Evl Test Reviews 2022

EVL Test Is Close To Greatness: But Falls Hard. Warning!

EVL Test makes two key errors which stops us from recommending it, the first isn't so bad, they go a little too heavy on the DAA, past the point where it is useful and at the expense some other well studied ingredients like Panax Ginseng, this isn't so much of an issue. Where things go a lot worse for our Evl Test Review is the inclusion of DIM. 

DIM did look positive at first when the EVL Test blend was made, however, since then some more research into prolonged use of DIM has showed some rather negative effects. Taking DIM directly effects sperm quality [1]  and worse degeneration of testicular tissue, not something you should take for a prolonged period. 

As such we can't recommend that you take EVL test. As most people buy EVL test as a testosterone booster designed to increase lean muscle naturally, we recommend that you try Testofuel instead. If however, you're not looking for a test booster focused on muscle mass, then we suggest that you check out our best testosterone booster list.

In short, the EVL test formula looked good when it first came to market, but really isn't something you should use if you want to optimise your testosterone production for the long term.


  • Cheap
  • High DAA
  • Made In FDA Approved Factories


  • DIM Not Good For Long Term Use
  • DAA Volume Bad For Smaller People
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Customers EVL Test Reviews

As you'd expect based on the issues mentioned in the intro, EVL test reviews are incredibly mixed. Some people love it, and for the short term we can say that we understand why, whereas some others have had very bad reactions. With some customers complaining that within just a few weeks of EVL Test use that they were waking up in the middle of the night with sweats, consistent joint aches and raging headaches. This is not something that we'd expect from most testosterone boosters and is counter productive to producing the lean muscle mass that most people are looking for when they take EVL Test. DIM can cause a lot of these EVL test side effects, although there are some with overuse of DAA as well. Lower amounts 2000mg and below, shouldn't cause any issues. But, unfortunately evlution nutrition evl test overdoes this too. However, the reviews that loved it, are probably people who did not react poorly to the DAA or DIM.

EVL Test Reviews FAQ

Commonly asked questions we came across when researching our evl test review

Does EVL Test Work?

Well assuming that you tolerate the DIM, and most people do tolerate DAA, then yes EVL test does work. However, there are better options available. If you have any deficiencies in zinc, D3 (like almost half of the US population), then both of these will raise your testosterone production, with even a minor zinc deficiency being enough to tank test levels. [2]

Is EVL Test FDA Approved?

In a manner of speaking yes and no, all of the ingredients are approved for human consumption, obviously the vitamins are, as is DIM, D aspartic acid etc. Although there is some concern over DIM, it is not currently on the watch list. It is also advised that anyone on hormones of any sort shouldn't take DIM. We're not sure how this applies to anyone coming off hormones.  

EVL Test Side Effects

Dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, irritability are all common side effects of EVL Test.

EVL Test Ingredients

Evlution Nutrition EVL test has a lot of good ingredients, and many do work to raise free testosterone levels naturally. It just overdoes a few and as we've mentioned time and time again we can't recommend DIM if you want to support healthy testosterone levels for the long term.

Vitamin B6 11mg - Vitamin B6 is a good inclusion for test boosters, deficiency can increase estrogen levels as it's important in the production of cells which prevent the synthesis of estrogen. [3]

Magnesium 160mg - Magnesium supplementation has been shown to increase testosterone levels in active men, it was less effective in men who didn't exercise regularly. [4]

Zinc 30mg - Zinc deficiency, as we've already mentioned severely depletes testosterone levels [5]. It's a relatively common deficiency so supplementing for it is generally good for your testosterone level. That said, if you do currently get enough zinc, it won't really do anything to boost low testosterone levels.

Vitamin D 50mcg - Vitamin D deficiency effects about 40% of the adult population in the US. And supplementing for that has been shown to raise testosterone levels by 40% and up. Perhaps the element where EVL Test fails is not having enough d3. That's because EVL Test focuses on being a dietary supplement which raises testosterone levels for the purpose of building lean muscle mass and much larger amount of vitamin D have been shown to improve athletic performance. It actually seems to scale to about 5000UI, which is closer to 125mg. We generally recommend supplementing for 3-4000 as it's likely you'll get some vitamin D from other sources.

D Aspartic Acid 3120mg - This is not too much for everyone, if you weigh more than 200lb it's probably fine, however, if you weigh less this is NOT optimal. You're far more likely to experience side effects at this point that will have the opposite effect of what's intended.

Tribulus Terrestris Extract 750mg - Tribulus terrestris extract is not a bad testosterone booster ingredient. But there are better options, Panax Ginseng and Ashwagandha for example. These typically take the place of Tribulus terrestris in other test boosters better than EVL Test. The dosage is right mind, but there's been less and less supporting evidence for it in recent studies [5].

Fenugreek Seed Extract 500mg - The fenugreek is a good inclusion in EVL test, it's got a host of benefits, from boosting energy levels, to raising testosterone levels, double blind studies have confirmed it's use in helping people increase lean muscle naturally, this is a strong inclusion. [6]

Diindolylmethane (DIM) 250mg - We've already talked a lot about DIM, yes it works for the short term as a testosterone booster, but long term it could be very damaging for natural testosterone levels.

There's a lot of good here, but a couple of changes need to be made to maximise free testosterone levels and avoid EVL test side effects. 

EVL Test Review Conclusion

We don't recommend EVL test as it contains too much DAA and DIM as a result whilst it may raise testosterone production for the short term, can have long term negative effects and far too many side effects for any testosterone booster. There are very similar supplements available on our best testosterone boosters list that are very similar without making these mistakes.

EVL Test is quite cheap, which would go in its favour, honestly we'd recommend that if you're taking EVL test, that you do not take it longer than for a month or too, but testosterone production would be compromised if you took it for the long term.

If you can find the extra $20/month for Testofuel or Prime Male, we'd recommend getting either of those instead. If you're looking for something in the same price point, then we'd probably suggest Mdrive although it won't be as effective.

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Criteria Rating
Ingredients 4/10
Muscle Growth 7/10
Mood 4/10
Libidio 5/10
Value 4/10
Recommended 4/10 (with warning)


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