the ability to start and stop as needed.  Most modules consist of four lessons and take approximately three hours to complete.  These modules were designed specifically for web-based delivery and incorporate a mix of adult learning techniques; application based learning and interactive activities. 

Registration: There is a $9.99 registration fee for each module payable by credit card. 

Printing Duplicate Certificates: Please follow these instructions when needing to print a duplicate certificate for completed courses. 

Center TRT Evaluation Framework Module

This training module, Logic Models and Evaluation Plans: Using the Center TRT Evaluation Framework, provides public health practitioners with guidance and instruction on how to use the Center TRT Evaluation Framework to create logic models and evaluation plans for policy, systems, and environmental change initiatives. The module is designed for public health practitioners who already have some experience with logic models. The module provides users examples of real-life evaluation applications. Estimated to take about 1.5 hours.

RE-AIM Online Module

This web-based module provides instruction and case examples to illustrate the five dimensions of the RE-AIM framework: Reach, Effectiveness or efficacy, Adoption, Implementation, and Maintenance. The RE-AIM framework is useful for planning new interventions, adapting existing interventions, and designing evaluations that assess the potential public health impact of interventions. The module provides users examples of real-life application to policy/environmental change interventions.

Nutrition and Health Module

This training module contains two tracks (an introductory and advanced level track) allowing users to customize training based on their individual training needs. Users with a limited background in the field of nutrition or those looking for a nutrition refresher course should complete the Nutrition 101 track to gain basic knowledge of the underlying rationale for current dietary recommendations and explore the role nutrients, vitamins and minerals play in reducing risk for chronic diseases.

Users formally trained or more familiar with nutrition science, may choose to go directly to the Policy and Environmental Supports for Healthy Eating track within the module which focuses on key factors to improve environmental and policy supports for good nutrition and healthy eating across multiple settings (i.e. schools, community, worksite, childcare, etc.)

These tracks can be combined to provide a comprehensive Nutrition and Health Unit to assist practitioners in translating lifestyle behavior recommendations into public health practice. 

Physical Activity and Health Module

This training module is designed for public health practitioners with a limited background in the field of physical activity. The module provides the latest recommendations for amounts and types of physical activity across the life cycle and explores the scientific evidence for physical activity recommendations to prevent and manage certain chronic diseases. This module serves as a foundation for additional modules that provide more in-depth information and ideas for translating lifestyle behavior recommendation into public health practice.


This training is designed for those interested in adopting the Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment in Child Care (NAP SACC) intervention in their state or community.  The training provides step by step instructions on implementing NAP SACC.  This training and the accompanying materials will allow users to fully implement the NAP SACC program.

A New Leaf… Choices for Health Living Module

This training is designed for those interested in implementing or adapting the A New Leaf… Choices for Health Living intervention. This training will provide step-wise instruction for those involved either directly or indirectly with the A New Leaf intervention.  It includes guidance on the administering of dietary and physical activity assessments in addition to video demonstrations of counseling techniques.  This training and the accompanying materials allow users to fully implement the A New Leaf… Choices for Health Living intervention.