Huel Complete ​Protein Bar Review

The Harshest Review We've Written

Huel Protein Bar Nutrition

Calories: ​200kcal
Carbs: 10 grams
Fat: 8.5 grams
Protein: 20 grams
Sugars: 2.3 grams

Gluten Free, Vegan and Soy Free

Huel Protein Bars

Not to be confused with the better tasting 3.1 Huel Meal Replacement Bars the Huel Complete Protein Bars are a mixed bag. They come in at 200kcal making them a little lower in calories than your average protein bar, which is a good start, and they promise all the micronutrients (aka vitamins and minerals) that you’d need from a complete meal. As you may have guessed by the first line this isn’t going to be the most positive review of a Huel Product.

A Bit About Huel Protein Bars

So, to be nice to Huel, they have a history of refining and improving on their recipes, after all we’re on version 3.0 of their meal replacement shakes, and the meal replacement bars are currently on their second version, so they do definitely take on board feedback. And we’re going to have a lot of it.

We do like some of their other products, Huel Black is good, and they've got a great range of flavors on their protein shakes, but these bars are not good. 

Huel Protein Bar FAQ

Everything you wanted to know about huel protein bars

What Is The Best Tasting Huel Protein Bar?

Salted Caramal - OK, still not great

Peanut Butter - OK, still not great

Banoffee Avoid - Avoid

Raspberry - Can't Even Rank It.... Bad..... Very Bad

Can You Live Off Of Huel Products?

It's not recommended. It's likely to cause gastric distress, whilst they may try to skirt around the fact that they are meal replacement products, that is what they are and it is only recommended to swap one or two meals a day for meal replacment products.

What's The Difference Between Huel Protein Bars And Huel Complete Meal Bars?

The protein bars have 20g of protein and have 70% less carbs, they also taste a lot worse. 

What Are Huel Protein Bars Like?

Warning: Avoid The Raspberry Huel Meal Bar!!!

Honestly, this is one of the worst tasting things we’ve ever had the misfortune of tasting, the good news is that we weren’t hungry afterwards, but that’s because we felt nauseous. We don’t think this requires any further review. You’ll note that we haven’t ever had to do this in a product review. It was so bad it became a challenge to see if we could eat a full one. One of the team managed it, but he has an iron stomach.

What's The Best Flavour Huel Protein Bar?

Honestly none of them were good, sure they hit all your micro nutrients, for very few calories and were surprisingly filling for the size, but honestly we'd take a protien bar and a multivitamin every day of the week over these, ok these are a complete protein source, but if you're not vegan, there's no reason to choose these over a much nicer, cheaper protein bar. If for some reason you're masocistic enough to put yourself though this. Then the salted caramel and peanut butter were tollerable. Keep in mind, we like Huels general oatyness and the unsweetened flavour. But, these weren't for us.

Who Should Use Huel Protein Bars?

  • Vegans who need more protein
  • Huel fans
  • Gluten Intollerant Vegans? There aren't many options for them.

Is there Anything Good About Huel Proteitn Bars? 

There are some positives, and they’re not all as bad as the Raspberry Huel Bar. The ingredients do hit all your essential nutrients, they’re gluten free, vegan and do make a good weight loss snack as they do help keep you full.

Criteria Rating
Ingredients 9/10
Filling 9/10
Taste 3/10
Texture 3/10
Value 3/10
Recommended 3/10

Huel Protein Bar Ingredients

It’s actually really good considering it’s only 200kcal, but the fact that they’ve fortified it with so many vitamins is probably what’s caused the bad taste. The macro ingredients are also really quite good with 20g of protein, and 70% less carbs than their meal replacement bars.  

Are Huel Protein Bars Any Good?

In terms of flavour, the Peanut Butter one is ok, as is the Salted Caramel, the Banoffee is fine, and the less said about the Raspberry the better.