Animal Stak Review

Are Animal Stak Testosterone Boosters Any Good?

We've got quite a lot to say in our Animal Stak review, and it's going to be a bit up and down as our testosterone booster reviews go. There are some things that we like about it, but some things that make no sense at all. 

The short version is, the directions for how to take Animal Stak are borderline nonsensical, we dislike that it promotes itself as borderline steroidal, which is simply not true and it misses some key ingredients you'd expect from testosterone boosters at it's price point. It's not going to make it anywhere near our best testosterone boosters list for these reasons, but it's not going to make our worst list either. 

Universal nutrition have produced a middling testosterone booster, which comes so close to being good, it falls short on a couple of unnecessary hurdles. 

The fact that it expects you to take 8 capsules per day is also on the high side and tends to give most users uncomfortable side effects ads to its downfall.

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Animal Stak Ingredients

As you can probably see based on the massive supplement label, there's a lot in Animal Stak. So Let's break down what we like and what we don't. The ingredients make it unsuitable for vegetarians and vegans (gelatine capsules).

Animal Stak's ingredients aren't bad, they're just not great. Yes, it will help boost testosterone levels and aid muscle growth, but it's not going to get anywhere near it's claims of being an anabolic hormone stack and doesn't really hold up against the likes of Prime Male, Testofuel or Testogen which all sit in it's price point. Animal Stak contains Fenugreek, L Carnitine, Vitamin b6, vitamin D, Magnesium and Zinc, Tribulus Terrestris, Maca and a host of amino acids, which are all good, but somehow, despite the fact that it has everything but the kitchen sink thrown in, misses some core, albeit slightly more expensive ingredients like D Aspartic Acid and Ginseng. It also skimps on a couple of other good test boosting ingredients like Ashwaganda (it does have some, just not enough to be effective) and then adds loads of cheap bulking ingredients such as stinging nettle extract. 

Vitamins and Minerals -
Animal Stak gets off to a good start here, Vitamin D is proven to boost test levels in men with deficiencies by more than a third[1] and 46% of the US population[2] is deficient. Magnesium is similar[3], and zinc helps with luteinizing hormone production[4]. B6 is more useful as an energy booster, but also has positive effects. So far, so good.

Tribulus Terrestris -
This is in a lot of natural testosterone boosters, but isn't a great ingredient, recent studies have proven it doesn't boost testosterone production in healthy males[5]. It is good for reducing cholesterol levels though, which isn't going to hurt.Stinging Nettle - Complete waste of time. Disproven as a testosterone boosting supplement.

L Carnitine -
Good, this one's very good, it's been shown to boost test levels and overall sexual health[6].Polygonum root - It's an interesting ingredient, but the research is limited, it has been shown to increase sperm quality. But, it's not something we'd shout about just yet, with most studies being conducted on animals.

Maca Root Extract -
This ones mixed, some studies have shown it works, others less so, generally it seems to increase sperm quality in most men[7], but it's not always effective as a test booster, it does seem to work for those with low levels, but less impressive results for men already in healthy ranges. Although it does seem to have some positive impact on increasing sex drive.

Fenugreek -
Animal Stak gets another right with fenugreek, which is one of the best supported natural testosterone boosters and has been shown to help build lean muscle growth[8]. Hormone levels improved for most men with fenugreek supplementation.

Other than that there's a host of useful amino acid options thrown in that do have some albeit minimal effects, more useful if you're following a restrictive diet, ironically the supplement would really shine for vegans. Another misfire to add to the animal stak review. 

Animal Stak Review FAQ

We answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Animal Stak.

How To Take Animal Stak?

Don't take it on an empty stomach. And it's 8 pills a day, to be taken in one go 30 mins before training or before bed otherwise. We cannot strongly advise enough to not take it on an empty stomach.

Customer Reviews Of Animal Stak

There's a lot of fake reviews for animal stak, which meant we had to wade through a lot to find any decent ones, but overall the experiences did seem to be positive, aside from some complaints of nausea and sleep disturbance. 

What About Animal Stak Side Effects?

There shouldn't be anything serious, but it did unsettle our stomachs, so if you're prone to nausea or bloating, animal stak isn't going to be for you. 

Our Personal Experience With Our Animal Stak Review

Out of the three team members who took Animal Stak, only one of us stuck to taking this many pills, two had upset stomachs within a week, and as for Mike (the one of us who kept taking it) he takes his creatine in pill form, so is used to taking 10 pills a day for that. So, he's slightly odd anyway. Performance wasn't a massive drop vs our normal go tos, but none of us rated it as our favorite and noticed slight performance declines. We will say do not take this supplement on an empty stomach. We also aren't sure why they say it needs to be "cycled" it's not actually anabolic, although it could just be that you'll be destroying your plumbing if you don't take a break. Perhaps it's the toilet that needs cycling. We really dislike this trend with supplements that try to convince you they're a secret steroid. On training days it's recommended that you take the supplement 30 mins before working out to help spike your hormone levels. But, this didn't seem to make any difference, perhaps the vitamin b6 could work that quickly, but we'd stick to our normal pre workouts and test boosters over animal stack.

Animal Stak Value For Money

Well there's definitely a lot of product here that's for sure. It comes in around $50 for a month supply, because one tub is 21 servings, so it is in the higher price point for a test boosting supplement. It's OK value, but we'd recommend you spend the extra 10 bucks on something from our best testosterone boosters list and save yourself the gastric distress.

Animal Stak Review: Honest Conclusion

Most of the team didn't manage to complete a stint on animal stak, which isn't a great start, the good ingredients it has, it has in copious amounts. 

We dislike Animal stak's sketchy marketing, and it misses the mark in a lot of areas. 

But, most importantly is that there were rather unpleasant bathroom related side effects of animal stak. Something that we've not had with other testosterone boosters. 

That said, it will help you build lean muscle, and the ingredients are good for libido and mood. So, if you can tolerate the ingredient volumes it's not a bad option.

Criteria Rating
Ingredients 7/10
Muscle Growth 6/10
Mood 8/10
Libidio 7/10
Value 5/10
Recommended 7/10


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