Osteo Bi Flex Reviews 2022

Osteo Bi Flex Side Effects Steal The Show

This is probably the first and only time that we'll ever say this in a supplement review, Osteo Biflex is too much of a good thing. The ingredients are good choices, with proven track records of having benefits to joint health. The catch is, that they go very heavy on the dosages of quite a few of them. 

And unfortunately this is to the point where it causes a lot of people to have quite nasty side effects. There's a couple of ingredients in particularly that have these common issues, most notably the heavy dosage of glucosamine can cause swelling when taken in doses over 1000mg and this seems to be an issue for a lot of verified customers of Osteo bi flex, with several saying they've been laid up for weeks waiting for it to clear their system.

As such we cannot recommend that anyone take Osteo bi flex unless they've already made sure that they tolerate glucosamine. The dosage in osteo bi flex is 1500mg, so taking 1 pill per serving instead of 2 as recommended for a couple of days could be a good way to go, or alternatively pick a different joint supplement. We'd recommend Flex Again, which topped our best joint supplements list , but not as heavily dosed on that one particularly ingredient opting for a higher dose of the more well tolerated and just as effective bromelain, it's a bit newer to the market, which is why the store brands haven't yet picked it up, with all the stock that they have to clear they tend to be relatively slow to change formula's in line with the latest research. 

Customers Osteo Bi Flex Reviews

Customers reviews of Osteo bi flex are a mixed bag, those that didn't have serious side effects thought it was a great product. Unfortunately it seems to be about 50/50. It seems that osteo bi flex customer reviews are either 5* or 1* there's really no middle ground here. And based on the research data, this would be what we'd expect. The best way to make sure that you're not one of the customers that will end up struggling with osteo bi flex side effects is to take a smaller dosage of glucosamine to make sure it agrees with you and build up to it.

Osteo Bi Flex vs Relief Factor (The Market Leader)

Osteo Bi Flex plus an Omega 3 supplement, and you've got pretty much everything relief factor can do and better, if you don't have the side effects issue. If you want to play it safe however, we'd say go with Relief Factor and see if that works for you before testing Bi Flex triple strength out. Or better still, an Omega 3 pill and Physio Flex Pro.

Osteo Bi Flex Review FAQ

Common questions we came across whilst researching our osteo biflex review

Does osteo bi flex work?

Osteo bi flex should be effective for mild cases of joint pain. Whilst it won't be effective for everyone the ingredients are well dosed and backed by multiple studies.

Does osteo bi flex cause weight gain?

Glucosamine in high doses can cause fluctuations in appetite, but it seems as likely to cause weight loss as weight gain. The jury is out on this one. But, as long as you don't change your eating habits dramatically it shouldn't be an issue.

Osteo Bi Flex Ingredients

The vitamin blend (Vitamin C, Manganese & Sodium) in Osteo bi flex is a bit of a failure, we'd typically expect to see vitamin D in a joint supplement as it's a common deficiency (nearly half of all Americans) and a lack of it causes joint pain. The vitamins included will help, but far less than a vitamin d supplement would. 

Glucosamine HCL is both one of the most effective ingredients in Osteo bi flex and the one that causes the most problems. Meta analysis of multiple studies suggest that it is beneficial for a subset of people [1], but does not work for everyone. And to top it off side effects we're present in many cases, most mild, but there were some severe ones as we have reffered to several times throughout our Osteo bi flex review.

Boswellia is marked as an effective anti inflammatory [2] it's included in most of the best joint supplements, and it's well tolerated across the board, Osteo bi flex get the dosage right, no complaints here.

Chrondroitin/MSM these are good ingredients, but the Chrondroitin has a similar effect to the glucosamine, and it makes it a bit redundant when you already have so much glucosamine. The other catch is we'd have liked to have seen a higher dosage as 275mg of the two combined is a little low if they're going to be included. 

Osteo Bi Flex Reviews Conclusion

Osteo Bi Flex is both a good and a bad supplement, it's ingredients are well documented, and they are at the ideal doses, it's just unfortunate that a couple of them can cause nasty side effects. We wouldn't recommend starting taking osteo bi flex triple strength without having had similar products at lower strength in the past or without talking to your clinician first.

There are other well backed ingredients that have similar effects, curucumin, resvertarol and others, which don't have the risks of side effects so we would recommend that you try something that uses those first. 

In short, get FlexAgain first instead. 

Criteria Rating
Ingredients 8/10
Pain Relief 8/10
Joint Health 8/10
Swelling 8/10 or 1/10
Value 7/10
Recommended 7/10 or 1/10