Relief Factor Reviews 2023

Does Relief Factor Work?

It's OK, But There Are Much Better Relief Factor Alternatives Available

Relief Factor supplements promise an effective solution to joint and muscle pain that all of us experience as we get older. Probably the most popular and well known joint supplement on the market, they've long since been knocked off their perch as the best. But, the question is beyond whether they're the best joint supplements, but whether or not they're much good at all. 

Well, they're not going to hurt, the omega 3 fatty acids contained in relief factor do help, but an omega oil pill is a lot cheaper, which is where the rest of the ingredients come under question. Resveratrol is typically more well known for it's nootropic benefits, but it has also been shown to reduce inflammation and joint pain in double blind placebo trials [1]. As for Icariin, it's more of a preventative supplement and not the best if you're already having problems. [2] And again Turmeric isn't bad, but again there's better options Relief Factor could have chosen for improving joint discomfort. 

And whilst there's no question as to whether or not they're good for you, there is some question as to how effective they are when compared to our top rated joint pain relief supplement FlexAgain. 

All in all you'd be better off getting some FlexAgain (which contains everything in relief factor in better doses, and more ingredients beyond that) as well as coming in at a better price point. But that doesn't mean that Relief Factor is a bad joint supplement by any stretch.

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Customers Relief Factor Reviews

Customers relief factor reviews are somewhat mixed, generally it seems that there are a lot of success stories, but the main issue is that Relief Factor overpromise on the results that people can expect. That said, this was from a relatively low number of what looked like legitimate relief factor reviews that we had to dig up from the likes of reddit. We didn't find any real complaints of relief factor side effects, which is to be expected from the dosages contained within the supplement. Customers who complained of more severe pain suggested that relief factor was nowhere near effective enough for their joint pain relief needs.

What Does Relief Factor Claim To Do?

Relief factor claims that it helps reduce every day aches and pains, although does tiptoe around pushing it's claims to far. As far as pain relief supplements go they're claims seem pretty reasonable. At least in terms of what they put into print, in terms of some of the reviews and ads that they put out on TV then their advertising may be a little bit optimistic in terms of what users can expect in terms of joint pain reduction.

Relief Factor Ingredients

Relief factors ingredients aren't bad for delivering some decent joint health benefits, there's a couple of ingredients we'd have preferred, and it's not the most effective joint supplement for people who already get enough omega 3, but relief factor's choices aren't bad by any means.

Omega 3 fatty acids 1400mg - Omega 3 is essential in maintaining healthy joints. They reduce inflammation and have been demonstrated to be beneficial for a number of joint issues, including arthritis [4]. And with Relief Factor containing 1400mg of fish oil it's within the range of doses that are tested to be effective.

Resveratrol 70mg - Typically we're used to seeing this in brain health supplements, but like omega 3, it does double up for join benefits as we mentioned in the introduction. This is a little on the low side 70mg is the bare minimum to be effective at treating joint pain, we prefer supplements that use 100mg as this has been shown to be more effective.

Icariin 200mg - icariin looks like a promising ingredient for helping with joint pain relief, but it's not the most well backed, a lot of animal studies confirm it, but minimal human trials are available [5]. The animal studies themselves are promising, with them showing results in terms of reducing inflammation in both joints and organs, but it's most often the case that animal trials don't transfer to human studies. The dosages would also likely have to be in the grams to apply to humans, meaning there simply isn't enough in here, even if it did work as hoped.

Turmeric 667mg - Meta analysis of multiple clinical trials do suggest Turmeric has a beneficial effect on joint mobility and stiffness, but minimal differences to pain relief. [6] Not a bad ingredient, but again there are better options available for a joint pain focused supplement. The problem is that the Turmeric in Relief Factor is only standardised to 18% curcumin. And with the dietary supplement containing only 667mg of Turmeric this isn't a high enough amount. To be within the effective dose range you need 500mg or more of curcuminoids. Other supplements such as FlexAgain do contain the correct amount as well as all of the ingredients in relief factor.

Relief Factor Review FAQ

Common questions we came across whilst researching our relief factor review

Does Relief Factor Really Work?

To a point yes, for mild aches and pains, relief factor reviews, and the known effects of the ingredients would suggest that it should be somewhat effective. We wouldn't suggest that relief factor is suitable for any more severe issues. It would also make a good aging supplement in general having several cognitive benefits on top of the joint pain relief promised.

Is Relief Factor Safe?

A lot of people ask does relief factor raise blood pressure? It shouldn't, however, Resveratrol has been demonstrated to lower blood pressure in some small trials [3], but raising peoples blood pressure is not a known relief factor side effect, although there is one known customer review floating around about this issue. All in all there shouldn't be too many issues with relief factor side effects, although you should consult your doctor if you're currently taking any other medications.

Is Relief Factor A Hoax?

No relief factor is not a hoax, at least no all together. The problem is when the marketing overpromises.

What Is Relief Factor?

Relief factor is a blend of four supplements that should aid with pain relief. 

Relief Factor Alternatives: How Does Relief Factor Compare To The Competition?

Relief Factor vs Omega XL

Relief Factor is without doubt a better option than Omega XL, it actually has enough omega oils to meet your daily requirements and has a couple of added ingredients we’ve mentioned already. It’s not the best option on this list, but it’s definitely better than the 300mg dose provided by the similarly priced Omega XL.

Relief Factor vs Physio Flex Pro

This is the one where Relief Factor really loses out. Physio Flex Pro contains a lot more of the supporting supplements than relief factor and when it comes to value for money a generic omega supplement and Physio Flex Pro will give you the most bang for your buck and the most effectively dosed ingredients giving you the best chance of finding a supplement that works for you.

Relief Factor vs FlexAgain

This one is pretty much a no brainer, as we mentioned in the intro, the dosages in FlexAgain are better, the price point is better, the only issue is that sometimes it can be difficult to get hold of anywhere other than their website.

Relief Factor Reviews Conclusion

Relief factor isn't a bad supplement, and it's trial offer for $20 is pretty reasonable. It is a little pricey for what you get thereafter. Will it help with minor joint pains and stiffness? Quite possibly, but it's unlikely to help more with severe joint pain. 

We don't dislike relief factor, just be sure to temper your expectations and take advantage of the trial offer on their website rather than going straight for a more expensive relief factor package.

In short, get FlexAgain instead.

Criteria Rating
Ingredients 8/10
Pain Relief 6/10
Joint Health 8/10
Swelling 6/10
Value 7/10
Recommended 7/10


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