Cellucor P6 Review

Is Cellucor P6 Any Good?

Cellucor P6 is bad, well it's not awful, it's just really overpriced for what it is. If it was a $30-40 testosterone booster it would be fine, but the problem with cellucor p6 original is that it's 4x that price, and with it being a proprietary blend we can't even be 10o% sure that it's using the optimal dosage. Half of the ingredients it uses are in the best testosterone boosting supplements, but it also misses some of the most well researched and backed ingredients like panax ginseng, DAA and has no supporting vitamin blend (which is relatively inexpensive to add and can often yield the best results, particularly in the USA where almost half of the population is vitamin D deficient and fixing this has been shown greatly improve athletic performance [1]). 

The core ingredients of Ashwaganhda and Fenugreek are good, just after that it starts getting a bit unscientific. 

Cellucor p6 original pushes itself as a testosterone booster for muscle growth, as such missing DAA and Vitamin D is a shocking oversite. As a result we wouldn't put cellucor p6 original anywhere near our best testosterone booster list , and we wouldn't recommend it against Testofuel as a testosterone booster for muscle growth. 

What Does Cellucor P6 Claim To Do?

Cellucor p6 is actually relatively restrained in it's marketing claims, which is probably why most customers leave a good cellucor p6 review. 

They claim that they will help build lean muscle mass and support strength, that's fair, ashwagandha can do that, there are missing ingredients as we said that would improve the results, but fine. 

The libido boosting effects are a bit of a bold claim, but again the longjack (branded as LJ100) can do that. 

The only claim that we really don't like is the claim that they're a comprehensive support, they are not, they can't claim this without covering the basics such as common vitamin requirements. They also miss a lot of well known and studied ingredients.


  • Has some OK Ingredients
  • Positive Customer Reviews


  • VERY expensive
  • Missing Key Testosterone Boosting Ingredients
  • No Vitamins Or Minerals
  • Proprietary blend
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Is Cellucor P6 Original Any Good For Anything?

Cellucor P6 is as we've said fine, it's not going to do you any harm and if you're not taking anything to support muscle growth then it will definitely help. The problem is that you're not getting the best of anything from Cellucor P6 and you're really overpaying. Perhaps it's good for helping you out if you have too much money?

Cellucor Review FAQ

We answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Cellucor P6.

Customers Cellucor P6 Reviews 

Most customers are really positive about cellucor p6 original. There's a lot of fake reviews kicking around, but even factoring for these the reviews still average close to 4*. There's a couple of reasons for this as far as we can see it. Cellucor P6 original has been around for a long time. And when it first came out and the scientific evidence was a little looser the fact that it had 2 out of it's 6 ingredients be effective it was at the time a lot better than alternative supplements. 

How To Take Cellucor P6?

Cellucor p6 original suggests that you take 2 capsules once a day, we'd recommend that you take it with food as otherwise ashwagandha can cause some mild stomach upset.

What About Cellucor P6 Side Effects?

Some customers mention stomach upset in their Cellucor P6 reviews. This isn't really surprising as ksm-66 can cause this. However, in general there should be no serious side effects when taking cellucor p6. 

Cellucor P6 Original Ingredients

Some of the ingredients in Cellucor p6 original are good, some less so, overall it's a middle of the road option with a dated formula, it will help with muscle growth, it just doesn't stack up very well as better testosterone boosters.

Ashwagandha Extract - One of the most well known testosterone boosters on the market, there's been a lot of research ashwagandha over the years and it has a lot of benefits beyond simply raising testosterone levels. [2] It also has benefits to mood regulation and stress hormones being shown to reduce cortisol build up, especially in men with chronic stress. And as cortisol build up reduces testosterone levels there's an additional benefit. With it being the main ingredient we assume that it's close to the 600mg ideal dosage. 

Fenugreek Seed Extract - Fenugreek Seed has also been shown in double blind studies to raise testosterone levels in healthy and trained men. As with ashwagandha it's in a lot of the best testosterone boosters. [3] 

Ovine Placenta Powder - This is where things start to drift into the realms of pseudoscience, it's not uncommon for testosterone boosters to include a gimmick, but this one has pretty much zero evidence to support it aside from one rodent study. And most animal studies don't translate to human use.

Agaricus Bisporus - Basically this is a fancy name for white button mushrooms, we've seen this in a few test booster supplements over the years, but it doesn't actually do anything. The studies that backed it, have later been debunked, another misstep for cellucor p6 as button mushrooms belong in an omelette, not in a testosterone booster.

Nettle Root Extract - This ingredient is OK, but just OK, it's normally the worst ingredient in the best testosterone boosters. Which we know is an oxymoron, but whilst it does work, it's perhaps 1% as effective as the ingredients they missed out like panax ginseng.

Longjack Root Extract - Also known as tongkat ali, this was a very promising ingredient a few years back, and it does work to a point, but like nettles, it's not one of the best option, it does reduce cortisol levels, and has some potential for improving blood flow, as for how much it will raise natural testosterone levels, when the cortisol benefit overlaps with ashwagandha is relatively unnecessary. 

If they had skipped a few of the worse ingredients and replaced them with DAA and Ginseng we'd have been looking at a good supplement, but cellucor p6 original with have some benefits, there's just better options for boosting testosterone levels. 

Test Boost Max Review: Honest Conclusion

We don't recommend Cellucor P6, it will help you raise free testosterone levels and build lean muscle mass. It's just nowhere near the best option and is incredibly overpriced. The reviews are decent and 10 years ago this probably would've been one of the better supplements available. The problem is that it's not 10 years ago. 

The scientific evidence has moved on and other companies like testofuel have kept on top of their formula improving it as the information has changed. You could do worse than cellucor p6 for a testosterone booster, but you can do a lot better as well, so if you're looking for something better and cheaper, we'd recommend taking a look at our best testosterone booster list

Criteria Rating
Ingredients 3/10
Muscle Growth 3/10
Mood 7/10
Libidio 3/10
Value 1/10
Recommended 3/10

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