NAP SACC Template

The Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment for Child Care (NAP SACC) program is a research-tested intervention designed to enhance nutrition and physical activity practices in early care and education programs by improving the: 
nutritional quality of food served 
amount and quality of physical activity, 
provider-child interactions around food and physical activity, 
educational opportunities for children, parents, and providers, 
program policies related to nutrition and physical activity. 

The NAP SACC intervention primarily addresses the inter-personal and organizational levels of the socioecologic model. 

NAP SACC Overview

The NAP SACC program targets early care and education program practices that can help set preschool children on a lifelong path to healthy eating and activity. Extensive formative work with stakeholder groups (child care providers, parents, and experts in the field) informed the development of the intervention. The centerpiece of the original NAP SACC program is an organizational self-assessment that allows programs to evaluate 14 areas around nutrition and physical activity practices and identify the strengths and limitations of their program. Following the self-assessment, a health consultant (i.e., child care health consultant, nurse, health educator or other trained professional) works with the child care facility staff to set goals for change and develop action plans for improving practices. As programs begin to implement their action plans, the consultant provides staff training and targeted technical assistance to support organizational change.