Heal n Soothe Reviews 2023

Does Heal n Soothe Work?

Updated March 23rd 2023
Fact Checked by Dr Mark Watson

Horribly underdosed on most of it's ingredients, but some do work.

Heal n Soothe reviews tend to be quite negative, and it's not overly surprising, whilst heal n soothe does contain a lot of good ingredients for joint pain relief, but it under doses almost all of them except for boswellia and bromelain. And whilst boswellia does make it into a lot of the best joint pain relief supplements they would be best described as a B tier ingredients for improving joint discomfort. The sort of thing you get in a larger supplement, and they are good, but you want them as an extra after the initial bases are covered. 

And Heal n Soothe doesn't get the initial parts right. Ginger root extract for example requires 3000g (unless your using a eurovita or similar type extract which still requires 250mg) to be effective, and Heal n Soothe contains 90g. So, with this sort of underdosing it's not too shocking that Heal n Soothe reviews are relatively underwhelming and that ours will be the same. Check out our list of joint supplements that are correctly dosed here. 

Best Joint Supplements

What Does Heal N Soothe Claim To Do?

Heal n Soothe claims to support healthy joints, comfort and joint flexibility. Due to them having a couple of correctly dosed ingredients we can't disagree with that. However, they claim to be better than an ordinary turmeric supplement, which is actually arguable. As Heal n Soothe doesn't contain enough curcumin (the active ingredient in turmeric) to be effective at treating chronic pain such as osteoarthritis. So taking the correct amount may be better to improve joint pain.

Customers Heal n Soothe Reviews

As we already mentioned customer reviews of Heal n Soothe are middling, there's nothing particularly egregious, with low doses we wouldn't expect there to be many Heal n Soothe side effects (excluding allergens) so there's not a lot of negative heal n soothe reviews on that front. As for pain relief customers don't report it being particularly effective, and similar response to joint flexibility. Some customers did report improvements to inflammation, which isn't overly unexpected as bromelain is known for it's anti inflammatory properties and it's correctly dosed. [1]

Heal N Soothe Review FAQ

All the things you want to know about the heal n soothe supplement.

Is Heal n Soothe Safe?

Heal n Soothe should be safe with the exclusion of allergens. Heal n Soothe pills are produced in line with GMP guidelines although they are not directly regulated by the FDA. The question isn't really whether heal n soothe is safe, but does heal n soothe work.

Heal And Soothe Side Effects

Safe doesn't mean that there are no heal n soothe side effects, whilst they should be relatively rare boswellia and bromelain can both cause mild nausea in some cases.

Heal n Soothe vs FlexAgain 

Heal n Soothe get's hammered on all fronts by FlexAgain. FlexAgain is about $10 a month more expensive, but it does have all of the same functional ingredients, in the correct doses (unlike Heal n Soothe) as well as 110mg of Omega Oil, a joint support vitamin blend, glucosamine (which can actually be prescribed for joint pain in some countries). For example it contains 500mg of curcumin, 250mg of a ginger root extract (demonstrated to be equivalent to the effective dose) [2] resveratrol which is also backed. It's really not even a contest between which one is best. Every ingredient in FlexAgain makes it onto the arthritis foundations list of effective supplements [2] unlike Heal n Soothe which doesn't contain enough of most of the ones that are considered good and many that are considered ineffective or inconclusive.

Get FlexAgain Instead

Heal N Soothe Ingredients

Bromelain 6,000,000 FCCPU (as on the label) or around 200mg - This is the correct dose for Bromelain and it's been shown to be effective at reducing chronic joint pain. That said this is one of the ingredients that is in almost all of the better products on the market as well as others. [3]

Turmeric Extract 60mg - Turmeric extract has been shown to be good at treating joint and arthritis pain in multiple randomized clinical trials, [4] it's typically more effective at treating OA, and dosages for RA are substantially higher and less effective. The anti inflammatory properties are strong, but heal n soothe doesn't contain enough of it to be effective. 

Boswellia Extract 150mg - This is the other good step for the heal n soothe supplement, however this is where the good choices end. 

Mojave Yuca Root 90mg - Yuca does have saponins which do have some anti arthritic qualities, but once again it's too low of a dosage for it to be effective at promoting joint health. [5] Yuca also contains a lot of anti oxidants which do help alleviate joint pain. 

Rutin 30mg - Due to antifungal effects, rutin has been shown to be beneficial at treating septic arthritis specifically, however, this is a relatively uncommon condition. It's also been shown to work at treating osteoarthritic lesions in guinea pigs, but animal trials like this rarely translate to humans. There is not enough evidence for this to be a good inclusion in Heal n Soothe. 

Ginger Extract 90mg - Ginger is fantastic as an ingredient, the catch is that it requires 3000mg of none concentrated extracts and 250mg of concentrates like Eurovita 77. Analogues have to be very specific in terms of their gingerol compound makeup to be this effective. Heal n Soothe simply doesn't include nearly enough to be effective. 

Devil's Claw 30mg - Most reviews say that there are not enough high quality trials for Devil's claw root extract to be deemed effective for joint pain relief or to improve joint health. [6]

Heal n Soothe Review Conclusion

Heal n Soothe is chronically underdosed to the point where we can't recommend it. There are two ingredients in the supplement which should be effective, but considering that $10 a month more will get you 4 times the product, we can't recommend it. 

And with most of it's ingredients being at too low a dose to be effective, even if the ingredients themselves are proven to reduce joint pain the supplement is not a good option. It won't do you any harm, and if you've already bought it, then it could have some benefits. There's just much better products available. 

Best Joint Supplements
Criteria Rating
Ingredients 6/10
Pain Relief 3/10
Joint Health 3/10
Swelling 3/10
Value 3/10
Recommended 3/10 


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