Aphro D Review

Aphro D Warning!

This review is going to be pretty quick all round and the least positive review we've ever done or are ever likely to do. A cut rate proprietary blend, with a premium price point. You really don't need to read much more than that. But, if you want to stick around for the rest of our Aphro D review, then you at least know what you're in for, and it gets worse. 

Dozens of complaints about unauthorized recurring billing to customers credit cards after cancelling, means that even if we could recommend Aphro D based on it's ingredients (which we don't) then we'd tell you to steer clear anyway. All positive reviews seem to be bots as the wild claims made include everything from feeling amazing within 1 minute and test levels being boosted more than TRT... 

We'd advise that you save the headache and visit our best testosterone boosters list  for something that could actually have some benefit to testosterone and a shred of integrity. 

Customers Aphro D Reviews

At first glance customers Aphro D reviews look positive 4.4* on trust pilot, for a supplement company, and one that by all rights the ingredients shouldn't be too effective. It seems to good to be true. And then you realise it is. 

A quick glance down Afro D's trust pilot showed that pretty much every review was given by a first time reviewer. And then you realise they offer incentives for positive reviews post purchase. Making the reviews relatively moot. 

But it gets worse, a quick look at their Facebook walls shows a lot of customers complaining about recurring billing after cancellation. And as we mentioned before, the customers reviews that were positive were farcical, ranging from instant effects, impossible gains in muscle mass, to staggering improvements to sexual performance. Avoid at all costs!

Aphro D Review FAQ

We answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Aprho D.

Aphro D Side Effects

Looks like a lot of customers complained about the side effect of being robbed. The supplements ingredients should be safe. They're just not going to do all too much for your testosterone levels. Although if for some reason you are still thinking of getting Aphro D, then don't take it on an empty stomach. 

Does Aphro D Work?

Maybe a little bit, but not likely we expect it's 99% chinese knotweed (He Shou Wu) which you'll notice doesn't make it into any of the good testosterone boosters on the market, because it does absolutely nothing for testosterone production, although to be fair, in one study on aging rats it improved sperm quality[1], shame there's a load where it shows it does nothing, although it is good for your liver if that helps.

Is Aphro D A Scam?

This is a question we've never actually had to put in an FAQ before. And if you've read the rest of the review you can probably guess why. Even if Aphro D does improve your testosterone levels, it won't be worth it. Buy from a reputable manufacturer instead.

Aphro D Ingredients

Whilst it almost feels redundant at this point to be even bothering to break down the ingredients of what is clearly a scam supplement, we feel it would be remiss of us not to do our fair due diligence. Of course, with it being a proprietary blend, we have absolutely know idea if the ingredients that actually increase blood flow or have evidence to support an improvement in testosterone levels are actually here in high enough doses, but based on everything else we've seen we can't imagine that they've used anything but the cheapest ingredients blend possible. 

Tongkat Ali
actually has a lot of studies backing up its benefits[2] with supplementation as low as 200mg it's been shown to lower cortisol and raise testosterone levels, although simply lowering cortisol would also lead to increase in free testosterone levels. Reducing stress levels could also improve sexual performance as well, but as this is really the only ingredient that does anything here, and tongkat ali supplements cost less than 1/5 of the price of Aphro D, then our thoughts here are probably quite obvious.

Schisandra Berry
has functionally no evidence aside from one rat study to show any effect on testosterone levels[3]. Oh and the rats were also put under extreme exercise and stress. 

He Shou Wu
as we previously mentioned there is no human trial that offers any supporting evidence for He Shou Wu improving testosterone levels. There is some evidence to suggest it may be beneficial for kidney health, but that's about it.

Pearl Powder
is an incredibly odd ingredient with no evidence at all that it does anything for testosterone. That's not to say it doesn't have any health benefits, it's actually been studied for everything from wound healing through to wrinkles. And as far as we can see it could be good for that. But we're not sure why it's in Aphro D when it's claiming to be a testosterone supplement.

About the only real positive we can give is that yes, some of these could help improve testosterone production. But, the reality is that taking Aphro D probably isn't going to do much, unless it's the placebo effect improving some effort in the gym leading to improvements in muscle mass or sexual performance. Aphro D misses out on, fenugreek, ginseng, DAAs any vitamins that actually help maintain testosterone. In short, it fails and it fails hard. 

Aphro D Review Conclusion

Don't buy Aphro D, protect your wallet and avoid at all costs. There's obviously a lot of malpractice going on here, from fake reviews, to huge complaints, billing issues, and incredibly overblown claims. 

Things like this give the entire supplements industry a bad name. If you are looking for something that can actually help boost testosterone production, then check out our best list we can at least vouch that they haven't tried to steal our information. 

TLDR: Aphro D setting the bar to a new low for the supplements industry. 

If you're looking for something to improve gym performance go for TestoFuel and if you're looking for something focused on being a libido supplement, then go straight for Prime Male Enhance . Or honestly, pretty much anything else, just avoid Aphro D.

Criteria Rating
Ingredients 1/10
Muscle Growth 1/10
Mood 2/10
Libidio 1/10
Value 1/10
Recommended 1/10

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