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Is Balance of Nature Legit?

Balance of Nature, it's fine, but doesn't justify the cost

Balance of Nature reviews are generally either fantastic or terrible, we tend to sit somewhere in the middle. There's a lot we don't like here, most of it comes down to their over exaggerated marketing (for which they've been warned by the FDA [1]), proprietary blend and very high price point. In theory the content of the supplements themselves should be fine (again we can't quite tell hence our dislike of the proprietary blends, but we're being charitable), but a greens powder would have all of these ingredients at half the cost, and you'd actually know exactly what you're getting in most cases. If the powders aren't for you mind, then there are other fruit and vegetable supplements readily available on Amazon for a fraction of the cost. You'll notice a lot of the very positive reviews from other sites conspicuously have discount codes available, make of that what you will. 

The idea behind fruit and vegetable supplements isn't a bad one, it's just not a unique one, and there's nothing to suggest that balance of nature is better than any of the other options available for a fraction of the cost. We don't know what the exact volumes of any ingredients are to be able to properly understand the exact benefits, although we can work under the assumption that they will do you some good, especially if your diet isn't great. That all said, greens powders tend to be much higher dosed, 5 times as much or more, which seems to be closer towards the amounts that studies show to actually be effective in terms of health benefits. The main reason people tend to go for a capsule over a powder is taste, and seeing as most powders have flavored versions now, we'd recommend going for one of the best greens powders instead

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Customers Balance Of Nature Reviews

Customers Balance of Nature reviews aren't that bad, for the most part they're pretty good when we look at people reviewing the product for what it is. However, the negativity largely comes from their unethical business practices of overhyped marketing. This is particularly egregious when you take it in the context of their price point.

They're definitely overpriced, which seems to be the most common complaint aside from the poor marketing practices of balance of nature products. 

If you do want to buy it mind, we recommend you get it from Amazon a lot of customers complained about problems cancelling from the main site.

Balance of Nature Review FAQ

Everything you want to know about balance of nature supplements

Is Balance of Nature Safe?

The FDA sent a warning letter to Balance of Nature in 2019 because their products were not meeting Current Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and required third party testing. The letter disputes their products health claims, although it seems their marketing hasn't gotten much better since then. However, with bringing the production in line with GMP we can't see their would be any reasons to assume that fruit and vegetable extracts could cause any issues with the exception of allergies. 

Is Balance of Nature A Hoax?

We wouldn't say Balance Of Nature supplements are a hoax, but their health system is definitely overblown in it's promises. We'd also say that there are better cheaper options available and we don't rate the "medical research" done by singular doctors in Russia as particularly good proof that it's more effective than any other fruit and vegetable capsule. 

Is Balance of Nature Worth The Money?

In our opinion no Balance of Nature is not worth the money, there are some discounts available online which make it a bit more bearable, but even then we still think it's overpriced.

Balance of Nature Studies

Balance of Nature have commissioned a few studies into their product, but these all look a little bit sketchy at best. One paper produced by a singular Russian doctor claims the product can prevent cancer in rats. Another claims it can boost lactation [3] again in rats. There's one set of claims from a none medical publisher. We don't endorse the validity of such studies and it doesn't do much for the credibility of the product that they'd use such studies to promote the product. There have been no official clinical trial of balance of nature supplements as far as we are aware.

About the only other supporting analysis we could find, was one meta analysis that referenced fruit and vegetable powders lowering risk of heart disease.

There was also a study that showed taking 12 times the amount of vegetable supplements that were in balance of nature does lower blood pressure. For context however, a greens powder supplement would have on average 5 times what balance of nature supplements deliver. We're not saying that a greens powder is definitely better than capsules like balance of nature, but we do lean heavily to suggesting it.

Balance of Nature Fiber and Spice Blend

Depending on the actual numbers though, the fiber and spice blend could actually be quite good for overall health, turmeric in high enough volumes (over 800mg) can be really good for joint health and inflammation having been shown to reduce pain in double blind studies for example [4]. The only problem is we have no idea if there's enough, although with it being the 3rd highest dosed ingredient in a 3g blend, there's a reasonable chance it's properly dosed. The same could be said for ginger [5]. The problem is that we can't confirm either way although again, with it being the second highest dosed ingredient from the 3g blend, and being shown to be effective at 1g, there's a reasonable chance.

Then we have Flax seed is rich in Omega 3, so we could make a strong argument that balance of nature's fiber and spice blend is probably quite good for joints, which amusingly is not what it's actually marketed for. although we don't actually take any issue with the claims that this can help overall digestive health. The ingredients are good, and this seems like a decent product. In short we're quite optimistic about the Fiber drink and this doesn't seem to be as aggressively overpriced. 

Balance of Nature vs Texas Superfood

Without actually being able to see the complete ingredient breakdown we can't really separate the two, so we'd say just go with whatever is cheapest. Although Texas Superfood doesn't seem to have an FDA warning letter. We have seen it mentioned that their may have been one in 2014, but couldn't find this on the FDA website, so it seems to just be one reviewer copying another over time. There were a lot less complaints about Texas Superfoods business practices all around, so this could be worth noting.

Balance of Nature Review Conclusion

Balance of Nature Supplements are horrendously overpriced and not as effective as having a greens powder which is higher dosed and ideally one that doesn't use proprietary blends. 

The balance of nature whole health system almost looks a bit better in that their fiber drink looks like a better product, although we would recommend buying that independently and just getting something else instead of the balance of nature fruits or vegetable supplement as that doesn't represent good value. 

Unfortunately the proprietary blend left us unable to properly score the ingredients quality, although we do expect that the blends would represent some health benefits to people not currently getting enough fruit and veg.

 The either love it or hate it reviews made it hard to define a score either way with us opting for a middling 5.

In short, get a good greens powder or cheaper fruit and vegetable supplement instead.

Best Super Green Options
Criteria Rating
Essential Nutrients ?/10
Health Benefits 5/10
Ingredient Quality ?/10
Customer Satisfaction 5/10
Value 2/10
Recommended 4/10

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