Burn Lab Pro Review

Is Burn Lab Pro Any Good?

Burn Lab Pro: It Made Our Best List For A Reason

Burn Lab Pro did make it onto our best fat burners for men list, winning the award for best thermogenic fat burner. So, as you'd expect we're quite fond of the product and our burn lab pro review is going to be pretty favorable overall. That's not to say it's the perfect fat burner by any means.

But, if you've been considering this product, and are looking for a fat burner, which focuses on improving your calorie burn during exercise and raising your energy levels when in a caloric deficit along with your NEAT (all the movements we make through the day when not exercising, which we do less of when we're dieting) rather than one with a particularly strong appetite suppressant, then we highly recommend Burn Lab Pro.

If however you want something with a stronger aid to appetite control then we'd recommend that you choose something with glucomannan from our one of our best fat burners lists.

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What Does Burn Lab Pro Claim To Do?

Burn Lab Pro claims that it can help you retain lean muscle mass when on a reduced calorie diet, improve calorie burning potential and raise BMR stating that using the weight loss aid is easier than trying diet and exercise alone. Whilst, we do agree that the last two claims are true, it's not really possible to avoid muscle protein breakdown when burning fat. One could make the argue that if you lose a higher percentile of fat whilst working out with burn lab pro, you sort of retain more lean muscle mass, but the claim is more than a little optimistic. If you're pushing harder workouts whilst in a caloric balance, then it is possible that it could help with body composition, which would be a fairer description of what it can help you achieve.

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Burn Lab Pro Review FAQ

We answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Burn Lab Pro

Does Burn Lab Pro Work?

Yes, but this is a gym rats fat burner, it's really for people looking to slightly alter body composition, and isn't a weight loss aid for people who aren't also training regularly. Most people who don't train regularly would benefit from a more effective appetite suppressant, which is where burn lab pro does fall a little short. However, if you're looking for a fat burner to assist body recomposition or a small cut, then it's a great option to boost your performance.

Is Burn Lab Pro Safe?

Burn Lab Pro is safe, it's produced in FDA approved facilities, and the ingredients are generally well tolerated amongst the general population. As with most supplements there can be mild gastrointestinal issues if you're unlucky enough to be sensitive to one of the ingredients.

Will Burn Lab Pro Help Me Lose Weight?

Burn Lab Pro can help you lose weight, but only in conjunction with exercise, it has some pretty good ingredients to help boost energy levels when training and support the breakdown of stored fat, but it's really focused on helping strip fat as part of a workout program.

How To Take Burn Lab Pro?

Burn lab pro suggests taking one pill 3 times a day, although for larger men we'd suggest taking 2 pills twice a day to get the optimum dosage levels of HMB. It seems like it has been dosed to be safe for all sizes, but looks more like it has been dosed for people weighing between 120-140lbs.

Burn Lab Pro Ingredients

Burn lab pro's ingredients list is geared towards individuals who train hard, if you've been hitting the gym and hit a plateau, then it's probably a good place to look to help your fat loss goals, that said, it isn't going to be the best fat burner for less active people.

Forslean - From forskolin extract gained a bit of traction after it appeared on the Dr Oz show, where to be quite honest it was oversold in it's efficacy. Forskolin stimulates the release of fat from fat cells[1]. And at the time there was little evidence beyond animal studies to back it up. It's come on a little bit since then, and does seem to be effective, but it is by no means a one stop shop for weight loss. It does however raise fat burning potential when combined with anaerobic exercise, but it isn't going to magically get rid of your fat cells.

Capsimax - Cayenne pepper extract has been used in fat burners for quite a while now and it's one of the ingredients that has actually stuck around. That's because it works quite well, it sort of tops out quite quickly and falls foul of the law of diminishing returns. But, it does raise thermogenesis quite effectively. It seems that cayenne pepper extract, capsaicin the active ingredient showed in several trials that fat oxidization improved in individuals that were previously following weight maintenance diets[2] and it's been replicated to do so, it's just not a huge difference in results. Think maybe an extra 1lb a month, which is great. But, not going to make all the difference in the world. It also has some mild appetite suppression effects.

HMB - Hydroxy ß Methylbutyrate has been shown to be effective at retaining lean muscle mass in multiple scenarios, this includes mandated bed rest, and has even been trailed alongside cancer treatments. The optimal dosage has not yet been determined although this could be up to 38mg[3] per kilo of bodyweight, the dosage in Burn Lab Pro is within the well tolerated range for all people, large men could possibly benefit from taking an extra pill per day for maximum effect. The current dosage would be optimum for people weighing between 120-140lbs (which realistically means women in most cases). There seem to also be some other beneficial effects to HMB, including improvements to cholesterol and other blood markers. On top of this, it has also been shown to give athletes an improved ability for both aerobic and anaerobic exercise[4] in double blind trials, this means that you can push workouts harder and burn calories for longer.

Bioperine - Bioperine's main function is that it helps the body absorb the supplements that it's being given more effectively, it's in a lot of the better fat burning supplements on the market. 

GTF Chromium - GTF Chromium is a newer ingredient that's started appearing in fat burning supplements. It has some great potential, but most of the studies have so far been in animals with human tests being relatively small. It seems to improve lipid (fat) metabolism, and improve insulin and blood sugar levels (which should help with cravings), but it's still a bit too unstudied for us to give it the complete thumbs up.

As we can see Burn Lab Pro gets a lot right, and honestly if they added a general appetite suppressant, not just a craving suppressant, then we'd probably give it our best fat burner overall. It only really fails in that it tries to keep its serving size down to 3 capsules a day, whereas they could have potentially added caffeine anhydrous and glucomannan for extra energy and appetite control. That said, there is no reason to say that it couldn't be taken alongside another fat burner such as instant knockout, which uses an almost completely different ingredient set designed more for energy and appetite control for potential increase in fat burning efficacy. 

Burn Lab Pro Review Conclusion

Burn lab pro has one of the best fat burning potentials of any fat burner we've reviewed. It's great and there's only a couple of things we'd change about it, most notably we'd mark on the bottle that a larger serving size is recommended for people over 150lb. We'd have also liked to have seen some more appetite suppression ingredients, even if that required bigger servings and a bigger price tag, but that can be resolved by taking it alongside some other supplements or fat burners. It will work just fine solo, but we'd suggest trying it in conjunction with some other fat burners, if you feel you need the extra appetite suppression, to which we'd recommend instant knockout, as this has everything else we like in a good weight loss supplement, without the two overdoing any ingredients. In short if you already train and need a bit of help on the last few pounds, the burn lab pro is a really good option for a fat burner. 

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Criteria Rating
Appetite Supressant 3/10
Thermogenic Boost 9/10
Energy Boost 9/10
Customer Satisfaction 9/10
Ingredients Quality 9/10
Value 9/10
Recommended 8/10

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